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  1. Any chance of more FinalGROM99s before the end of the month?
  2. It's not too difficult to convert an older PC analog joystick to work with the CoCo. I've done a couple.
  3. ebay the bastard, tube swaps are a thing and arcade people would love to use it as a test monitor
  4. I did not know any of that! I went straight for the Control Panel beep to see if it was working. Further testing indicates that it does play music/sfx from applications, as well as the TransWarp startup whoosh (which plays too soon to be heard on a Framemeister setup). Thank you for the tip. I wonder how hard would it be to mix in the regular Apple II beep channel. It'd have to be intercepted off the board with a clip probe or soldered wire or two I guess. This is the mod I did. The audio backplane connector is coincidentally a perfect fit for the DB-19 port hole.
  5. I meant to ask if it mutes the audio output from the internal speaker when you plug an audio cable into the audio out connector on the card. I suspect the motherboard connector could be reversed, but if it is it must have been wired the wrong way around on mine - I have mine plugged in in the proper orientation. Can anyone post a photo of how it's plugged in on their working setup? If mine is plugged in right and I reverse it, I'm terrified of screwing up my motherboard.
  6. For what it's worth, I changed the sound jacks on mine to connectors so I could hook it up to a cool back-panel connector plate I found and I can't seem to get any sound out of it. Still need to troubleshoot further. For people with working ones: does it mute the internal speaker when something is plugged into the audio output?
  7. There has to be some kind of hobbyist exemption in the law for super-low-production products or perhaps a distributor company for hobbyist projects to get around this issue.
  8. A switchable 16-bit board like the 32k16 is what I'm after. I'm a total noob when it comes to this system, but adding that 16-bit RAM can only help, especially if newer software comes out that uses it. The amount of new development on the TI-99 is a pleasant surprise and has been on the increase as of late. If I'm going to have to solder up a rats nest of jumper wires in there anyway, what's 3-5 more wires if it makes the system run faster?
  9. Will there ever be any more of these boards produced? Is there anything else like it in the works?
  10. how beat up would i get if i suggested that at least any future 7800 games (if not this one) never use on-cart pokeys again and instead use the far easier to source ay-3-891x family if i remember correctly, you can even get some winbond clone of them brand new
  11. we're all forgetting one thing: even the shitty CD-i controllers cost a fucking fortune
  12. I know about what's on the site, but I'm thinking of higher-res scans (or source files if the people that made them are willing to share). (If they don't want to then that's ok.)
  13. Is there any way I can download any of these (such as the label and box made for the 7800 port of Space Invaders) to print myself? Blank label sheets exist for 2600/5200/7800 carts, and it's really easy to print inserts for the popular Universal Game Case.
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