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  1. normally, I'd agree but the issue is an article is already being filtered through the eyes of the writer. then when you just put a brief summary, you're filtering it again. in this case, through my eyes which is another layer of interpretation. and my interpretation isn't the same interpretation that you would have of the information. and then you worry that you're putting some conjecture out there that may be wrong or misleading. and wrong information stays out there and muddles up everything. Personally, I don't like to push opinions onto others. this way, I'm just laying the info out so people make their own decisions. Moycon was joking that there's no info out there so I grabbed some info for him. no harm. no foul. I don't think I've ever posited the info off as my own writing.
  2. there's way too much false information being disseminated out there. I thought it'd be helpful to actually see the articles.
  3. I put excerpts because a lot of the links have videos and other things I can't copy. so since it's not a reasonable facsimile, I put the disclaimer that it's excerpts. that's why I put the original link.
  4. http://kotaku.com/th...oller-509188976 excerpts: The Tiny, Cool Details of the New Xbox One Controller The Xbox One controller looks a lot like the Xbox 360 controller, but the new pad actually sports some subtle but relevant differences. Let's take a video tour, shall we? The video above shows you the goods and also includes an attempt at a joke by me. Very regrettable, sorry. But...details! For those of you without the time or bandwidth to watch! A clickier d-pad Smaller control sticks with a tighter dead zone Control sticks that take less effort to move (phew!) A new "View" button in place of the back button... could pop up your inventory or map in an RPG or the leaderboards in an FPS A new "Menu" button in place of the forward button... would go to a game's menu. "Triple-shot" face buttons that make them look snazzier and require less force to use (phew again!) Vibration motors ("impulse triggers") in the triggers (This is awesome. Find out more from our friends at Gizmodo.) High-speed data port Less-obtrusive battery compartment running AA batteries.
  5. http://arstechnica.com/gaming/2013/05/live-action-halo-tv-series-coming-to-xbox-one/ excerpts: Live-action Halo “TV series” coming to Xbox One Microsoft and 343 Industries announced plans for a live-action Halo TV series in partnership with Steven Spielberg at the unveiling event for the company’s new console, the Xbox One. The TV series heralds Microsoft’s intent to merge its console as much as possible with live TV, though it also represents the company's intent to to become a source for content as well as vector, as the series will be exclusive to the Xbox One. Bonnie Ross, head of 343 Industries, made an appearance at the event to namecheck the success of the Halo-centric Web series Forward Unto Dawn as an integral step toward making the jump to a full series. Spielberg called the series "an amazing opportunity to be at intersection of mythmaking and technology." Microsoft also emphasized its intent to add to live sports games, showing a fantasy basketball league interface over a live basketball game. Xbox One will also get content integrated with NFL that will be exclusive to the Xbox dashboard experience.
  6. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2013-05-21-alan-wake-developer-announces-xbox-one-game-quantum-break UPDATE 2: Quantum Break appears to blend a live action TV show with a video game, with actions in one affecting the other. Microsoft's Xbox One press release calls it "a revolutionary entertainment experience... that blurs the line between gaming and TV by integrating drama and gameplay into one seamless, uniquely immersive experience. How you play the game impacts the show, and the show informs how you play the game." Defiance, anyone? UPDATE: Remedy creative director Sam Lake has commented on the future of the Alan Wake series following the studio's announcement of new IP Quantum Break. "Remedy's next big game won't be Alan Wake 2," Lake wrote on Twitter. "We'll return to Wake when the time is right. More on this tomorrow."
  7. http://www.joystiq.c...affic-scribe-s/ excerpts: Call of Duty: Ghosts written by 'Syriana' and 'Traffic' scribe Stephen Gaghan The latest Call of Duty, dubbed Ghosts, has drafted Syriana and Traffic writer Stephen Gaghan to provide its fiction. Games don't get more Hollywood than Call of Duty, and Activision has shown little hesitance in acquiring composers and writers from the silver screen to aid in its ever bigger and brasher efforts. Gaghan's work on Traffic, a dour crime drama, and political thriller Syriana made him a standout candidate for Ghosts. The game follows the remainder of the US military in a world scarred by a weapon of mass destruction. According to developer Infinity Ward, Gaghan didn't swoop in and drop off a script – he requested an office, and worked from one amidst the game's single-player team all throughout the game's production. That's a sterling gesture, but I asked Call of Duty: Ghosts executive producer Mark Rubin to explain why Gaghan was deemed suitable to write for players, not viewers. "Basically, we looked at his work – he's a great writer, no doubt about it and that's fine, there are probably lots of great writers out there," Rubin said. "So what we did is we actually got the chance to talk to him a long time before we decided to go forward with it. And we realized he was getting it. We've had writers before, and they know how to write, but they don't understand the game aspect of it. "And I feel like with Gaghan, he really understood what we were trying to do. He asked more questions than try to sell himself, and that was, I think, a really big selling point. He was asking how things work and how we do things, and was really interested in how we craft the story, not from a writing standpoint but from the visuals and gameplay. He was really asking more questions. Although he was a gamer – he knew it from that side – he didn't know it from the dev side. He really was asking a lot of questions about the dev side, he really wanted to know more. I think that interest in what we were doing is really what drove us to him."
  8. they announced 3 weeks ago that the presentation would be split into 2 parts. hardware/ecosystem in the reveal and the games at e3.
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