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  1. That cart is the HES release of Mario, I have a copy and thought it was a pirate. It seems harder to get then the regular cart
  2. I dont often post here as i only have a xegs with a few carts. But,, I use a c64 PSU on mine, I forget the color of the 9V wire but i simply disconnected and removed it from the brick all the way to the plug. Its worked fine for about 2 years. Not sure of the possible risks involved.
  3. Bring out exhumed, put some hours into that. Imho exhumed is the best of the best for the saturn
  4. Played elevator action on eemame for ngage today, loads of fun. The sequel was released for the sega saturn under the elevator action returns title, top stuff. there a load of 7800 titles i'd like to see created, just dont think its worth the time or money for most.
  5. DeV0

    7800 Crossbow

    Agree. Shouldn't have been but it was. The sound was better (digitized screens) and they spent more time on the graphics. Both solid ports, but i agree the xe version is better due to more accurate sounds.
  6. HES actually did something good for a change My golf is up there with the best 2600 releases
  7. Agreed, controls are spazzed out badly. I can barely see any difference in the 2600 and 7800 versions graphically.
  8. Yeah sure, i can do a trade for you. Maybe you might want to private msg me something your after? or an original is no probs YOK-dfa, I have pretty a vast collection here, It is hard for me to find something PAL i dont have. Ive got a fair amount of pirates, but not this one
  9. Sorry, im talking bogan. By whats the damage, i meant how much it would cost me to get it? Coz ive known about this one for a while, but dont have it. Im at the stage where its hard to find carts i dont have
  10. Ive made the effort of downloading the disc image, networking my pc to my a600 and copied to an amiga disc. It was worth the effort, must go down in the hall of fame as a classic
  11. Ive been thinking about this topic again and i do think sony's marketing played a major role in both cases. Only my friends who where already video game junkies (Didnt buy crapware) seemed to want the saturn and dreamcast. The psx imho gave gaming to the world and every regular joe had one, the logical thing to do was get the ps2 aftwards. Not bad mouthing all non video game nuts but i really do the the marketng and what i consider the real introduction to the world of video games killed segas machines.
  12. Ok,ive opened my copy of TCLA. I can see your disappointment but i put it down to being a different type of game,,, mmmmmm Playing NYC 1st gives a different perspective. I'll admit theres gonna be a few nights/weeks of nothing but gaming finishing these 2, Yes la kicks butt and your right,,,,,,,,
  13. Keystone has without doubt stood the test of time, It fits into the classic category no questions asked. When your done with that, try Desert Falcon for a bit. I cant think of any other 2600 title with "powerups"
  14. Sony's massive advertising and marketing blitz killed the Saturn as already mentioned. The majority of people seem satisfied with Sony products with the false belief they are superior. We should all remember the original hardware issues with the psx, like overheating etc. And yes i'd agree the 32x was a very very bad move by sega,,,,,,,
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