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  1. I use a Genesis 1 power supply. They have the same specs if I am not mistaken.
  2. There is enough in that review to give me pause though. I am sure firmware updates will fix some of the main issues including the sluggish SuperGrafx support, but I have the third revision of the old product, so I may hold off even though SAG is starting pre-orders at the end of the month. One of my kids may eventually get a system with the old version, but there isn't a rush for that.
  3. The general advice was to loosen the screws before attaching it to a TG16. I am pretty sure Stoneagegamer advised that, though they no longer have the original one on their product page, so I can't prove it one way or another. Anyway, maybe I should have been clear that it was some speculation on my part and the reason why I thought it wasn't officially supported... perhaps some difference in the plastic molding between the TG16 and the PC engine. Perhaps there were more initial reports of bent pins in the TG16. When TO's forums existed, there was quite the heated exchange from an individual if I recall.
  4. Like its predecessor, I don't think the Super HD System3 is officially supported for the TG16. With the original, I had to remove the board from the plastic and place it on the back of my TG16 and then put the shell back on around the board to avoid bending any pins. I had to leave the screws a little loose. I think the expansion area is a different size between the TG16 vs the PC engine variants, though I don't have a PC engine to measure both to make a comparison.
  5. OpenGL was a big thing in the early years of OS X so I making a wild guess that porting from DirectX may have been too much of a pain to bother with for a niche crowd. Also... the whole PowerPC thing. I am also not sure if Steve Jobs saw it as important back then. Still, there was some good stuff for the classic OS. There was one indie developer who made several arcade style games (mostly shooters), but for the life of me... I can't remember his name or the names of any of the games.
  6. I had one back in the day. It had dual G4 processors. I do remember replacing the video card at some point that gave it a nice boost of the time and allowed some of the fancier features of OS X to work. I don't remember what card I replaced the rage 128 with, and I don't recall what happened to mine (e.g., died and recycled it versus donating).
  7. Console 5 sells adapters (not sure about cable extensions). Looks like their stock is out though. They will probably get more at some point.
  8. That is the way our Goodwill stores in the area have been the last several years. There isn't a single DVD. At one point, both of the stores close to me had a sign up directing you to the auction site for anything computer or game related. This seems to be a regional thing. People seem to be able to find things in other parts of the country.
  9. That's fine. I was double checking that there wasn't going to be some weird conflict. Thanks for replying.
  10. Will it be compatible with RGB and VGA modded systems?
  11. If you ever get the Switch version as well, maybe think about keeping it sealed? I am not sure what has been going on with some Switch titles, especially some of the third party games, but I've seen some elevated prices. I looked up a couple of things I have (e.g., Code of Princess EX and even something common like Xenoblade Chronicles 2) and really?
  12. This will likely end my search for a SuperGrafx that isn't way overpriced or had the crap beat out of it (usually both).
  13. SAG (Stone Age Gamer) is getting in on the second batch. I put myself on the mailing list to be notified once they start taking pre orders. On paper, that is about $47 more, but how much more is it really considering SAG is about 45-50 minutes away from my house compared to an import. If I want to, I can trade the old one in.
  14. So now there is going to be an updated Super System SD 3 with HDMI out as well as revamped analog out as well if you still want to use an up scaler or a CRT. Physical reset button as well as a more reliable software one. Also, one can play SuperGrafx games even on a regular PC engine. At launch, there is going to be an NES core too, and more will likely get ported I assume. I am of course going to wait as usual while any kinks get worked out, but if this works as advertised, I plan on getting one once the part shortage is alleviated and a US distributor like SAG get them in. Controller options are kind of limited for any cores that get ported though.
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