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  1. Sea-Level added. The game is now playable - finetuning can begin. manpad116.bas.bin
  2. I will work on an additional level (sea-scenario) next.
  3. Next stage added - stop the air-supply, paratroopers and helicopters. if you want to see the later stages don´t shoot enemys - it will change faster then.
  4. New level added - destroy the enemy bombs and rockets to protect your country. game status: early stage
  5. If this is a day project, i´m looking forward to see you starting a week project. Very good.
  6. Use manpad116.bin - latest Version -> Game Over screen added. Your crosshair changes color from green to red. If you don´t shoot enough enemys, it will change his color from green to blue to yellow to red - Game over. Hitting enemys will change the color back to green, forgiving you some misses again. Defend Kyjiw, stop the attacker and defend your country. Never stop fight and believe in your own strengh! To do: - Animated Game Over-screen - Switch-Reset / Press fire to restart use new version 116 manpad061.bas.bin manpad035.bas.bin manpad076.bas.bin manpad098.bas.bin manpad116.bas.bin
  7. of course Al_Nafuur. Here it is: soundtest.bas
  8. I want to creat a small song, changing a note after a few seconds. In my example the change is much to early. I can loop as long as i want, it does not change. Is there a way to change the note after 1 or 2 seconds. Or is my code not ok? If someone can help me? soundtest.bas.bin
  9. donnerkuh


    new enemy added (rolling mask). repel five attacks to see it. try not to be hit from the mask´s shots. the mask itself can´t hurt you and will leave after 4 shots.
  10. Seems to be a very big project. If you will success, it will be a Homebrew-Milestone!
  11. donnerkuh


    Startscreen added. Watch fallen Merlin in his kitchen, brewing unholy poison. You will have to stop him !
  12. donnerkuh


    2 new enemys added (Gunshooter and Merlin). They come early - try to find a way to kill them. Jump over Merlins Fireballs and repell the bullets of the gunshooter with Joydown. To do´s: Third endboss, start-screen, gameoverscreen, sound, increasing difficulty.
  13. donnerkuh


    Early stage - but i have put a easy restart-option into the game. if you are dead, and all blood has left your body you can press fire to restart. The gameplay will be longer if you manage to defend the attacks. I will insert some kind of levels and final bosses
  14. donnerkuh


    Use swordman115.bin swordman115.bas.bin - Sounds added - enemys added (Arrows from all directions, fallin lamp changed in falling potion, difficulty balanced out) to do: - endboss-fight - score details - title song swordman092.bas.bin You are a swordman, moving into a enemy castle. Try to defend different attacks. If you like the idea, the gameplay will be expanded. Move right Defense options: arrow high: joydown or fire&joyright&joyup arrow middle: joydown or fire&joyright&joyup or looking right & fire arrow down: schwert unten, hüpfen rolling bomb: jump bat : joy0down or fire&joyright&joyup or fire&joyleft&joyup falling potion : jump & try not to be hit Looking forward to get feedback - thx.
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