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  1. When I used to go there more often, I have run into times where they are more than willing to give you that faux new one but may still have sealed ones in the drawer. I always asked. If they didn't, I said no thanks unless less it was a niche game I simply forgot about it. Nothing seems niche in store anymore though. "Niche" winds up online.
  2. Not worth it to me. You will need to find a decent power supply, preferably OEM, $10 to fix that power jack, and then your time. That puts you in a range suggested by others. That said, I don't know how easy it is to get things in South America or what the standards are where you live. You will want a console that matches the standard your TV uses (assumption here is that you plan to use a CRT).
  3. It is going to be too little too late. I am sure Target, Amazon, etc eat just as much of their profits as the digital downloads. They could have done some things over the last several years to stick around longer. Messing with the cell phone stuff was a disaster. Plus, they had (and still have) way too many stores. I have four I can easily get to (two are about 1.5 to 2 miles apart). They should have gotten rid of about half of their stores, maybe more several years ago. They could have differentiated themselves from others by offering exclusives and extras by going the Japan route. They have a lot of neat stuff that we don't get. Now, that would have narrowed them down to a smaller audience, but it might have been doable if they didn't have all of those stores and stayed out of the cell phone and tablet stuff. So now some are going to be redone to offer retro games? Give me a break. Since they went out of their way to destroy cases and manuals, what are they going to sell? Disc only? They already do that online, and I can't imagine that stuff sells too well. Then as that podcast says... you have to train the staff. On a wide scale, that won't work. Maybe if they went with 12-24 regional stores and took some inspiration from Super Potato in Japan to make it really nice and differentiate them, that might work. Don't see that happening.
  4. I agree with the Mario Kart 64 being a great game, but it is generally expensive given that it had a very high print run. I did not like the N64 when it came out. The controllers were a big issue for me. I know some people love them, but I don't. My interest recently got piqued again thanks to a lot that someone was selling at work, and the retro fighters controllers (https://retrofighters.com). If you like some of the games you have in your collection and plan on keeping this system, the cheaper version of the N64 everdrive can let you try before you buy. As I mentioned in the SNES thread, be patient with game prices. Local prices almost always mean overpaying, sometimes by a significant amount. To some extent, this is being driving by people going back to the system if the N64 was the one that they grew up with. Hopefully the bubble will burst in a few years (this has happened to the NES to some extent).
  5. I think the $50-$60 price range is about right for one that is good condition and comes with OEM accessories (power brick, av cable, controller). As an earlier poster mentioned, you will pay more going local, but you can see it and have someone to yell at if it doesn't work when you get it home. While I don't think this was brought up much, what kind of games are you interested in? The major 1st party titles can be expensive due to demand (even they had a high print run). Something like SuperMario Kart can fetch stupid prices. On the game front, be patient and what for a good deal. The days of Super Mario World being $5-$10 are probably long gone, but don't pay $30 for it.
  6. No, it is not worth that kind of money for many. There can be periods where the UltraHDMI is not available, and then you have to find someone to install it. Yet, from what I have seen, it looks like it is well worth the wait, and the price point for the EON Super 64 isn't very competitive. If one already has a retrotink or a framemeister, OEM s-video cables might be an option. That is the third of the price of the EON, and based on the video, it is hard to tell much of a difference (between the EON and the Retrotink). Maybe $99.00 is a better price, but $150.... no.
  7. I'd like to see a release for the new controllers as well, but I understand if that those have to be delayed as well. Looking forward to any new SGM games plus any re-released ones that I may have missed out in.
  8. Well, that number could explode once the obvious dumpster fire is visible to all except the most stubborn of pigeons, but the comments won't be the kind that Atari SA will want. Possible they (ATARI SA) don't give two hoots about what people will think.
  9. You are on a roll today Flojo... What are the chances that this Atari SA group even knows there was a store back in the 1980's called the Apollo that sold Atari games in Ireland? Well, if someone believes that, I have a working prototype and a bridge somewhere to sell them....
  10. Might be a perfect time to step up your game with tacos. Maybe someone posted these before, but here are suggestions state by state: https://www.thrillist.com/eat/nation/best-tacos-in-america Hey, I can get duck or octopus based tacos. Now that is classy! Might be too classy for me though. Signs of a good taco place: https://www.thrillist.com/eat/nation/authentic-taco-joint-good-tacos-signs
  11. Ridiculous isn't it? "Congratulations pigeons, I mean suckers, I mean sheep, We really mean Backers! Thanks for your loyalty and patience. For your efforts, at the end of December, you will receive an exclusive pre-alpha development kit to make our product even better. In addition to the console shell, you will receive a breadboard with most of the components. Please handle this kit carefully as some connections have to be held together by duct tape. After some additional investment and time on your part, you will have everything you need to help in further development. Simple as that!" Notice: Availability of the development kit is subject to change at any time. December 31st is not a guaranteed ship date. During your development efforts, product specifications may change at any time without notice. Taco making kits and ingredients are not included.
  12. It is good to have options. Since the revision B board if the SSD3 fixed most of the bad issues, I'm relatively happy with it. From what I read on their forums, I guess some fixes are coming for disc access speed in the next firmware update. That said, I really would like to have a functional return to game menu option that it looks like the UGX-02 has.
  13. You might want to consider getting a Switch for her, and while the console was a flop of sorts, Wii U systems and most of the games are not expensive (plus you can play any Wii game). I am not as familiar with family friendly games for the PS3.... my son was much older when we got one into the house. I would defer to others for PS3.
  14. The links that I gave for SAG directs you to two GUI programs that I have used successfully. One is for 32 gig and other and the other is for >32 gig (though I have used the latter for all sizes). Sorry for the confusion about mentioning exFAT. I just couldn't remember at the time. As for FPGA flash carts, I am looking forward to the N8 pro and see what it has. I've seen mention of 8 slots for save states, and if those work reliably, that will be a plus.
  15. As I was reading this, that was my line of thinking. I think there is something to be said for there being a tipping point when systems started including a HD (at least as an option), USB ports, more and more off the shelf PC parts, etc. Okay, the GC is a bit of an odd ball, but at least it was built around and AMD/PPC architecture. The PS2 has weird chips, but it can take a HD and has USB ports. The original Xbox was mostly built from off the shelf PC parts, and if I am recalling things correctly, the controller port are just custom USB ports. I could easily go with the four categories that KaeruYojimbo spelled out in an earlier post, and some further break down by HoshiChiri as merit too. The Dreamcast is a bit hard to pin down. It was the first console that I could remember were 3D starting looking decent, and it was the first with built in online capabilities (while rare, there was a broadband adapter for it that could be used in place of the modem). "Tipping point" is a grey area though, and there are reasons that several alternatives could be justified. In ten years, a tipping point might be the end of physical media, though I think up and coming efforts to stream games on a more regular basis is going to be pretty rough around the edges, and we might see physical media for big games for awhile.
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