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  1. I hear ya, but I had the game when it first released. Sold it, and regret followed. I enjoyed how bizarre the game was. Did not enjoy the difficulty. I remember it coming in some vhs like case. The oddest release I ever owned.
  2. Thats too bad. I would love to buy it. Tried contacting them about future availability, and got no reply.
  3. Now that I finally have a Gamedrive being shipped to me, I'm working on the sd card. Has anyone got Mad Bodies working on it?
  4. Ive been watching this thread for what seems like an eternity. Now my biggest fear is preorders will open and close before I get one in. How long do you think the window for that will be, when you are ready to go forward?
  5. I found a Nuon Samsung player in a thrift store today for a fiver. Was excited until I came to realize that Tempest 3000 doesnt seem to be available ANYWHERE. Hope I can find one. Would be interested in buying one of these controllers if I can.
  6. Yes, please explain. Anyone. Thought there was no preorder yet?
  7. Holy Shnikes! I thought I was excited for the skunk board. This is on another level. Hope you get cd games working. Just the thought of playing those without the drive is mind blowing.
  8. I go back to Wolfenstein, Raiden, and Tempest 2000 more than any of them. Doom is good on the console, but I prefer it on ps1 or 360 because of visuals and actual music in the game. AVP is still a decent game to go back to, but not worth the price it commands now.
  9. Maybe it's been mentioned, but do you expect any limitations on size/type for the sd card? Will it be micro sd?
  10. wow! just received mine yesterday and words can not describe how impressed i am with EVERYTHING. a quality job, for sure. mine is numbered #30. would that be #30 of 30?
  11. well, i inquired B&C yesterday if they had any and they stated they thought they had 1 left. i sent payment immediately and today received an e-mail confirming. not sure what is up? as far as i know, mine is on the way.
  12. special has several extra lewvels a cart and bvox that says special and a raised overlay the standard one wont have a raised overlay and wont have the extra levels and will have a standard box i didn't receive an e-mail yet. have you just not yet finished all of the special editions yet? i'd love to pay.
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