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  1. Been away for some time and I don't want to read through all the posts: Has the 2020 game shipped yet? Thanks
  2. @Ikrananka @NIAD Do you guys know, if the later officially CollectorVision releases differ to their earlier released prototypes counterparts from Opcode? These are the games in question: Comic Bakery, Hang-On, Juno First, Sparkie.
  3. Arrived in Autriche today - awesome package! Thanks @tanuki
  4. Was there an email sent for access to the 2020 vault?
  5. Bringing this up in the hope that someone can help out
  6. @Ikrananka Impressive work, thank you! After a quick glance: Under Bootlegs 1985-2013 the entry Smurf Rescue Unknown (Taiwan) is actually called Smure Rescue.
  7. Party Mix, Texas Chainsaw, Private Eye, Space Shuttle spring out. With one of the first two, you have your purchase of $70 easily covered. Nice lot.
  8. Very positive deal - bought a ColecoVision home brew. Fast shipping, well packaged and friendly contact.
  9. Box isn't the prettiest one around, but maybe you can use the pics.
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