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  1. Sometimes a capacitor replacement fixes auto-shutoff, sometimes it doesn't, it's very tough to diagnose. If you can open the unit to look inside and see a lot of obvious corrosion, I would write off the system.
  2. Old school custom job. Belongs in a museum!! The switch is as mentioned earlier, likely toggling between csync and luma or composite video. Monitors of the 80s and 90s could be pickier and only accept TTL level csync, which could damage consumer television sets so you used luma/composite for those. Build your own or buy from Retro Access, they are consistent in following technical specifications with individual console video outputs.
  3. NES and SNES I'm not aware of using anything other than battery backed ram for saving game progress. The Sega Genesis featured some games with types of eeprom saving, but they were a handful compared to the majority that still used battery backup. Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Mega Man Wily Wars, Greatest Heavyweights, NBA Jam that I know of, but there are others.
  4. Went back to this with a new design for a 3D printed piece, replaces the entire cycloid housing, printed vertically oriented to give it a smooth texture. If anyone wants one send me a PM.
  5. If anyone's interested in this 7800 bundle I can 3D print a replacement cart slot out of ABS and acetone vapor smooth it into a strong and sturdy piece for them. It's what I've done with my own system to make insertion/removal of games easier, and the plastic of the original cart surround was cracking anyway.
  6. The 1702 has a higher line count than most consumer grade CRTs. With chroma/luma input available in the back, in my opinion you're already getting comparable performance to a PVM. There is no need to RGB mod that set. For the effort in that case, not worth it. I've RGB modded several of my televisions but I'd love to get a second 1702, they are durable workhorses.
  7. Bump, more thumbstick modded Jaguar pads available, price reduced because I was able to source them for less.
  8. I'd thought of doing this for a Neo Geo with bad sync output but was able to source a donor board to rob the replacement chip from it, so never bothered to try. With no explicit data sheet available that outlines what is going on in the chip die (because custom Nintendo package) there'd be a lot of guess work and trial and error.
  9. Looks like it. Check any components that run between U3 and the RF-Out and Multi-Out. If it's the PPU2 itself you're kind of out of luck and will have to source a donor board to rob the chip from, fairly involved surface mount desoldering/soldering. Would probably be easier and cheaper to source another working SNES at this point in time.
  10. This model of SNES is notorious for failing video sync, possibly related to the BA6592F chip or other components in the video amp circuit or somewhere along the way through to the multi-out connector. An RGB cable probably will not fix the issue. Test the RF-Out connection.
  11. PCB shots of Guncon 1 and 2 in this thread, (scroll down a bit in the first post): https://shmups.system11.org/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=62723
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