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  1. It´s my ingame-nick (World of Tanks, World of Warcraft,...). Kuh or cow is part of my surname (Kuhmann) and thunder will fear my enemys
  2. Sorry - i was inaccurate - it´s a donnerkuh-thing. Stella works so fine since i use it (10 years or more) that i never had to check the settings or wondered about something. This was the reason why i thought that my basic-code had a bug. If i use Stella with Left Control key it fires. My bad english did the rest. I will never think again that "real batari basic coders don´t need manuals". As compensation i will try to make a good game... not using the space-key but using Stella, the best Atari-Emulator i´ve ever seen
  3. Thanks for help - it is a Stella-thing. In Z26 Emulator the robot fires in combination with joy0up and joy0left.
  4. I have a problem. My program-code works fine... but one thing doesn´t happen: the shot (joy0fire) works in any combination, instead of joy0left + joy0up and joy0fire. If this combination is true then no shot will be fired. Why? I can´t find the bug. Please help. 😶 Destruction_Machine007_need_help.bas
  5. i like the artwork of the 80´s cassette covers like that on minute 17:01
  6. I will work on this from now on again. I think the gameplay is a little bit boring at the moment. I will add four gods of gambling you will have to catch to win the game. Give me a little bit time.
  7. Looks good - my only problem is that i have no second player 😕
  8. New version (sniper070) released. A lot of Spaghetti-Code has been removed. Is it to easy? Are there some bugs?
  9. Too late for germany (deep night). Is there a chance to see the stream later (recording) ? I really need to see it.
  10. Supply-Boxes on parachutes.
  11. Your score is great - today i tried to get a better score, but i wasn´t successful. Please try sniper046. If you are happy i will be near at Version 1.0
  12. Update released - one more enemy, longer gameplay. In the next step i will insert hard-to-hit-paratroopers. And a loop - to get endless waves of enemys. A PAL Color Version will come, Al_Nafuur
  13. Oh, the reason is i have to add much more enemys, the "story board" has to be written 10 times longer. After that i will make a loop, maybe with faster enemys. I will do that this weekend. After that i will ask you to test the difficulty. Good score - try to hit the tank more
  14. Switchreset should now work. And now you really get a lower heart-rate if you hit the tank often enough (little bug removed).
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