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  1. Stock (unfiled) SIDE3 fits in my 1200XL (stock, unfiled, cartridge tunnel) with a small bit of gentle persuasion (but nothing that causes me concern).
  2. A Hyper Drive (HF Developments) disk is on eBay here.
  3. A massive collection of Atari 8-bit fonts in PC True Type (TTF) format can be found [email protected] Robot's site here.
  4. Apparently the 600XL and 800XL keyboard tests spell out "Copyright 1982 Atari".
  5. Hi Paul - Re the keyboard - It was the Self Test Easter Egg - As explained by Scottith Games on YouTube: "EASTER EGG: When running the full diagnostic test on a 1200XL, the keyboard will spell out the programmer's name, "michael colburn". This was removed with the 600XL and 800XL, with the keyboard test now spelling out "Copyright 1982 Atari"...
  6. Here's Version 5.1... Happy Warp Speed Software V5.1.atr
  7. Petersen 130XE 320k Memory Expansion instructions: https://www.exxoshost.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=44&t=732 https://www.atarimax.com/freenet/freenet_material/12.AtariLibrary/2.MiscellaneousTextFiles/showarticle.php?100
  8. Some pictures of my 1200XL. (1) Remove 4050 IC (U27) from socket and insert UAV. (2) Lift the back pins of L1 + L3, and run wires from to the vacated pads to UAV "Luma" and UAV "Comp Video" respectively - See Pic 1 (lower part) (3) Lift one side of both C103 and C104 - See Pic 1 (upper part) (4) Run wires from Colour and GND points - See Pic 2 (Colour is the lower point, GND is the upper point) to UAV "Color In" and "GND" respectively (5) Run a wire from the empty pin on the video DIN connector (J2-5) on the back of the board to UAV "Chroma".
  9. I had the same issue when I put mine together last week. I overwrote the sdrive.atr with another one I found online and it then worked. Could be as simple as that.
  10. Could I wait to effect the repair? Hell no. Did it work? Hell...no. I'll try burning a new EPROM just in case I damaged the "original" when removing it. PCB looks good. Just one bodge wire was required after careful analysis. Let's see what happens with the EPROM...
  11. Certainly the same area of the PCB @Technoid Mutant, but my broken trace is the one next to yours!! The pictures are great. I've got enough to work with and will post how I get on with the repair tomorrow and, if not, Wednesday. Many thanks!
  12. Many thanks, Jeff. Much appreciated. Agree about the eyes! Will PM you a bit later.
  13. Here's a dump of the EPROM in case it is of any interest to anyone. AtariMaxHappy.BIN
  14. Hi Paul, they certainly are. It's been a while. How are you doing?
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