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  1. One for me, please (if overseas shipping is no problem)
  2. Yes, but when he is on vacation there's nothing he can do. Thanks for giving a one week time frame when people had to wait - what was it? 3, 4 years? @Mike, thanks for your kind reasoning.
  3. Yeah, after you didn't have the decency to even reply to my two PMs back then, my Blix cartridge decided to stay without its wrap.
  4. Ahhh, you were one of the chosen few who received a box for Blix. My respect.
  5. AtariBuff

    Big Blue - Homebrew

    Chris, received #22 from the second run - what a beautiful package. Looking forward to play that one. Cheers
  6. Based in Austria, so we have other plugs than you UK guys, but it shouldn't be a problem to locate the connector. Write them a message and they surely help you out.
  7. Gratulation, Ignorama. Ein beschwerlicher, jedoch zielstrebiger und belohnender Sammlerweg. Auf die 125
  8. Yes, have five of these and they work perfectly.
  9. That lawnmover game still available and how much you want for it?
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