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  1. Play Call of Duty...the majority of the enemies are actually killed by your A.I. allies.
  2. Yar

    FF XI Comics

    I could probably have been at even higher levels than you if I had just stuck with it...it's just soooooo time consuming and you get so little out of it. The other day I had an 18 member alliance and was having loads of fun, but the sheer complexity of it all made it fail. It's hard to play a game in which you literally stand around in the middle of nowhere for HOURS.
  3. Yar

    FF XI Comics

    Ramuh... Level 22RDM/7WHM named...Zaphod.
  4. Yar

    FF XI Comics

    My god, the first one is so true, especially in Quifim.
  5. I'd switch, since I'm not attached to Ramuh or anything, but don't you have to start as a level 1 character again?
  6. I got assigned to Ramuh. I was going to delete my character and shoot for a different server but I had too much fun playing it. I'm a level 10 Red Mage right now. Everyone on AA getting the game ought to try to shoot for one server...
  7. The great irony of the Mario series in recent yers is that the biggest complain gamers had about Super Maro 64 was the lack of Luigi... They make up for this by not including him in any way whatsoever in Sunshine.
  8. I'm going to try to purchase it soon. I REALLY want to play with some fun people, so I'll post here if I can get into your server/get a world pass.
  9. Final Fantasy 6...I've had the game for 5 years and I'm finally finishing it.
  10. When I preordered Banjo-Tooie I got a bean bag Mumbo Jumbo...
  11. You can get a GBA for 70 bucks new right now, and you'll probably get free stuff with it.
  12. I always love these little inane threads in which the topic is always "Gee, the worlds in RPG video games sure aren't anything like the real world!"
  13. Super Mario Brothers. That was the game that made me like video games.
  14. Yar

    Mirror Shield

    I really don't think it's explaining too much, it's just a nice touch to the storyline that adds mystery to the Chozo. Also, the continuity in Fusion was awesome- seeing the Alpha, Gamma, Zeta, and Omega metroids brought a smile to my face, as did the Ostrich and monkey-looking extra characters from Super Metroid
  15. Yar

    Mirror Shield

    It goes like this: Metroid-She starts without any weapons, gets weapons, and defeats Mother Brain Metroid Prime-RIGHT after leaving Zebes, she flies onto the space station above Tallon IV, and her weapons are destroyed in the explosion. Metroid 2-The big discrepancy here, as it's not explained why she lands on SR388 unarmed. However, the storyline indicates that a somewhat signifigant portion of time passed between her defeat of Metroid Prime and her mission to SR388 Super Metroid-This isn't explained clearly either, but I assume since she's in a hurried pursuit of the baby metroid, she doesn't bring them along. I um...I guess. Metroid Fusion-Explained in the intro. Did you guys notice in Fusion, though, in the cutscene on SR388 in the intro, she isn't fully upgraded?
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