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  1. Sea-Doo Hydrocross: 2001 (Nintendo 64) Did this game ever exist?
  2. Hey I just got a Vtech Talking Computron in, did you copy its voice? It has the exact voice that you used. Really cool voice. Great stuff for sure
  3. Dont quit your day. Just happens mostly all by accident and luck. which state has the most of those?
  4. Anybody have info on these games? I got some programs that are not on the list. Not really video games more of office programs. But still not on the list. I have a 1). Addition and Subtraction 2 Cart 2). Beginning Grammer 3). Beginning Grammer 4). Early Learning fun 5). Household budget Management 6). Personal report Generator 7). Physical fitness Any ideas? Are these harder to find or common carts? http://www.videogamehouse.net/rarity.txt
  5. R-type, I remeber on e of my favorites in arcade and at home
  6. I do not think they where lying. These game probably do exist somewhere. I sold sold items over the years that experts told me do not exist until i show them pictures of the rare items. When dealing with rare items from experience, you can look on ebay or google all you want and you will find zero information. I have come across several items over the years that was the case. These games probably do exist. There was no reason for them to a lie. Way to many collectors are too dependent on google and ebay for information. Unless somebody that worked at Electronic Fun at the time says "yes, we lied about those coleco titles" I don't know how one would prove that they lied. Now, some might say, "but they had to have lied, because those games don't exist!". The only problem with that statement is, how do we know for sure what did and didn't exist. It has taken years of Atari collectors to find a lot of protos that we thought didn't exist, but the ColecoVision fan base isn't nearly as large and that means, it is going to take a lot longer before we know what existed an what didn't exist at the coleco labs. Just my two cents. However, as far as I know, those titles don't exist.
  7. That was almost 30 years ago. They might had more info and connections back then than we could ever imagine these days even with internet, google and ebay. Those game probably do exist or where tested. I do not think they would just make up stuff for the hell of it. very interesting regardless. good info.
  8. No that was not it. I will find out sooner or later. it was a really small startup that died fast but system and games where produced
  9. I remember watching a VHS documentionary on losing the war in Technology to Japan in the early 1990. THey mentioned Super Nintendo in the VHS. However they showed a small USA video game startup in the movie. I beleive they where bases in Calfiornia and games where cartridge based I believe. Their main title has a catchy name something like Alex Courage, or Kid Courage. I know it was not NEC and turbographix. Who am I thinking of?
  10. I doubt there is any room for anybody else like Google or Apple. But as history teaches us always, companies will attempt. I say there will maybe be 2-3 major companies maybe like JVC, Hasbro, Google, Apple, Nokia, Electronic Arts, sooner or later somebody will attempt the dive for the profits!!! It is always the case, Look at NEC, Philips, Panasonic, Atari are prime recent examples the last 15-20 years. I probably missed some but you know the idea.
  11. Hello there, I have a Wii Demo Disk in box. It is called Living the Game with Wii and Activision. It has Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam Demos with case and image art. Anybody interested please let me know.
  12. I just looked at Ernest Givens stats they are good but nothing special. Maybe it is Warren Moon that makes everybody so much better.
  13. Tecmo Super Bowl for Sega. Well I just finished it and Houston Oilers are champs... Special Notes is that Ernest Givens in that game is unstoppable, better than Rice and Brown. Ernest Givens is always open about 80% on Houston Shotgun formation, Just pick the bottom play to the right, it is the third play to the right. Also make sure you switch and change Hayward Jeffries to Ernest Givens. That will Ernest Givens to be always open on the sidelines. I had Warren Moon have 9100 Yards for the year with 118 touchdowns, 200 Rating, Ernest Givens Had 60 Touchgowns and 4500 Yards Receiving. Forgot about ever running the ball, Houston is just way to good in the air to ever attemp t to run.. I had 5 running plays the whole year. If Givens is not open try passing to Slaughter or Duncan. Someone is always open about 95% of the time. If not just throw it and someone will probably catch the ball anyways. Haywood Jeffries, Curtis Duncan, Webster Slaughter, Ernest Givens or Lorenza White are all great receivers. I scored in one game, I forgot against what team, 94 Points. I recover 3 onslide kicks, 2 force fumbles, 3 interceptions and used my times properly and some last second luck at end of some halfs to get touchdowns. Regardless still has high replay value.
  14. AtariAge has a Sega Master System forum, and no Sega Genesis System. Did the Sega Genesis exist? Am I missing something here?
  15. Was there ever a Tecmo Super Bowl II: Special Edition for Sega Genesis?
  16. Actually there is no difference in the CD Disk unless you play it. Demo has one stage:(
  17. Have you ever visited handheldmuseum.com?
  18. www.handheldmuseum.com is a small but gem out there, lots of information on impossible to find handhelds. Great pictures and information. Please visit www.handheldmuseum.com if interested in vintage and retro handhelds. I just to think Gameboy was the first real handheld burt I was wrong until I look at the 1970's handhelds.
  19. My friend told me he had a Legend of Legaia Playstation Video game and I tried it and it was a Demo Disk but no Demo Disk Label on the game CD-Rom. How can you know the difference? Can someone send two pictures for me to recognie which one is the demo and which one is the real thing? Thank you.
  20. OMG...What a nightmare and such a beautiful item!!!
  21. Well since it is from 1979 and in what appears to be in original shrinkwrapped, over 30 years old and in mint perfect shape that helps add greatly to the value of the going rate. If interested please send me a PM and I will keep a tally and I agree with the best offer, I will give it to the person with the best offer. thank you.
  22. Hello Everybody...I have two shrinkwrapped Microvision games. They both appear to be in original shrinkwrap. Any real good offers will be accepted. Here are the pictures. It appears that have an original label on the way button of both of them...says X1(4971, 4972, 4973, 4974, 4975, 4976)??? Maybe someone could tell me what the botton labels means or is it suppose to be like that?. I am sure it means 4974 product item for Pinball, and 4972 product item for Bowling. The original White Flap label paper appears glued on the way bottom. both in mint condition and appear in original shrinkwrap. Thank you.
  23. Can I make a Sega Genesis High Score club?
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