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  1. relax... the ps5 is still a beast machine. a sony engineer admitted that the ps5 is not the full rdna2 architecture. amd doesn't list the ps5 as a full rdna2 machine. some features amd wasn't even done with yet by the time the sony dev kits got released. microsoft was still using their old scorpio dev kits until summer 2020 because AMD wasn't done yet with rdna2. and microsoft migrated their dev platform from xda to gda which further hampered their platform. in any case, this is about the atari. if it still bothers you, you can post in a playstation thread.
  2. the problem with the Atari is the low-end Ryzen processor. It's a Zen1 processor. I've owned the Ryzen 1800X which was a $500 processor that was the flagship of the Zen1 processors (8 core, 16 thread). the Atari has a dual core (4 thread) processor with a 128-bit memory interface. And it's not clocked particularly high. I loved my Ryzen 7 1800X and it's still a great computer (though my main one is now a Ryzen 9 3900X Zen2 processor with 12 cores and 24 threads). But the biggest problem holding back the first gen Ryzen processors was the memory controllers. Ryzen has always been extremely dependent on how fast your memory and your memory controller are and on the first-gen Zen1 processors, the memory controller was not good and there was no way you could improve it. Ryzen is very sensitive to memory clock speeds. You can't just buy the fastest memory and stick it in. You have to check compatibility. It's also has a Vega 3 GPU which isn't that good even when that was a new GPU. What would be amazing was if you could convert the Xbox Series S to a PC. Microsoft is losing so much money on that device. It has amazing specs that no PC at $299 can even come close, even using old parts. You're getting an 8-core, 16-thread Zen2 CPU with a full RDNA2 GPU (even PS5 only has an RDNA1 GPU with some RDNA2 features). It comes with 10 GB of GDDR6 RAM (!!) versus the Atari's DDR4 RAM. and it comes with a fast 500GB NVMe M.2 SSD instead of the awful eMMC of the Atari don't buy the Atari because you're thinking you're getting a steal of a deal. get it because of the form factor, the aesthetics, the potential hackability, etc.
  3. maybe I'm different but I never gripped the stick with my fingertips. I put the stick at the bottom of the V between thumb and index finger. and if there was a ball on the stick, the V would be right underneath the ball. Played this way with all the good sticks (and no, the atari stick gave me blisters): Epyx 500XJ joystick, Slik Stik, and WICO Ergostick (looks like the Epyx but works better).
  4. is it true that Tempest 4000 is merely an updated TxK? That seriously drove me away because TxK was a bad Tempest game, drained of the excitement of past Tempest games. and the sticker shock of how expensive Tempest 4000 was...
  5. yes, loving my Series X too. that's my primary and on my LG 55CX in my bedroom. the One X goes in the family room on the Samsung.
  6. Huge Atari fan here. Grew up on 2600, 1200XL, Lynx, Atari ST, and Jaguar. Also have the Flashback 8 Gold Activision console. However... I can't bring myself to buy this console. However, I saw in the instruction manual that there is an Xbox mode. Will this controller work on the Xbox? I have a Series X, a One X, and the One S. I would love to pick up the controller if it can also be used on Xbox.
  7. I love my One X, but the Series X makes gaming a better experience in almost every way. Even One X-enhanced games run better. some games go from 30 fps to 60 fps. there's no more framerate hiccups. games load wicked fast. even some of the textures are sharper even though both consoles are 4k (less dynamic resolution switching on the Series X).
  8. So I was on an emulation binge this weekend. I never owned the Atari 800 but the Atari 1200XL was my first computer. In any case, I saw how huge the PS5 was so I was curious how big the PS5 was compared to the 800: PS5 dimensions: 15.74″ × 8.79″ × 3.97″. Weight: 10.54 pounds Atari 800 dimensions: 16″ × 12.25″ × 4.5″. Weight: 10.5 pounds Pretty amazing, huh?
  9. normally, I'd agree but the issue is an article is already being filtered through the eyes of the writer. then when you just put a brief summary, you're filtering it again. in this case, through my eyes which is another layer of interpretation. and my interpretation isn't the same interpretation that you would have of the information. and then you worry that you're putting some conjecture out there that may be wrong or misleading. and wrong information stays out there and muddles up everything. Personally, I don't like to push opinions onto others. this way, I'm just laying the info out so people make their own decisions. Moycon was joking that there's no info out there so I grabbed some info for him. no harm. no foul. I don't think I've ever posited the info off as my own writing.
  10. there's way too much false information being disseminated out there. I thought it'd be helpful to actually see the articles.
  11. I put excerpts because a lot of the links have videos and other things I can't copy. so since it's not a reasonable facsimile, I put the disclaimer that it's excerpts. that's why I put the original link.
  12. http://kotaku.com/th...oller-509188976 excerpts: The Tiny, Cool Details of the New Xbox One Controller The Xbox One controller looks a lot like the Xbox 360 controller, but the new pad actually sports some subtle but relevant differences. Let's take a video tour, shall we? The video above shows you the goods and also includes an attempt at a joke by me. Very regrettable, sorry. But...details! For those of you without the time or bandwidth to watch! A clickier d-pad Smaller control sticks with a tighter dead zone Control sticks that take less effort to move (phew!) A new "View" button in place of the back button... could pop up your inventory or map in an RPG or the leaderboards in an FPS A new "Menu" button in place of the forward button... would go to a game's menu. "Triple-shot" face buttons that make them look snazzier and require less force to use (phew again!) Vibration motors ("impulse triggers") in the triggers (This is awesome. Find out more from our friends at Gizmodo.) High-speed data port Less-obtrusive battery compartment running AA batteries.
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