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  1. Those. Look. Amazing! Well done lads. Deep Canyon shames my PUR-120 category I'm glad you're still entering vitoco - I meant no disrespect, I just hadn't seen much else of anything in the thread and there weren't any other Atari submissions as yet, so I was just wondering if I missed something Good luck to all!
  2. After submitting my entry I came here to see what was up (not having seen anything else submitted for Atari). So, besides the one coder who is pissed, what's up?
  3. My first Atari was the 400. We then got an 800 XL which is the Atari I fell in love with. I don't think I ever had an XE back in the 80s, only in the late 90s when I started to collect the stuff. So for me it has nothing to do with anything other than nostalgia. I spent the bulk of my Atari time in the 80s on an XL machine, so it's the XL machines I like the best. I picked up a 1200 XL with some OS hacks within it and that's the one I use today.
  4. Maybe someday I'll get ambitious and tackle something along those lines, but for now I'm content with what I did. Really I'm just looking forward to next year's NOMAM 10 liner contest, and playing around with code is just a way to stimulate the brain once I get there. I do appreciate the kinds words and suggestions for sure though. And I'm happy to see it's been downloaded a few times, as that was the whole idea of posting it in the first place (letting someone else play it rather than hogging it to myself LOL )
  5. I decided to take an old basic game that was published in one of the magazines and 'convert it' to Turbo Basic XL, just for the learning opportunity that looking at someone else's code would give. The one I chose was Speed Demon, originally published in Antic vol. 1 no. 4. My updated version is attached. http://www.atarimagazines.com/v1n4/speeddemon.html It starts up faster (thanks to TBXL's move command ), I changed the level select screen to be more visually obvious, I changed the track to look (IMO) cleaner, I changed the info pane to look (again, IMO) cleaner, I fixed what I think was a bug with turning (there was code there to make a specific sound while turning, but I don't think it was called), and I changed the crash animation to stop after a couple of rotations. I also changed the start/finish line graphics just because I thought it looked cooler. But it's really fundamentally the same game I might still tinker with it to add a high score table, and I did have a version with two cars running (it looked like the original author may have intended that based on his choice of variable names), but it was too slow and I am too lazy to try to make that work at this point FWIW, enjoy. (And if there's some etiquette I should follow regarding the original author and getting permissions or something please let me know. I just figured that since this was published in a magazine 30+ years ago that nobody would much care if I tinkered with it for fun and uploaded it for people to play if they cared to. But my thanks do go out to the original author as it was fun looking at the code, learning from it, and adding my own flavour) Speed Demon.atr
  6. This is cool, thanks for sharing. The whole experience has been cool to be honest. Anyone who has ever considered getting into something like this should consider entering next year's 10 liner contest, as it's tremendous fun.
  7. I love that our beloved machine medaled in each category and swept the 120 category. Doubly happy I could be a part of it, as I really enjoyed the challenge.
  8. I'm mostly a lurker here these days but I have been listening to the show since Episode 1 (although much less often now that I don't have to commute from Kitchener to Mississauga anymore). Anyway, I'm jumping out of my shell just to say thank you for this. Whomever he is, Glenn was a big part of my childhood much like everybody else's. I'm really looking forward to that interview, so thank you for putting the time and effort into tracking him down and sitting down to talk with him, as well as the effort you put in each month to the show.
  9. Well don't I feel stupid - yes it does for me too. I swear I tried that (and in Altirra) but obviously I must have been mistaken.
  10. I'm 99.7% certain they are/were bootable, but seem to remember that there was something very specific about what you had to do to get them to boot, and I can't remember. Hoping somebody else does. BTW: You can see the files on the disk no problem if I look at the disk in DOS. Which reminds me, I should attach one! I'll edit the original post.
  11. I've been going through my old Atari diskettes (which I had dumped to atr files a long time ago, but never really looked through) and I have come across half a dozen or so which are 'Noorda Disk' I think it's some sort of menu system, but I can't seem to get an emulator to load them properly. A quick Google search didn't reveal any information on what they are, so I thought I'd ask here. What are they and how do I get them to load? (FWIW, I'm pretty sure we were able to load these back when we just had the Atari 400. I did try a switch to OS-B and the 400/800 machine, but it still didn't load) EDIT: Duh, I've uploaded a diskette so you can take a look if you're interested. The first file on the disk is 'Noorda D.isk' according to MyDos (5 sectors in size). And yes, it uses mixed case and has a space in it. _M2.atr
  12. That was awesome! That's really all I have to say.
  13. Another go round: 38690. Got to Level 5. Wow was Level 5 tough - I had a huge stock pile of zeppelins left but burned through them pretty fast.
