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  1. Try putting the d-pad from the 3-button controller in place of the d-pad of the 6-button controller.
  2. Friend/family payments are less secure than standard payments that come with the fee, anyone can file a chargeback on their card for a gift payment and you're left holding the bag, with no recourse for whatever tracking numbers you might protest with.
  3. I need a MadCatz Dream Blaster lightgun for the Sega Dreamcast, it's one of the last notable guns I have yet to design a microswitch trigger kit for.
  4. It's plausible that the school she was attending still used such old machines for word processing tasks and the like. Though it is unusual that a prestigious boarding school wouldn't regularly upgrade their computing equipment, if you attended any school in the 1990s you were bound to come across an outdated terminal somewhere in the building. I don't think this was Ivanka's personal computer, just a random Mac she typed an essay on for a class assignment.
  5. Internally? They don't use the same plastic housing?
  6. Probably could, are the gray keypad 3-button controllers the same as the black keypad version? Because I only have grays.
  7. Yes it would, either through an RGB to 8-pin mini din cable or with the s-video output as-is.
  8. Rugged battle damage. All TG16s are handsome.
  9. I mod the Starwander reproduction controllers only. I had someone send an original OEM controller to me a few months back even though I had specified this (guess I wasn't clear enough in my communication) so I was able to at least ascertain that there are enough differences to the innards that there wouldn't be enough room. I wouldn't want to modify an original 6-button anyway, too uncommon and valuable imo. I've been able to revise the design so its easier to install and takes less time to manufacture, functionally the same, so my prices are lower, if you want to send me a reproduction pad to modify I'll do it for $85 which covers return shipping if you're in the continental USA. Pre-modded pads I only have a handful left and are $125 shipped within the US.
  10. Didn't Al buy the molds for the Jaguar console shells? If another run is ever done, I would be more than happy to design 3D printed brackets to restore the original mounting points that had been altered.
  11. Very classy of you to sign up on Friday, head right to the marketplace to shit in the wrong section, and show your contempt for an established member.
  12. Sometimes a capacitor replacement fixes auto-shutoff, sometimes it doesn't, it's very tough to diagnose. If you can open the unit to look inside and see a lot of obvious corrosion, I would write off the system.
  13. Old school custom job. Belongs in a museum!! The switch is as mentioned earlier, likely toggling between csync and luma or composite video. Monitors of the 80s and 90s could be pickier and only accept TTL level csync, which could damage consumer television sets so you used luma/composite for those. Build your own or buy from Retro Access, they are consistent in following technical specifications with individual console video outputs.
  14. NES and SNES I'm not aware of using anything other than battery backed ram for saving game progress. The Sega Genesis featured some games with types of eeprom saving, but they were a handful compared to the majority that still used battery backup. Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Mega Man Wily Wars, Greatest Heavyweights, NBA Jam that I know of, but there are others.
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