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  1. I guess if everyone who has posted to this thread eats a taco everyday and posts a picture, we will get there (maybe we need a "Post every time you eat a taco" thread too).
  2. No Disney + support for grandma. Hard pass.
  3. I have no interest in the Amico, and as for the new PS and Xbox, probably not next year. That is partially due to my to play pile, but it always seems to take a few revisions for these consoles to not be in the beta stage (were their fewer issues with launch PS4/Xbox One systems as opposed to the mess we had with the launch PS3 and 360?). And more than likely, I will probably just settle for one of these... probably the PS 5 since that is more likely to get things like Persona games and games I have been following on the PS3/PS4.
  4. It could be another announcement of an announcement, but maybe they will tell backers that there alpha test units of breadboard, diodes, relays, resistors, capacitors, random IC chips, and one spiffy LED light that glows will ship. Something like this: (That kit takes me way back....).
  5. "Soon" is always relative. My attitude about "soon" with these projects is the same as when my parents said "soon" when I was young. Don't hold your breath. This is a slower burning dumpster fire, and we don't have a food joke to go along with it. I haven't payed much attention to their social media accounts, but I suspect they don't have the same kind of pigeons that Atacobox has. While I didn't know better at the time, I saw a video with Bob from retro rgb in some sort of Q&A panel with someone else about Mister, and it is easy enough to follow to know why the original concept put forth by the Polymega team was impossible. Sorry.. I don't have a link.
  6. How long does trade marking a name last? They can always renew it. Analogue seems to have a long development cycle, so when will something be out about the Analogue 8? Who knows. I am more interested in what that might be. I didn't get much into handhelds until the PSP, 3DS, etc so the newest offering does not do much for me, but I am glad people have an option for what should be a high quality product.
  7. My sources say next July 32nd during the joint solar and lunar eclipse when tacos walk the earth, dogs and cats are living together, etc.
  8. Would you pay this much for this item? Things that make you go hmmmm... https://castlemaniagames.com/collections/frontpage/products/chrono-trigger-translated-sfc-game

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    2. cybercylon


      A loose NA version of Chrono Trigger will set you back between $80-$110 give or take (and this is a case of demand... it isn't that rare). I've seen the SFC version go for about $12-$15. The process for getting a translation on there is documented. Does take some skills.

    3. cybercylon


      But not $100 worth.

    4. GoldLeader


      I'm in the wrong line of work 😂

  9. For less than the Atacobox, you could get parts for a Mister setup with money to spare and actually learn something in the process.
  10. So what happens if I say your name three times in a mirror. An all expenses paid trip to a video games live concert? 🙂
  11. My son is into these, and he verified that you got a real steal with these (I know squat about magic the gathering).
  12. I have been wondering if the Switch version is worth the price of admission since the PS4 version can be had for much less. On the other hand... to heck with it. I don't have time for either version....maybe I could carve some out if I spent less time reading about tacos.... 🙂
  13. This Tommy for those who have seen the light and now realize that $300 worth of tacos would have been the better deal.
  14. I am not sure how many games use that memory pack versus saving on the cart itself.
  15. I am curious as to how one finds these things in the first place.
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