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  1. Centurion Digitor complete in box~nice used condition in box~works~pretty rare and hard to find item I think~please PM for any offers Also got a vintage SD Soundesign 8309-232 Calculator in box and working~
  2. Actually I just scored 77 Points with San Franisco against Arizona or Phoenix?? with lots of luck. I recovered 3 onside kicks, 2 Touchdowns one at the end of the first half and second half, using time out properly, 3 turnovers by Phoenix, getting 20 sacks, and several long bombs to Jerry Rice. Steve Young had over 700 yards passing. Phoenix offensive line is aweful. Next time I will take pictures of the score:)
  3. The Atari 2600 game of Mario brothers as I recall was a Amazing Fun game for its times. Good graphics and lots of fun.
  4. OMG...I have been hearing about Nightmare experiences on Craiglists.
  5. Well i lost to Dallas to the conference finals. I did onside kick and recover to start the game off and scored soon afterwards. I was like this is going to be easy. Right after scoring I did another onside kick and recovered but did not score. Dallas scored after i punted the ball and I went really fast to the bathroom and they kick the ball off to me and when i got back it was safety and they got the ball back. After that never was the same and nothing but mistakes and fumbles and offensive line just killed me. Every play was a hurried play or sack. I greated underestimated Dalls and got burned. Dallas beat Kansas City 6-0 for the Super Bowl Title. Speaking of endzone and punt touchbacks...press the middle button will touchback the play. For the Sega Genesis. Another thing I notice was Randell Cunningham super fast release. Man you could never sack this guy. I started another season and I have a better grip on things now. I used Rathman and Jones and Waters more for the short plays and use the long bombs for Rice and Taylor. I used the shotgun formations and I am 8-0 already. I use the shotgun formation since I know I will face Dallas again and will give me more time this time to throw instead of being sacked every time. Rice, Taylor, and Waters are all out with injuries. I used Rathman as my main running back. Logan as the Full back. Wide receivers are the backup tightend and back up Wideout Hernadez I believe. Tight end is Odesa Turner. It seems like Rathman and Turner get open alot but you could time my luck is running really thin. One more injury I will have nothing but a headache.
  6. I read an article a while ago that Atari 2600 Mario Brothers just keeps getting harder and never ends and is unbeatable? Is that rue or is it only a rumor? Regardless the game had okay graphics for its time and place and was pretty fun and challenge compared to the other Atari 2600 games. It was pretty fun indeed.
  7. Thank you. Great buyer and no hassles.
  8. I like to keep it honest and be truthful while keeping everything accurate and fair. Thank you once again.
  9. Great person to do business with and very easy to get along with. Very smart and able to help others fix broken games. Give him a hollow, know what he is talking about. Will 4 sure do business again, no doubt.
  10. Thank you for all the super deal offers...and responses~This item is sold.
  11. Do you have one, please let me know. Demo Disk of Contender Boxing game from Playstation. Thank you.
  12. 1).Yes you are right John Taylor. I forgot about Brent Jones. Funny thing is Jerry Rice got injured. I replaced him with John Taylor and Ricky Waters. My Offense never skipped a beat. 2). Jerome Bettis is hard to tackle but never makes big gains, just need two tacklers. Just what I notice 3). I forgot about Dwight Stone And Rod Woodson on Pittsburg. What a great defense team
  13. i have genesis game...it is so addictive...sometimes has a challenge...half of my wins i had to come back and win in the 4 quarter with San Fran. Not easy and gets harder
  14. I just got a Atari 2600 Complete Red Box Venture Game, opened but almost no wear on the box I also got a Atari 2600 Complete Red Box Combat Game, Opened but almost no wear on the box Let me know if interested if these items. Will sell if interested.
  15. First of all it is pretty fun. I am San Fransico And Jerry Rice and Fred Taylor, one of two always appear to be always opened. Steve Young what a team with Waters and Rathman Also. 1). How do I do a touchback? What button to press? Funny thing I got a kickoff and I could not return the kick because Pittsburg plays zoomed down the field and tackle me at the one. I saw who was the team like Kevin Green and Greg Lloyd so I understand. Two all time greats. 2).I do not want to lose my season or stats if I shut the game off. Do I have to keep the System on until the Season ends? Anybody could help?
  16. Anybody Have a Tiger Electronics Handheld Super Double Dragon~ $60 Bounty let me know
  17. On the second picture those are strings and not cracks. Some loose strings. Looks great.
  18. Anybody interested in Dark Brown Intellivision Intelligent Television Dust cover? This is not the common dust cover compare to the white and grey ones of Ebay. This is the Dark Brown Version. Appears to be leather. Very good to like new condition. Appears to be over 30 years old. Here are some pictures. Please message me at [email protected] for the Dark Brown Intellivision Dust Cover!
  19. I have some like new items from Microvision. 1). I have the original Mindbuster Cart with complete in box and instructions and stryoform. Appears never to be used 2). Connect Four Cart~loose~no Box or instruction~Appears to have no wear on it 3). Star Trek Box only with instructions and stryoform. No cart. Box has minor wear and appears to be in very good condition. Let me know and PM for a deal. Will accept any reasonable offer?
  20. By the way how much would you like for this nice piece of work???
  21. The photo is not legit. Here is the photo from Atariage and here is the photo from Ebay. Do you notice how they are totally identical, including scratches. First one is from Atariage, the second is from the auction. He saved the picture and uploaded the picture on ebay acting like it was his.
  22. check out two other websites like handheldmusuem.com and boardgamegreek.com, nice hidden gems. I have done some business on their sites and there most likely always a buyer that will contact you privately. You can post items up for sale. Check out handheldmusuem.com for sure.
  23. Probably not as powerful as XBOX 360 or PS3 but most popular by far with simple easy to play games. When too many buttons are involved on controller, many parents do not like that...they like simple things that their kids could enjoy. PS3 reminds me a little bit of Sega Saturn, powerful and fun games but not popular and making red ink paper losses. Seems to be costing Sony too much money in losses. It kinda reminds me of Sega. Dreamcast was hugely popular but one or two years down the road went out of Console systems because Saturn System put Sega in very deep losses and red ink.
  24. I remember the Omega Supreme Very well. Nice item. I remember buying 4 of these in one week and return them all the same week since I just it run all day long. Funny thing is I attempted to buy a five one but the lady at Kmart said we cannot buy this product anymore:) True Story.
  25. Then be prepaired for people to bitch at you for it everytime you do because it has been long accepted netiquette that typing in all caps is SHOUTING. fair enough.
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