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  1. Now that unpacking is done on the new estate. The pictures follow: How playing. Harmony. The execution berzerk The execution frogger The execution riddle sphinx The execution masters' universe Yeah....I didn't know how to ask the pricing acceptable.
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  3. Wow all that and edits. English isn't my first. I should not have used "snagged" and I am sorry. I am in the process of moving halfway across the country and got a very good deal on a house an so I thought that was appropriate since anything in the house was also mine. In this case, there was this unit, in a plastic bag in the attic. There was also a bunch of lumber, and some dishes. I have never scammed anyone. I'm also active on the KLOV forums and never scammed someone there. I didn't test with anything but the cart because everything else is crated up and is coming to the new place slowly as work permits. Would everyone like a picture of the vader next to the light sixer for comparison? I'm sure that I can find it if I go through enough boxes around here. Would that make everyone happy?
  4. I tested it with Activision Hockey and it appears to be working fine.
  5. Came across this in my attic. I have a vader so no need to keep this. I'd like it to go to a good home. I'm going to throw in a Hockey cartridge and the original manual and box to Pitfall. I am not sure how it works, but I'll entertain offers north of $50.
  6. Oh my. I was hoping since I saw some mention ofa mini 5200 that it could. I'm not complaining, I can still get a multi with just about every cart I want to play.
  7. I'd love one of these if they're still available. I'm a little confused though as to what I would need to make this into a mini 5200
  8. I was thinking about selling it. I have an original vader 2600 that I already have, and a full complement of controllers. I just didn't want this to go to waste. I might keep it as a backup, but if someone on the forum might want it then I'd be ok being sure it went to a good home. What's something like this worth? It has: Original Activision pitfall box and manual Original Console Original switch box Original controllers(and they look new) Hockey cartridge PSU Original Box, manual, and catalog(box has some wear)
  9. Ok well I plugged it in with the adapter. Guess what? It works! I only have one game, hockey, but that's it. Now what should I do with it? I've got the original box, manual, controllers, PSU, and paddles.
  10. It has the "Warner Brothers" logo on the box. I didn't know if there were many like that or if there was a distinction there. I will plug it into the set's antenna tomorrow and check.
  11. I recently snagged an original wood grain 2600 at an estate sale, with box, manual, tv box, etc. I'd like to plug this in but it looks like the power supply is pushing extra voltage(16v) and I'm a little scared to turn that on. I've ordered a new PS for it, but I'm still a little scared someone plugged this in and possibly burned out something. Is it possible that voltage burnt something inside?
  12. I just picked up one of these. Video is really spotty, as in it comes on, then gets noisy and cuts out. Are there any sites that talk about how to fix one of these things?
  13. I don't know. I don't see a cart but there's an adapter that plugs into the famicom/snes and then into the Game Doctor. Is that it?
  14. Ok. Here's a pic: It looks like it doesn't have the memory upgrade. I flipped through the manual and there's a thing about a door underneath it. When I opened it I didn't see the memory upgrade in there.
  15. Working on the pics. How do I know what size memory it has?
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