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  1. Yes in this case I was using Jay's Supercart I board and a 1 meg ROM with bank switching. It is a 100kHz 1-bit audio file. It uses everything the system has. The Aquarius has a fast CPU so you can switch the audio channel really fast. There are lots of resources on making useful sounds on a 1 bit channel. https://www.gamejournal.it/the-sound-of-1-bit-technical-constraint-as-a-driver-for-musical-creativity-on-the-48k-sinclair-zx-spectrum/
  2. You mean like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9d2S47fBq0
  3. Wow - awesome. It has six channels right? Is there a noise channel? Meaning, could you get it to play some existing Midi tunes or are there not enough voices? Would love to see it play some old PC game stuff!
  4. Bruce, For sure I want one. Sorry I haven't responded for a month just haven't checked the forum! Chris
  5. 100k per second.... So 1920 bytes per screen in total (one byte per char and one for attribute) so 102,400 / 1,920 = 53 frames per second if just video... seems to me a 30 fps video player is totally possible with sound. Could store two "fields" per frame to make a flicker mode player/video. You are right... 100k/second is a lot to play with.
  6. It depends on if we find somebody with a 3D printer to make us cases for them!!! If that were the case then I'd want it on the top for easy access!
  7. Bruce, What is the datapath from the USB drive to RAM/CPU? Will it be accessible via machine language or only via disk basic routines? I seem to remember you doing a data transfer test of some sort. If all we wanted to do were to blit raw video data to screen and audio data to the AY is there an easy path from disk to memory? Having the USB space opens up incredibly possibilities if we have a robust data transfer rate. Can't wait to get mine... Chris
  8. Hi All, It has been some time since I have updated this topic. I now have a functional encoder that everyone can use if they would like. Robert's S24 Editor is available here. The zip file containing the encoder and source along with some test images is here: S24Conv.zip Below are pictures taken of a TV using the RF adapter, my bet is that when I get my composite mod in that it will look better. I have to thank both Robert and Simon for their help on this, both gave me great debugging insight and Robert held my hand big time on the header. Regards, Chris
  9. Robert helped me and showed me how to fix the header... More is on the way soon! The bright green should be dark green so I have to fix that.
  10. Yes. I settled on wimgtool that comes with MAME which is exactly the kind of thing you would expect in a GUI disk image editor. Works great.
  11. Ok, so I got an image to show on my Coco but realized that I have some additional debugging ahead of me. I got Xroar running so that will be my emulator for now. I used it to show you what I am getting. So the top is what my encoder thinks it is making. (I don't know why there are little dot artifacts, I have to figure that out too.) The bottom is what I am getting when I load it into Robert's S24 editor. Anyway, something is wrong with my character set and it seems something is wrong with my target palette as well. Chris
  12. I am very close to getting this right. I am using the MES disk image editing tool and can load graphics into the S24 editor. There is still something wrong as my image is offset by almost 8 characters and some of the characters that I selected don't seem right. I will keep working at it. I'm happy to be this far but a bit lost on what to do next. When I am not so tired tomorrow I will post a picture of what I am getting, maybe somebody else will see what I am missing. I know that I am limiting myself to 128 to 256 for character selection but shouldn't have to - when I don't I get random "0" tops for some reason. Are the text characters missing their normal offsets?
  13. Hi, I have tried to use Toolshed. I've installed MinGW just in case I need it. When I run any of the EXE files I just get the hourglass pointer. I run them from a command prompt and it just hangs. Any ideas? Is there another application I can use? I can't even start to play around because I can't manipulate disk images. It's so disheartening. I am running Windows 8 64 bit. Chris
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