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  1. I would also like to be added to the waiting list if there is room,please.
  2. Sent my email & hope it won't be long before I'm able to get one!
  3. Transaction went as smooth as it could,especially for an international transaction.Josh is awesome!
  4. That's the one! And you are right,it wasn't that great. I hung out so much at that arcade that I had played everything there.Anyways,thanks for the help. Nightwing.. Sounds like Data East's "Hippodrome" from 1989. It absolutely sucked. Yup, Hippodrome. Here's the link to a video of this abomination.
  5. Happy BD Calvin!:)

    Have a good day!!!

  6. I'm trying to finish CoD:WaW on veteran mode.I'm stuck in the "Heart Of The Reich" mission,but I'll get buy it. Also been playing some GOW2,RB2 & I'm about to start Dead Space.
  7. Hopefully somebody can help me out. I remember that it was a fighting game before the SF2/MK days - so say late 80s. You were able to choose different characters & weapons & then you had to fight different people/fantasy creatures. The thing I remember the most was if you won the match,you hear a really cheesy audio clip yell: "HA!!!!!!!!! Victory!!!!!!!!!" If anybody has a clue,please let me know.Thanks!
  8. My gamertag is NIGHTW1NG. Just send me a message if you want to play something.
  9. Goldeneye 007 hands down in the best Bond game ever made.Nothing else comes close.
  10. There was a guy that had these on DVD (the Force Five stuff). I have them & they are easily watchable.I don't think he has them for sale at the moment,though...
  11. Crackdown is one game that really needs a sequel.Easily one of my favorite 360 games!
  12. I didn't even know this was out.Being a huge fan of collection games,I'll be picking this up shortly.
  13. It was a regional chain,that I am pretty sure.They were a good place to get games,especially when the Great Crash occurred. BTW: I've sold 3 of the 4 games.Thanks everyone!!
  14. After a great deal of thought - I have decided to sell my Avalon Hill games. The four that are for sale are: London Blitz Death Trap Shuttle Orbiter Wall Ball (no I do not have Out Of Control,wish I did) As it says in the topic thread,all four games are unopened & shrinkwrapped.As you can see in some pics that are in earlier posts,the Zayre price tag is still on the shrinkwrap. I found all of these one day at a local thrift store just like this.The marker that you can see on the front is from that store and it is on the wrap itself,and NOT on the actual box. I have had some offers for the games,but at that time I still wasn't sure that I was going to sell them.So to be fair - I'm going to wait for four to five days before I make a final decision. Two things - I am considering holding onto one of the games (most likely Death Trap) simply because I'd like to keep a reminder of how lucky I was to find these.Though I've been fortunate to have scored some great stuff over the years - this is probably the best one I've had. It will all depend on what offers I get. The second is that I really need the cash,so I'm really not looking to trade.But - if I got an offer for some money & a game for my collection that I'm trying to complete,then I might consider that. (right now that would either be Keio for the Sega CD or one of the rarer Intellivision games. Now,as for references - I have been collecting for a number of years,though I haven't done much lately.I am listed in the 5th edition of the DP guide under my name.I also used to post in r.g.v.c back in the day. I also have done some buying over at the DP forums under my name there (Nightwing). I also have done some buying at Chase The Chuckwagon & I have excellent eBay feedback (nightwing007). I also drive a school bus for a living & co-host a public access show where I live in RI,so I can be found. I have no problems shipping overseas,and I'll either sell all three/four games together or i will break them up depending on the offers.If for some reason I don't sell them all at this time these will go to one of the aforementioned auction sites. That's it.Please PM me if you have any questions & thanks again for your interest! Calvin
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