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  1. Just finished Persona 4 Golden for the Vita (PS TV actually). I played it with the Sharpscale plugin and 720P texture pack (games is too slow with the 1080P pack). Not really sure what to play next. I feel like I could use a string of shorter games, but with being tired and overworked, my patience will be thin with things like platformers and arcade type games.
  2. Every get yourself through a  long rpg and find yourself at a loss of what to play?

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    2. GoldLeader


      Wait a minute!  I just read it was also on Midway Arcade Treasures 3 for PS2.  (I never realized..I even have that game).  Wikipedia says it's the Dreamcast version!  But alas!  No Japanese release.  Do you have a North American PS2?   Just a thought...Anyway I found a video of the PS 2 Stunt Mode and it looks about like Dreamcast's!  Yay!  I still recommend this game to you both!  Cheers!



    3. Steven Pendleton

      Steven Pendleton

      Not with me (it's in the USA), but I do have a US PS3 that I could use. I need to thermal paste it. It runs very loudly and I'm very hesitant to use it.

    4. cybercylon


      My BC PS3 needs some work as well. It runs okay, but mine is loud too. I've just left it alone until I get around to it. I should do that soon because really to get rid of that empty feeling, I should replay Persona 3.

  3. Well, I guess one thing this new product will do is fire up more interest in a console that is under rated, and that is not a bad thing. Perhaps we can get a subform 🙂 ? Maybe not so good news for us trying to actually buy some games. I am sure regular games will shoot up in price even more now.
  4. I feel the same way. Will a turbo everdrive fit? Can it read CD-Rs as I am sure there are people that will want to keep their original disc safe on the shelf? (okay... yes, I know why many want it to read CDRs, but last point is still valid). If they are going to do a limited release with a wave1 only, I'll be fine with what I have (which I have less time for anyway).
  5. That multi-card would be a nice idea. If some game that is hard to find and expensive is licensed to be included with Analogue's Duo, that might change some minds. I certainly hope they do other than to rely only on "limited release".
  6. I think I will taking a pass on Analogue's Duo and just stick with original hardware. I would have liked them to have included the expansion port similar to what was done for the Mega SG, but they included a working CD drive this time, I can see why it was left out. I'd like to get a Coregrafx at some point, get it into good shape and go with that. At one point, I wanted a SuperGrafx, but those prices have been pushed to insanity, and I can live without the five games.
  7. If one managed to get a Pocket, I can see how the adapter is exciting news to fans. I am more interested in the wireless controller.
  8. As x=user(1536) said, a Pi 4 is one option. In the locked thread, there were some links to some mini pcs for around the same money as the atacobox or less that will probably fit the bill.
  9. If you have an Xbox One, passing the signal through that might help as I am sure the Framemeister will probably introduce some lag (though I can't seem to find any solid numbers when it is just passing though a digital signal).
  10. Just to toss this out there, My Life in Gaming released a video about GB screen mods if you want to get into that thing.
  11. I have the same issue with space. That Golden Axe one is tempting, but I have no place it put it.
  12. You might want to think about some sort of liquid cooling solution for that PS3.
  13. I just watched it... good intro on how to use it. Step #1... updating the firmware assuming I can find a suitable micro SD card. There has got to be one hidden in the carpet somewhere....
  14. I was trying not too spend money but caved in. Went the Best Buy route as I had store credit that covered a good chunk of it.
  15. I haven't really tried to have the OSSC pass through a Framemeister to let it (the FM) do the processing. I've only passed the signal through to get the upper line doubling modes to work with my Elgato HD 60. I have meant to post more here... but time hasn't been on my side.
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