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  1. They occasionally restock. Just keep checking and it will be available again at some point.
  2. Sorry for the double post, but I've sent out PMs to everyone who expressed an interest in getting some of these. The pieces for black-keypad controllers will be $9 as they take nearly twice as long to 3D print, but the pieces for the 6-button and 3-button gray-keypad controllers are still just $8. I still don't have red color d-pads available yet but I found another supplier and hopefully can offer them soon. For now it's just black d-pads, black thumbsticks and red thumbsticks, for either controller. I'm looking forward to getting user feedback.
  3. I have come up with these, I believe I've figured out a viable solution for the black keypad controllers.
  4. If you revise the board, consider adding holes to serve as anchor points for a potential enclosure. I'd happily design a 3D printable case for you.
  5. You're referring to these I assume? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32820799120.html?
  6. https://www.ebay.com/itm/334016970719?
  7. My supplier messaged me recently and told me that the red crosspads are out of stock. So I have red thumbsticks, black thumbsticks and black crosspads coming in hopefully in a week's time.
  8. I'm waiting on a shipment to come in before I can offer this, which is intended to be an economical solution: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/320157-revising-the-jaguar-controller-d-pad/ It's meant to supersede the mechanical thumbstick described earlier in this thread, but if you still want a pair I can make you some. Send me a private message.
  9. Those boards are still salvageable, just solder in a corded 9-pin connector- you'd want that extended away from the PCB anyway, as they're much easier to plug into the system.
  10. I recommend adding vents along the front (or sides) at the bottom and more venting along the back from left to right. This would create a convection cooling effect to better regulate the 7805 temperature. BTW I could make a metallic silver strip with vinyl if you're ever interested, just give me the dimensions you'd need it in.
  11. Sure, if you're feeling up to shipping it to the US. I'd do it for $80 + return postage.
  12. I'll send you a PM. I don't think there'd be room to add a rotary knob unless you put it somewhere on the rear of the controller or somewhere along the lower half/to the right.
  13. Open up the controller, lift away the rubber membrane that goes under the d-pad, place a square piece of tape over the conductive spots for the 'up' direction. Temporary and easily reversed.
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