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  1. Up for sale today is one of my babies I need to get rid of, since I have two chipped PS2's (one PS2 slim with OPL installed for SMB shares form PC with Martix Infinity will be for sale as well later) and a CFW PS3 there is no need for this gorgeous system really. I need X-Mas money and this needs a new house. Let me give you a few details about this system, all items are 100% official Sony brand hardware except the clearly marked Innovation VGA box for PS1, PS2, and PS3 (with PS2 USB MC adapter it can be used) and you can have the adapter and your PC or another VGA box connected at one time so no need to swap between PlayStation and Dreamcast VGA boxes hooking and unhooking all the time. SCPH-7501 professionally cleaned New KSM-440-AEM laser and new spindle hub (even cheap disc work great on this system) Two official Japanese Sony brand memory cards (works on all regions) One official Sony clear Dualshock controller One official Sony black translucent NON-Dualshock controller Official Sony brand composite cables New HQ power cord MM3 stealth modchip, plays all games even protected games like Spyro & PAL titles no patching Color correction mod applied for PAL games Innovation Playstation 1 & 2 VGA box NEW Ghost Case with no scratches or blemishes. I modded this and put right back into the box Custom blue power LED Custom Blue PS logo on top of the shell. The lid goes up really fast half way then slowly as normal. I didn't want to fuss anything up as I never saw it as a big deal but should be noted. It has no effect on gamplay and the cases opens and closes jsut fine each and every time. Here is a nice video of what I am talking about. [video=youtube;vfqwTbKPksY] Price - Looking for $90 shipped ($15.50 of the included price is for a large flat rate box insured $100 during the holiday season it is the only way I will ship but get in in time for some good retro X-Mas gaming) for everything you see here and listed above, PayPal only shipped priority mail within 48 hours of receiving cash in my account. Does not come with Castlevania Symphony of the Night. Please PM me if interested I will show you my eBay feedback of 794 all positive feedback without a single negative nor neutral. I just don't like making my account public. Many have dealt with me and can attest to me being a good seller/trader so please if needed ask for references and I will be glad to provide more if the ones here is not enough. At another retro torrent tracker I was not only a mod there but had the highest feedback in our B/S/T thread. I am also a mod here at PSX-Scene and have great feedback there as well as AA, NGF, DP, Racketboy, shmups11, TheISOZone and many many more sites.
  2. Atari Anniversary $3 Space Channel 5 $4 Tomb Raider Chronicles $2 If you do split them up I would like these please.
  3. So I have a model 1 Genesis with official PSU with a 32X and all needed hookups to play like 32x to Genesis cable, PSU and A/V cords. Only thing needed is a controller $50 plus shipping obo Tested and confirmed working I also have a model 1 Megadrive with a widened cart slot to allow USA/PAL region games to be played. Again all official A/V (A/V cables NiB) & PSU cords. This even has a sweet blue LED for the power indicator. Great for regional lockout imports like Thunder Force IV and Golden Axe III while still retaining the ability to play USA titles. $30 AC adapter shown has since been replaced with official Sega brand PSU instead of the other but you can have it as well for a freebie as it works on SNES, Genesis, and NES systems. Again no controller comes with this or either system. Both work great with Everdrive flash cart and all products are official Sega branded products no third party knock offs. Here is my ebay profile and PM for any questions. http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=bargin_basement_games&ftab=AllFeedback Will take Shenmue II in trade or other Dreamcast only items in trade.
  4. Wonder if that will fit in mine with a 2.16ghz Pentium dual core, gonna check and you might have a sale if not at least a bump
  5. I'll take the PS1 please I need a new one shipped to 29935?
  6. I can offer a boxed USA Dreamcast BBA in a trade but alas I have no real cash and this is an awesome setup I would kill to have,
  7. I can offer $20 shipped for the adapter alone. Don't need another PS2 unless it is a SCPH-39001R
  8. Paid for all these DC games AX and a bump for a great guy (DC) GTA2 (DC) Sports LOT (DC) Wrestling LOT
  9. I would like fur fighters please. Been looking for that one for a long time.
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