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  1. Well , was there a 'time' you saw (or heard) something on the Amiga that made you want one immediately!? For me, it was the 'vaporware' Video Toaster... Before that, hell, even PT Modules blew me away! I remember seeing VideoScape 3d, then Lightwave, (YEARS later) I'm like OMFG! Your Amiga 'definining' moment, if you will ....
  2. So OK, I followed some links on AtariAge, and found some ST demos, .. I'm pretty sure that I need an ST now... The music especially blew me away... Now before I ask this, let me say up front, I have Googled best Atari ST Everything, but I am hoping to get input from Real ST owners, about what they actually USE daily. Confession: I am an Amiga nut (turned slightly Atari ST nut) 'Must Have programs'? (Heck, even general utilities and such, TOS switch etc.) One thing in particular, are there any music programs on the ST For Beginners? (I took piano lessons when I was younger, total FAIL!) Are there any Good 3d graphics/animation programs for the ST? (Lightwave 3D on Amiga spoiled me!?!) Any programs to convert 2d/3D graphics files from Amiga to Atari ST? Can ST's be networked? What program (s) support networks? What is the maximum RAM that can be added to (any model of) an ST, including the Falcon? Anything else I need to know before I take the plunge.... And CURSE you Atari! Another system I am obsessed with!
  3. Ok, I am an ST Noob. Are there any RAM upgrade options for this machine that doesn't need soldering? I really want an ST that handles demos and works for some productivity as well. And sorry to hijaak the thread.
  4. Thanks for that! Also, cool website! 😀
  5. I Loved my DCTV! My dad and I each had one on our respective Amiga's. I used to use a program called ADAM to make '24-bit-ish' DCTV .Anim's from the likes of Scenery Animator, and Lightwave, etc. I really like this thread, even if it's a little depressing..
  6. I have to say the ZX for me, like several posters, the ZX was my first computer, I wanted a C-64 (oddly, not many VIC-20's were available in my area, but the 64 was a big deal) I never really got into it, though I did buy a memory expansion for it. The keyboard was a little off-putting. As for Post-it notes, I like to draw, so I prefer the original model without lines. 😁
  7. Sigh, Years ago I lost all my classic computers and consoles (and everything else) in a terrible house fire, so I'd have to start over... My irrational wants are.. Amiga 4000 Tower with full Toaster 4000 setup... Toaster/Flyer, PAR card, TBC, '060, 128MB RAM.. I miss mine terribly Matel Aquarius with all the peripherals, including a disk drive. And an actual 32k memory cartridge, the original in the ridiculous huge shell (I had one I ordered from Crimac, Inc.) Tandy Model 4P with a giant ultra wide carriage printer and external hard drive... Never had a hard drive back in the day
  8. OK, add another to the 5200 Brotherhood! My only complaint about the 5200 is.. I have to 'service' my controllers about once per year.. beyond that, I really love the system... I have a 4-port, with the weird switchbox thingy (the technical term, LOL) and it works flawlessly! I just have always loved the arcade conversions for the 5200... I also lucked out... I got a 5200, complete in smooshed box, all inside boxes, manuals, and catalogs + a Q*Bert bare cart. for $25 at a resale shop...
  9. Well, add another member! Funny, I originally felt that I didn't care for INTV too much.. but I did get some 25 carts. with the system, and a pretty good price, I don;t think I paid more than $25 for all of it. So, all ready to despise the system... I start playing a bit... I found myself glued to Tron Maze-A-Tron, of all things... So, add another Intelivision convert.. I mean, can I honestly say I 'dislike' a system, if I sit and play games on it for 1 hour at a time??
  10. Edit: sorry.. forgot to mention, I actually removed the sprung dust covers before grinding, and ground JUST untill all my MD carts fit comfortably, then re-installed the dust flaps... this way, there is no gaping hole, and the dust flaps still work as designed...
  11. VERY Well put, Shawn! What I did, was use a Dremel at very low speed, with a fine sanding drum... I have some 3 different sizes, and found one that Perfectly matched the contour of Mega Drive carts...Then after, a little careful buffing with very fine emery paper, say 800 grit. Then yea, A thorough cleaning. For my black consoles especially, I just use plain old Old English furniture polish after the cleaning. Brillianize is also a good product for cleaning/shining older consoles/computers... but I feel it's better for say Commodore 8-bits...or other beige/brown systems... Drat, just realised I don't even have a language switch in my Genny yet... Well, suppose while I have it open, I may as well replace the power LED with something more interesting....
  12. Hmm, Well.. I gotta say... no offense to anyone.. but for pinball, I much prefer the TG originals. Austin, I never have trouble with the ball draining like that in Devil's Crush, and have actually gotten some ridiculous scores....
  13. Was just gonna add: One could get 'official' black stress reliefs from , say, all electronics, and make the whole neatly with a Dremel, and do a pretty neat job...
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