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  1. This past year I finished my thesis, had a second child and moved on from my old job. Kids are crazy, the commute is long for ND. I drive 85 miles to work every day. That's probably nothing for CA or NY people, but it's a ways for this place. Anyway, I've been feeling a bit nostalgic these days, which caused me to take a gander at some of the 2600 designs I did a few years back. So I started back programming for the 2600 again. Picking up where I left off, I started working on a kernel that would allow me to create a set of "Table Top" sports games. You know, like table top hockey. I have become a bit rusty, and couldn't remember half the crap I once knew. However, Andrew Davies' 2600 Programming for Newbies helped me out a lot, and I found all my old links... and I have to say, the latest version of DASM, seems to be better than I remember it. I built it on my OSX Leopard machine, which I'm actually comfortable doing these days because I mostly work in HPC linux environments. So I poured myself into it this weekend, probably risked pissing off my wife a bit. My 4yo daughter was a bit angry with me too as I slept in late... really late... as I was up all night working on it. This morning when I got up... I still had 1/2 hour before noon... I realized that I probably can't work on it as much as I did this weekend... So you know, not sure when I'll have another chance to work on the code again. So I designed a pretty cool Table Top Quidditch kernel... or drew it out as a picture based on what I remembered about the TIA's capabilities.... and ended up having to drop half the features once I tried to implement it. I obviously didn't remember how limited it really is. Boy, don't ya just wish the 2600 sprites had x,y positioning? Well, I knew it didn't do that, but jeez it's so much harder to position sprites than I remember. So anyway, here's a screen capture of what I was able to implement. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to work on it further sooner rather than later. What do you think? Has it really been six years since I first joined Atari Age. Sometimes I feel old. Aaron Oh yeah, try out the binary... it doesn't do much except draw the image you see below.
  2. I voted for Adventure. Back in the simple days, it was the game for my brother and I.
  3. Sun Microsystems is planning to unveil Project Darkstar, an online game deployment system, at this year's Game Development Conference. http://blogs.sun.com/chrism#what_is_project_darkstar The launch title for this new revolutionary game deployment system was modeled completely in Maya and exported to X3D using my open-source RawKee X3D Exporter for Maya. http://rawkee.sourceforge.net/ Visit Project Darkstar on March 22nd to see the future of online gaming. http://www.projectdarkstar.com/
  4. I have this vague idea that when I was a kid I once saw a picture of a four joystick adapter for the 2600 in a magazine. Was such a thing ever made? Maybe planned but never released? Or is this just something I made up? Aaron
  5. Hey my budy is in the airforce. He's a navigator on a plane where the pilot disregards his duties when not flying and spends most of his time playing HALO2. My buddy is tired of taking up the pilot's slack. Anybody know of a way to covertly disable an XBox without perminently damaging it? Aaron
  6. I had to check other as I'm playing the PSP right now. I was suprised to see the DS and not the PSP. But with only 19 options, what can you do?
  7. There doesn't seem to be an option for those of use who had a pong system before the 2600 became available.
  8. atari_aaron

    Stupid Appendix

    Thanks for the comment. My mom is doing much better, but we just found out today that she has an infected abscess which needs to be drained. It looks like she'll be in the hospital for several more days. She's past the roughest part, but she's still got a little ways to go. Aaron
  9. I can't get my WinXP machine to recognize my PSP USB connection. I've formatted the duo stick, I've got the right cable, but it's USB 1.1. Windows says it can't find the driver for the PSP every time I attempt to connect it. I'm at a loss. The only references I can find to the problem through google refer to Win98. All my windows updates are current. I don't know, maybe I just need to go buy a USB 2.0 cable.
  10. I find it interesting that Revolution is so small. I imagine that it would be very easy to hook up to your family's DVD player in the car/van/suv. Might make it the more popular option for the family oriented consumer which I read somewhere that Nintendo wants to target. If that sort of thing is possible. Imagine, downloading all your old nintendo games, take them on a family trip, use your DS as a controller from whereever you're sitting in the vehicle. All you need is a power cord for your car's cigarette lighter. No clumsy cords. Heck, I wonder if it could replace the DVD player in your car all together. Wouldn't that be the revolution. Going on a family trip? Grab the Revolution of the top of your tv, slide it into the dashboard of your minivan.
  11. I prefer playing games on consoles. It's simpler, and I can just relax on the floor or the couch in front of my TV.
  12. I guess I'll state the obvious, was the fact that it had a 10 bit processor the problem? The prototypes looked nicer than the 5200. And it could have played all of the old 2600 games? Too bad it got shelfed.
  13. Yeah, I had the one for the SP too. Although I don't see the point in these things for the 2600. How hard was it to change a cart? No wonder America is fat. The reason I bought one for the SP was because the thing made the SP easier to hold. It also was a very convenient way of taking three games with me while traveling. As the games were always in the SP, I never had to worry about losing them or rumaging through my bag while stuffed into an airplane seat in coach.
  14. $140 including shipping, so after you take out PayPal's cut and the $8.50 in insured shipping I received about $127 for it. Considering you can get a brand new one with a free pokey chip for $200, it wasn't a bad price.
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