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  1. Ugh - fixed. The last 20 Cents are now yours.
  2. topautomat054release.bas.binI used my holiday to create a game. It is a slot machine, as you can find in germany. you have to get equal numbers to make "money". If you have to stay home because of Corona and like slot machines, try this. ++ Use 054release for testing - Some Sounds added, Startscreen added, some effects added ++ Start the first round with Joystick up. The first round is free. The next rounds will cost 20 score, if the score is < 20 the game is over. The left, middle and right roller will start. The left roll will stop first. A "S" appears. As long as you see the "S" you can restart the roll with the Firebutton. If you have restarted the roll, the "S" will appear again. Now you can stop the roll with the Firebutton. After that (with or without restart) the right roll will stop. You have again the choice to restart/stop with fire or not. Try to get the same numbers or special icons to have the best winchance. The middle role can´t be restartet, but when the "S" appears, you can stop it with the Firebutton. If you have the same numbers on each roll or the special icon, you will win. If not: Joystick up for next round. After a Win the "risk ladder" will appear. You will have the chance to enlarge your win. Try to press fire if the number is green and 0 is red. If you have luck you will climb up on the ladder. If not you will loose the profit. Press Joystick up for the next round. If you press Joystick down in the risk ladder you will get the current profit to your score. Then press Joystick up for the next round. Good luck. Please help to find bugs... Sound and Intro will be added. topautomat046release.bin topautomat046releasefixed.bin
  3. Kannst du eine andere Kassette ausprobieren? Dann könnte man einen defekt am Recorder ausschliessen.
  4. Looks good. I like the Asteroids-style of the sprites.
  5. This is my new game idea, a little bit inspired by the game "Arena 3000". The story: You have the order to attack the enemy base, killing all aliens you meet. The Laser-Gun (used in Arena 3000, 25 years ago) was to weak to defeat the enemys, so you have 2 brand new developed mines to kill them now and forever. Put the mines on the floor and try to get the enemys in range of it. Good luck. There is no substitute for victory. To do: - The game has 6 levels. I will try to upgrade to 10 levels or try to make the 6 levels much more longer. - Sound - Difficulty : please try to kill the Alienking in level 6 (i love him, but he´s hard to kill). I died many times, now i want you to die . Is he to hard? Or is he ok for a gamefinisher? - Score Give me some feedback, motivate me, i will try to finish the game this year! ARENA3~1.bin
  6. Thank you Fothlyrdrag. Your collision detection works fine and helped me to solve my multisprite problem. but i only need 4 variables! use gosub! ok, now you have to do 2 gosubs for every multisprite player, but i need variables Here is the listing. You will need it for player2, player3,4,5... too. If a collision happens, the ball/missile and player disapear. gosub detectpl1 gosub detectpl1detail gosub detectpl2 gosub detectpl2detail detectpl1 u=player1x+1 v=player1x-7 w=player1y+1 x=player1y-7 return detectpl1detail if missile0x>v && missile0x<u && missile0y>x && missile0y<w then f = 0 : g = 0 : missile0x = 0 : missile0y = 0 if ballx>v && ballx<u && bally>x && bally<w then f = 0 : g = 0 : ballx = 0 : bally = 0 detectpl2 u=player2x+1 v=player2x-7 w=player2y+1 x=player2y-7 return detectpl2detail if missile0x>v && missile0x<u && missile0y>x && missile0y<w then j = 0 : k = 0 : missile0x = 0 : missile0y = 0 if ballx>v && ballx<u && bally>x && bally<w then j = 0 : k = 0 : ballx = 0 : bally = 0 return
  7. Is it possible to use this version of stos in an emulator? Or do i have to work on my STE? If i try steem, the only thing i get are two bombs
  8. Habe alles bekommen, also nen Farbmonitor. Vielen Dank für die Unterstützung
  9. Download April~1bas.bin from now on! OK, i worked on the shots, go from larger to smaller. Now hits will only count, if the shot has went to small (simulating the way to the target). It was a hard work, because the change of the ballwide changed the playfield, the carrier broke into two halfes when the ball was shot the first time. I moved him more to the left side of the playfield, so it does not happen. @theloon: I will take your score, what will i have to do? Only copy into the folder, or have i use a command in batari basic?
  10. I now what you mean, I will work on it first.
  11. My goal is to finish the parts Air-Defence and Fleet-Duell. Yes, i have to pay some tribute to the 2600 limitations. If you need this, motivate me. Then i will continue working on it. In the next step i will integrate the transport plane. BEACHH~1.BAS.bin APRIL1~1.BAS.bin
  12. you are right . I´ve overseen the plotsprite command. OK, i will start to find the next 500 questions, but at least i will create a game, i swear
  13. Thank you for this great programming tool. I tried out the simple.bas. Now i have a question about the DIM-command. in simple.bas you do the following: dim playerx=a dim playery=b than, you use it: if joy0left then playerx=playerx-1 I tried to change playerx into the variable "a" , playery in "b" and tried to remove the dim-commands. I´ve got a fatal assembly-error. My question: If i use a-z variables, will i have to use the DIM-command? If I have to, how?
  14. Problem solved. I had to open the Megafile and change the 3 dip-switches to "on". In the future i have to take care, that the first megafile will be unit 0, not unit 1 Thank you for your help!
  15. I´m using a Megafile on my 1040 STE. I´m able to use the driver disk to format, park, and create partitions on the megafile. But how do i get a icon on my desktop (like for the Floppy A: and B:)? Would it appear automaticly if everything is ok? I have no chance to put files on it, or open the directory . If i try to put drivers on the harddisk with the driver disk, i get an error. Is it correct, that my Megafile is Unit1 (Unit0 to 8 is possible, should it be Unit0)? Is it a problem that the Megafile has 3 bad Sectors? Please help Greetings from germany Wolfgang
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