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  1. R.C. Aerochopper was a cart with a connection for a modified Futaba controller. IIRC, the game loads off of just the cart. I ripped it out and it can be found here (if someone want made some modifications)... http://www.atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?f=90&t=23495
  2. 1 time eated and very hard to find Atari chocolate cd. If you want trade i need then send all this thing what is below my old wooden toilet. Ofcourse post are then very expensive, but i thing you are so happy for this you want pay them.
  3. Are you try Substation version fixed by Dbug? (Many ST(e) games not work in Mega ST(e) machines.)
  4. I wanna say big thanks! At last i visiting in my home and game is goming here. This is my 1st Aircars game. Long time ago i pay one in ebay, but it never goming. (Not played yet, because no time, but i promised myself i test it in christmasweek.)
  5. I thing Atarimania site is trying found (if they not are already found it) full version of Dropzone. Cannot made link in my mobilephone now but in their forum is most wanted list.
  6. Nice idea. Thanks Ovalbugmann! Mayby i found some time next weekend to burn it on cd and look.
  7. 5200 VCS cartridge adaptor (new in box), Atari ST Rhothron Backplane, Asteroids LP and Atari thermos. + some Qbert things (puzzle, board game and book.)
  8. Jake/Depression Finland Tecnation - Vibravision (Digital Interactive Lighting by Video System) (Falcon 030) CF adapter and 1024 MB Kingston card FPU 14 MB memory board made by DJ Base Soundpool Audio Workstation (Falcon 030) 16/36 Mhz switch Harddisk Falcon 030 + Centurbo 060 (where 256 meg) Original harddisk 4mb (but i put soon in 14 MB memory board made by DJ Base) (I change later this Centurbo in Soundpool machine, when PCI card and 063 goming.) Why there not are serial numbers in this list?
  9. Thanks for put me in list. (If it is now needed info, i need these things then: Box and packaging and address + keyboardfix +R63 fix and video tweak.) Is Paypal ok to send money to you?
  10. Hello! I just try send message to Bob, but i thing it's not going anywhere because my phone Mini Opera... I'm too interesting one 1200 because they newer sell it in Finland. (And because my STe/STfm drives are broken i'm intererting these 720K drives too if they are compatible for these. Because i cannot send messages here, i put my mail here: Jake(dot)[email protected]
  11. Sorry, my mobilephone say it send, but it not go then. (Hard using forum in old phone and mini-opera.) Can you send email to me. [email protected] I'm interesting this 5200 (without best controllers) if possible pay it using paypal and send it to Finland.
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