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  1. Here is a shot from above with a flash in dim lighting: I certainly haven't claimed it's a factory finish, it's not a mirror, but that can be achieved if you want to put the time in with a cloth and paste. If the strip can be detached from the shell without bending it (difficult as thin as it is), a pass with a large enough buffing wheel would get there easy without having to worry about wearing into the plastic. In my mind, personally, a significant improvement over what I got and it looks better in person. Would I have done it to a panel in better condition? Certainly not! But if I wasn't happy with the results I woudn't be posting them here. I'm leaning more and more towards taking out the color strip since it's missing paint here and there anyway, just have to find the right rainbow spectrum pattern. Or I may just have it printed myself.
  2. Al gave me nine of them with my last order.
  3. Best advice I can give to anyone looking to try is don't press down hard while you travel in one straight direction, be gentle, let the steel wool do its thing and eventually you get there. Practice on another piece of aluminum you don't care about. I did rub a small amount of Corrosion-X into the metal with a microfiber cloth after I took those pics and it blended even better with the remaining metal along the colorstrip that wasn't polished, but be careful you don't get that stuff on the plastic. I'm of the mind to just get a self adhesive vinyl rainbow strip and buff out the original color line, but I haven't found anything yet that would be close enough to the look.
  4. It came in on Friday finally and I've been playing through Galaga and Centipede, I polished the metal strip over the weekend: And I made these tonight:
  5. Scotch-Brite green scour pad to give the surface a soft haze and break down the scratches, then finished with grade 0000 steel wool, the finest steel wool you can get. I masked the plastic and either half of the metal strip with 3M masking tape to preserve the color strip. You only buff in one direction and replace the steel wool often. For crevices around the lettering I used a small brass bristle brush then buffed with torn tufts of steel wool.
  6. Started with: Finished with:
  7. I did and it should be coming in tomorrow, hopefully.
  8. They are, just not fully gold plated, only on the points of contact.
  9. Bump, I have two left. I made a demo video in case anyone is sitting on the fence. If anyone wants to simply send in a Pro controller they already own, I will modify it for $100 and that includes return shipping provided you are located in the contiguous USA.
  10. So is the packaging a bit of a limited supply thing and you'll continue to manufacture/sell loose carts or is that going to be it total? Either way I'm real pleased with my purchase so far of what I could try the game, I had to source another 7800 which I'm waiting on.
  11. The Blinking Light Win is a great solution, but they add a bit of a 'death grip' to the cartridges. Technically nothing more than any other card edge connector would, but the recessed depth of the cart plus a wide spread of 72 contacts makes it a little harder to remove the games. I would just grasp the sides of the cart near the top and gently wiggle from side to side slightly while pulling back, that usually did the trick. Regarding the OEM connectors, you shouldn't have to bend any pins, it was designed to be zero-insertion force contact. Just clean them really well. I never boiled but I have seen it recommended many times.
  12. Pins 2 and 10 are not used for most Neo Geo controllers so it's not unusual that they were not populated. My own official CD Controller does not have those pins. I don't think anything is wrong with your cable. What you need to do is look at cleaning the up and down switches again. Try disassembling the mini joystick housing completely and desoldering the switches from the board. Then dip the switches in a shallow bath of isopropyl alcohol while clicking/pressing the switches numerous times, alternating holding the switch upsidedown and rightside up while it's submerged in the alcohol. This should flush out remaining nylon dust that's preventing contact. Dry thoroughly and reinstall.
  13. It's not mass produced, these are being assembled by hand by probably just one or two guys, and the 3D printed components speaks of how independent an outfit it is. Which is crazy to me, that we've hit a point that entrepreneurial types in China are offering bespoke production labor at such a small scale. Is it a sign of the economy over there that the easy money has dried up and they're leaving no stone unturned at this point?
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