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  1. It will not, the NES Vaus uses data lines D3 and D4 of Player 2 for the USA version of Arkanoid, while the Famicom Vaus (and Japanese Arkanoid I and II) utilizes D1 of Player 1 and Player 2. You would be able to play the USA Arkanoid rom on a Famicom Everdrive with the NES Vaus of course, and this carries over to some other accessories being exclusively compatible with a specific region's software. The NES and Famicom Powergloves use different pinouts too if I recall right, and Famicom games handles four player games differently than NES specific software with the Four Score.
  2. Enables the use of Player 1 and 2 NES controllers or the NES Zapper, other accessories etc. on an original Famicom and AV Fami. I have three available. The 3D printed enclosure keeps the female controller ports aligned precisely as they would be on the original NES system so anything that uses double plugs molded together should seat as they should. $35 USD plus shipping to anywhere in the world.
  3. Not much to work with unfortunately. If you want to send a controller for me to borrow I could probably come up with a facsimile. If anyone else has a stick that they don't mind loaning I could make exact duplicates- barring the textural characteristics inherent with 3D printing of course.
  4. Any idea of the original stick's dimensions? The thread pitch of the metal screw, its length? Etc. I could 3D print reproductions for you but I'd need to know more info to model them.
  5. Promising results on a 3D printed harness for the Neo Geo Mini controller's thumbstick, making it clicky like the original.
  6. An unfortunate reflection of how most people feel, which is to say a complete disregard for others who put in the effort to innovate and create as they don't have the ability or inclination in themselves.
  7. The episode can now be viewed on the show's website: https://metv.com/collectorscall/videos/episode-12-meet-sean
  8. Peter Laird bought out Kevin Eastman's half of the TMNT franchise, and eventually sold it to Viacom. Nickelodeon essentially owns the Ninja Turtles in totality under that brand.
  9. If anything, this thread has been worth it both for the polite dismissal of an obvious question and the wisdom of discretion regarding spouses.
  10. Yes, that's me on Twitter. I just finished replacing the capacitors along with Unibios install, and having swapped the 100uf caps + 68 ohm resistors on the video output lines with 470uf and 75ohm, it fixed a screen rolling issue where bright flashes and solid whites on screen would cause one of my CRTs to lose sync temporarily. These new values bring the video output to proper spec, not sure why SNK went with the values they did. Before: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irkDzP1QrF8 After: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C05Jbd_oOss This system isn't mine, but I was considering getting a two slot MVS to consolize, the arcade carts are a little more reasonably priced these days.
  11. Putting your stuff out in the sun is not a winning combination in the long term- danwinslow has hit the nail on the head. It makes the plastic brittle.
  12. Putting this here for posterity's sake. Was handed a very early non-functional Neo Geo AES (with the add-on board to tweak master clock) that was putting out a loud hum for audio and only displaying solid black video. The CXA encoder audio output (pin 9) had bridged onto c-sync input (pin 10), which apparently bled back to c-sync output of the LSPC-A0 chip (pin 126). C-sync was weak, 0.4 volts, and measuring 5 ohms to ground, near continuity. C-sync output should actually be 0.8 volts and measure 5 m-ohms from pin 126 to any of the ground pins of the LSPC-A0. The CXA chip was easily replaced, the LSPC not so much. Luckily managed to source a junked MV1 arcade board that had suffered battery leakage but had the exact same LSPC-A0 chip, so I performed a transplant with a 32mm x 32mm hot air focus hood and a couple hours of fine pitch soldering. The AES system now works splendily and I am in the process of recapping it and installing a socketed Unibios. Later models of the Neo Geo use a revised version marked LSPC2-A2 which appears to be more common and is not compatible with the older version.
  13. Those details are way too small for my vinyl cutter to handle, unfortunately. The Jaguar logo itself is at the very limits of what can be done at that scale and level of detail, and even then it took a fair bit of test cuts and alterations to the lines before I came up with something viable. I have some gold vinyl if you want one, just hit me up by PM. I can do any color technically.
  14. One more bump as I just prepped another batch of these today.
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