  14. LOL - and here I've thought I had a buggy version all this time! It never occurred to me you'd start at level 7 and then work your way to level 1.
  15. 16650 here, after a couple of gos. I also used the vjetnam (non cheat) version. But (and his is what I remember), when I start a game it says 'entering level 7' - how did you get to level 6 McKong? So far I haven't encountered any bugs on my 1200 XL running XL/XE Rev B (I have a multi DOS mod courtesy of Stephen Tucker installed, so that I can easily switch OSs if I need the ole' OS-B for something ) I'm going to try one of the atarionline.pl ones next, just to see if I can start at level 1. That vjetnam one has the letter 'k' on screen when you're loading, which I think maens someone made the atr from an xex image. I'm hoping the atarionline.pl atr versions are a little different (though i do see they have a k version too)
  16. Two scores for me: 7110 (level 2 again) for Normal. I threw my hat in on Expert as well - 1370. I was too stubborn to play Easy
  17. New high score for me: 2730 Got all the targets for level 1 and then crashed.. 5060, level 2 The only thing I've noticed that looked odd to me was the flickering on that mission start screen (when it tells me I'm starting level 1 and counts up the targets). The text usually flickered there, around the 'v' in level. The game is hard but on each play through I get a little better. I think the hardest part is not knowing what you can and cannot come into contact with, and when. I think your biggest challenge in finding an audience is the learning curve - I can see lots of players not keeping with it because of how hard it is to play without consulting the manual a few times. Having said that, I personally love playing homebrews by people I know, and I'm sure lots of others do/will as well Overall I'm impressed with the effort it must have taken to make this - many, many kudos!!!
  18. This will probably sound naive, but is there a properly fixed version of Zeppelin? The one I remember started at a later level (like 6 or 7 or something), and was prone to crashing. The game was so much fun to play though that I'd keep trying it regardless.
  19. So far my best score is 700 - I have to totally admit I had no idea what I was doing (I got 0 in my first play through). I'll hit the manual and try again
  20. Happy to see that the 'Ramp Rage' I picked is the game we'll be playing, since it has the most votes out of any ramp rage
  21. OK. I've finally played them all. Don't know if I'll get a chance to play more before the deadline (long weekend here and it's my turn with my kids ) Here's what I've got: Pooyan: 70,550 Ballonacy: 3,694 Crazy Clown Jumper: 600 Clowns & Balloons (Beginner): 21,780 Clowns & Balloons (Advaned): 29,40 Clowns & Balloons (Expert): 25,930 Up Up and Away: 340 Ducks and Balloons: 95 271 Pinhead 14,420 I just realized what I was doing wrong in D&B, so I might give that a quick go again. That 95 was with pushing the button like once (not realizing I had to hold it in LOL). I did manage to get through a bunch of levels, but you lose points when you touch bad stuff and it's hard to avoid bad stuff when you can't fly properly Pinhead is a game I remember from the 80s but I really like C&B as a new game. Balloonacy was fun too. Pooyan I've never really enjoyed, although I get why it's popular. I swear I used to be better at it
  22. I won't definitively say it's true, but this wouldn't surprise me. I do seem to recall having plots like, say, food on the plain for a long part of the game seeming to do better as the game went along, outperforming the expected output. But that could be faulty memory on my part for sure.
  23. FWIW I use a Windows tablet with SIO2PC... But it's back from the days when PC tablets required a pen, is about an inch thick, and still runs Windows XP
  24. Picnic Paranoia should be on the bugs playlist!
  25. I feel like the prophet Zarquon showing up at the last minute, wondering if he's too late? 5580 Class 2 Squadron Leader I remember liking this when it first came out, but I haven't played it in *forever*. (Now I'll go back and read the rest of the thread - sorry, but things have been crazy the last two weeks and I just haven't had the time I wanted to have to dedicate to the old Atari. But I'll always put in a score, even if I only get to play one game)
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