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  1. I have a feeling it will be a fair bit longer than two weeks before things fully open again.
  2. I thought I read somewhere that it could play some homebrew from the CD part. Not sure if it was something I misread, but even if that were true, it is probably just anything a SNES/Super Famicom can play from a cart or flash cart.
  3. The others were supposedly destroyed, but it would not surprise me if one or two shows up in a few years (aside from the few Sony may have). Still, watching this will be very interesting.
  4. Generally I agree with this. I sold off Super NES classic because it was mostly redundant. With the exception of a couple of the really expensive games, I have the carts and them some, a retrode 2, and a SD2SNES Pro. I've kept my SNES though. While I can get a great picture with RGB, the HDMI output of the Super NT beats it (mind you... I only have flat panels. The wife would have issues if I ever bought a CRT into our small house). The original SNES may come back in rotation if the SD2SNES ever have save states implemented in the final firmware. That feature won't likely work with the SuperNT. (based on technobabble that is over my head... when someone like Ketrvis or ikari says it is so... then it is...)
  5. How about this cookbook? There are kids books too. This one has tacos and dragons, and there is a sequel. If I could have tacos and a dragon, I could care or less about about video games. Again, tacos are real, and one cannot rule out there may be a dragon somewhere.
  6. Raspberry Pi 3B or 4 if one is using it as teaching tool for younger teenagers? 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. deepthaw


      I will dissuade and say the 4. The extra "oomph" can make it comfortably faster in Raspbian, which is likely where you'll be spending a fair amount of time.

    3. Flojomojo


      They cost about the same, but the older ones are easier to find. 

    4. cybercylon


      The conclusion I came to was the 3B+ has more stuff while I guess the 4 is more future proof. What I have in mind doesn't need a jet engine. Wonder if I can get 3d cases printed on campus, slap a fugi logo on.... no, I would never do that.

  7. Anything could be counted in weeks. A decade, century, etc. They never said how many weeks. The number of weeks coming up is infinite. Any one particular week it could be released divided by the number of possible weeks is pretty much zero, so the atacobox is a figment of our imagination (just like the population of the universe).
  8. Retro-Bit has stepped up their game on the controllers. The Tribute 64 controller isn't half bad, thought I prefer the Retro Fighters controller for the N64.
  9. I don't normally do two updates on a day either, but just found a channel on Pluto TV that streams classic Dr. Who.

    1. BydoEmpire


      They also have an Addams Family channel!

    2. GoldLeader


      Pretty sure it was on there that I found Red Dwarf streaming, but the quality was so bad I felt like I was watching it on a Sega CD.   (I have 2 Series on DVD and have watched episodes in the past on DISH, so I was pretty aware of the difference...It felt like a grainy VHS dub)...Still fun though ;)

    3. xucaen


      ain't it awesome? B-)


  10. RIP PlayStation Vue.

    1. Flojomojo


      That was the TV service? 

    2. cybercylon


      Yes. That was their streaming service that had a decent blend with a lot of live sports (many at 1080p60... 60 fps is more important than this 4K nonsense).

  11. I guess I would have to ask in what way? While you get some new people interested in the actual VCS, I think many that still game on it now probably played it back in the day, so I don't know if Atari SA's shit show is going to affect opinion or gaming habits of those that play on original hardware. Home brew games will still probably be created and purchased for the foreseeable future. People who take the trouble to seek out the original system have probably done some research know the difference between the original VCS and the Ataribox, Atacobox or whatever you want to call it. There is the hazard that Atari SA's dumpster fire could obscure history, but will their dumpster fire outlive those of us who know better? I don't think so. (Surely, backers won't still be waiting until 2040, 2050.... oh wait...).
  12. If said scolded person was named Mr. Lee, then you need to worry. (Not sure how long you have been on these boards, but just search for Coleco Chameleon, grab a bowl of popcorn and read another cluster duck..)
  13. There is a good chunk of the population, especially younger ones that don't much about Atari in the first place, so who is the target audience for these hotels? The plan is to have 8 of them? I don't get it.
  14. There's a Taco Bell Hotel. Man... imagine being someone that has to clean the crappers...
  15. I am beginning to think completing everything on Birth by Sleep (PS4) isn't worth it. I started on normal, and trying to unlock everything is brutal.

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