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  1. EDIT 78,550 EDIT 64,830, Soon ill roll it.... I hope, there not alot of time left, but im gonna grind the f outta this game till 1am contest end dangit or until i flip it
  2. wow, this is probably a stupid question, but is this supposed to be like a mini colecovision ala Flashback 1&2? if so put me down for one of those dammit, id love to play some coleco on my tv either roms or cartridges (as i have a few) would be amazing, but to my understanding it loads roms off sd? i got like 5 coleco games but no vision to play them on
  3. 33,310 1st time ever playing this game
  4. is this contest still alive, or is it on a hiatus? i can almost be #1 but i keep dying right after 80,000 about
  5. right on, thanks for all the info dudes i was looking at a mega cart, and all though it seems like it would be an end all decision and play everything, its like $100, im gonna check out oracle_jedi's methods, who i must extend a great thanks to, you put alot of time into writing all that so im not gonna let it go to waste, thanks for all the info man, im gonna go for the uIEC/SD i think or is the mega-cart REALLY worth it?
  6. wow this guys prompt, i wasnt able to call, cuz of long distance, but i emailed him, and he responded the very next day, and answered all my questions 1 by 1. im gonna get a money order next week, and maybe scoop up the cd add-on aswell
  7. okay, so i may be getting a Vic-20 in a few days, and its gonna have a tape drive, and floppy drive. so the question is, is it possible to play downloaded roms on a vic 20 if i put them on a floppy disk? its got some games with it, but, being so old, it could be a bit troublesome to track down some games in the wild. sorry if this isnt allowed, i just figured since you host atari backups and such, alwell the fact that theres no profits to be had off most of those games nowadays. Also, does anyone know of some good games i should look into, any genre will do. im also gonna try my hand at programming on it, with its wopping 5 kilobytes of ram lol
  8. awesome stuff! thanks for the honest replies guys, im gonna call him up later today sometime soon i will have a jaguar
  9. okay i was looking on the best electronics website and came across this- this for real?? im also tryin to find if they ship to canada, anybody know? ive always wanted one, i can do the math(lol) and $110is great for me especially if its brand new. they even have the jag cd add-on! in box! so, are these guys legit? EDIT: also, how do you order and calculate shipping and all that? they seem a tad chinsey in their site design so im naturally cautious of a scam lol
  10. Edit: lol catchin-up to you darthkur 130,620
  11. i found an intellivision with all the hookups in mint *no box* but no scratches, ans 20 some games, all in boxes with all the manuals and overlays 3 of them being intellivoice compatible(did i mention i also got the intellivoice) for 50 bucks lol, i got such a smile on my face when i heard *MATTEL ELECTRONICS PRESENTS - B-17 BALMER* in its funny robot voice, which actually sounds pretty good quality wise lol
  12. i got a light sixer and a jr. the sixer stays in my room, hooked up to a shitty little tv from the 80's/early 70's, my preferred way to play, because that's how it was when it launched, and the junior is in the living room hooked up to 28 inch more modern tv in the corner, because my dad forbid me to hook it to our 48 inch hd because he was afraid of burn in, but i think it would look ridiculous on it anyway lol
  13. man my town is an effin joke i pay probably 4-6 dollars PER CART DEFIANT OF VALUE, no one in my town even cares, the worst part is i have to get them from a store called VALUE VILLAGE, where ALL there stuff is donated, then they mark the price up by over 9000 percent, and your looking at a copy of night driver i paid six fudging dollars for :x and to them its ALL profit and its always hit and miss... atari stuff has been in there twice that i have seen, i say "that i have seen" because there always rotating inventory, if you miss a day, its gone, and you have no way of knowing what was there, or if someone bought it and youll never see it again.... and somedays they have nothing at all!! just to throw you off!! sorry, i had to vent, to answer your question, if you see a copy, buy it, i did, and i dont regret it, its very fun to pull out every now and then, of course it is my only paddle game, but the paddle is what adds all the fun, because a mouse is absolutly no substitute.... its like playing marble madness, or crystal castles with a d-pad, or joystick it just doesnt not compute with me(still love crystal castles 2600 tho)
  14. does anyone know if getting replacement screw for a 2600 light 6'er would be possible? possibly from a hardware store or something i happened to misplace them when i bought the system and it didnt work(turned out to be shitty rf, or vhf or whatever, connection) so i took it apart to check it out, never put the screws back, then i kept putting it off, and now there gone
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