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  1. Thanks for the clarification, Swami & Bmack36
  2. Already own four of your lovely ColecoVision games, so why not join your club? Payment sent
  3. Thanks, Swami. Forgive my ignorance, but I haven't followed the Phoenix development for quite some time: did they stop working to eliminate their bug and suggest to buy additional hardware for $60 at this point?
  4. Since 2019? Really? Tried it on two Sony Bravias and waiting for the wive to finish watching in the living room on a Samsung. Disappointing, this situation, to say the least.
  5. Received a second batch Phoenix today and all I get is a black screen on a Sony Bravia. Is this still an unresolved issue?
  6. Been away for some time and I don't want to read through all the posts: Has the 2020 game shipped yet? Thanks
  7. @Ikrananka @NIAD Do you guys know, if the later officially CollectorVision releases differ to their earlier released prototypes counterparts from Opcode? These are the games in question: Comic Bakery, Hang-On, Juno First, Sparkie.
  8. Arrived in Autriche today - awesome package! Thanks @tanuki
  9. Was there an email sent for access to the 2020 vault?
  10. Bringing this up in the hope that someone can help out
  11. @Ikrananka Impressive work, thank you! After a quick glance: Under Bootlegs 1985-2013 the entry Smurf Rescue Unknown (Taiwan) is actually called Smure Rescue.
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