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    Former collector of arcade, 2600, 5200 and 7800 systems and games. Now, I just have one MAME cab and a Combat text label cart. ;)
  1. Been a looooong time so I've forgotten: Did the 4 port and 2 port systems have different switchboxes? Just got a minty two port and all it's missing is the switchbox. Will the classic "slider" switchbox work (the 2600 type) or is one of the bulky 5200 switchboxes needed? Embarrassed. EDIT: Looks like standard "slider" box would do, correct?
  2. I love this project - the artwork for the 20+ launch titles. . . man, that's some frame-worthy stuff. Any updates?
  3. This got me thinking: https://archive.org/details/softwarelibrary_msdos_games/v2 There was a game I used to play on an Atari home computer back in the day. . . Adventure game Started on a beach or boat with no memory It had graphics - not text only. Aaaand. . . that's all I remember. NO idea as to the name or the company. Ideas?
  4. Spent most of my youth, literally, at the "Third World" arcade on University Ave. in Lowell, MA just up the road from ULowell (now UMass Lowell). I still dream about this place sometimes, remember the layout of the games, etc. *sigh* It's now a computer repair place. Went in when I was a collector a few years back and asked to poke around the basement, HOPING the big wooden sign they used to have in the window was still down there. Alas, nothing but dirt. "Astro's," "Johnny's Pizza," and "Jim and Irene's" were three fast food joints on the same strip. Defender and Jack the Giantkiller I remember from Astro's; Joust, Satan's Hollow and Cliff Hanger (!) from Johnny's and Asteroids, Battlezone mini and Missile Command from Jim and Irene's. Astro's is now a police substation, Johnny's is some other pizza joint and Jim and Irene's is some Mexican place. None have games. Would also trek down to "World of Games" in downtown Lowell, which was a multi-level place. It's now a health club. Back when I collected, I went there and managed to get 5 games from their 5th floor storage space from back in the day (Star Trek cockpit, Mario Bros. Centipede, MACH 3 cockpit and Tron - all for $500 total. Pretty cool to have some of the ACTUAL games I played way back when! "New England Grand Prix" in Tewksbury, MA would also be on my list, as they managed to get the newer coin-ops before anyone else. Only place I ever saw "Cloak and Dagger" and "Quantum" in the wild. Last I saw it, it was closed down - abandoned entirely. And, while I never got up there back in the day, (no need given the great selection locally, really), the legendary "Funspot" up in Weare, NH I've visited many times. BTW, if you ever go up there, hit up "Hart's Turkey Farm" just up the road for dinner. Perfect, home made fare! Those were the days, my friend, and we never even knew it! :_)
  5. Is the site dead? No main page updates for quite a while! :(

  6. Is the site dead? No main page updates for quite a while! :(

  7. I currently have some arcade games for sale/auction: eBay Seller: whalers9 I've got some Williams parts up now, "Racing the Beam" and a Donkey Kong Jr. and Asteroids uprights. Prefer local/cash transactions but, if you can arrange shipping, bid away! Please use eBay message system to contact me. Thx!
  8. Joust Centipede Dragons Lair Donkey Kong (ahahahah below) Donkey Kong (46 votes [100.00%]) Percentage of vote: 100.00% Thief (0 votes [0.00%]) Percentage of vote: 0.00% Battlezone (Maybe my fav of all time?) Zoo Keeper Jungle King / Hunt Defender (one of my top 3 of all time) Space Harrier (both suck) Mario Bros.
  9. Same votes but I wanted to abstain on the Castles/Blueprint vote - didn't like either - but the system wouldn't let me not vote for one question! Spy Hunter and Battlezone battle it out for my all-time fav game with Defender 3rd.
  10. Pac Stargate (Star Castle WAS awesome but it's not Stargate) Tapper Bosc
  11. Pac-Man. Duh. Being as it's one of my Top 3 arcade games of all time, Defender was a major, major let down on the 2600. The artwork was fine, but the game - terrrrrible. What made it worse, was Defender II / Stargate for the 2600 was very, very well done. Why not get it right the first time? OTOH, Defender for the 5200 was one of the best ports ever for any system.
  12. My three all time favs, in order: 1. Battlezone 2. Spy Hunter 3. Defender Sigh. . . those were the days, my friend!
  13. Tried all the display settings. Anyone???
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