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  1. So if the Cyberdemon and Spider Mastermind cost you 50 maps, what about the other Doom II enemies? By my count there's the Arachnotron, Archvile, Wolfenstein SS, Chaingunner, Revenant, Hell Knight, Mancubus, and the Pain Elemental plus the special enemies Commander Keen and the Icon of Sin/Romero Head. They left the Archvile out of the PS1 version. Developer said it was because they couldn't do it justice as the PC character had more than twice as many frames of animation as any other monster.
  2. I'd be more than happy to be proven wrong, but earlier in this thread you'd already said that you didn't plan on adding the Doom II enemies that populate all these extra maps. Plus many of these maps chug on PS1 Final Doom, as do some of the levels on PS1 Doom that weren't inherited from the OG Jaguar version.
  3. OG JagDoom has 22 levels (20 from PC Doom, 2 new) Ultimate Doom has 36 levels Doom II: Hell on Earth has 32 levels + 21 Master Levels + 9 No Rest for The Living Levels Final Doom has a staggering 64 levels There's no way in hell they're fitting over 160 maps on a Jag cart. To say nothing of how much would need to be cut out of the later Doom II or Final Doom levels. Even on PS1 some of those maps drop to single digit frames for big chunks of time.
  4. Understood. Thanks for the update.
  5. Super Shotgun is boss. If you're throwing stuff from Doom II in there, any chance we see the Doom II enemies? Arachnotrons, Pain Elementals, Revenants, Archviles, Wolfenstein Nazis? Who doesn't like to Super Shotgun some Nazis?
  6. The only good one is the Flashback 2/2+. If you want something else just get one of the compilation discs on another system.
  7. Bad quality control is bad quality control, and the last time I touched an AtGames home console the freaking paddle controllers had like 2 full seconds of lag. AtGames is a disgrace. They make Hyperkin and Retro Bit look good, and those companies are disgraceful too.
  8. I'd listen to offers. It works but only if you put some pressure on top of the CD cover. If you don't, the disc doesn't spin up. Probably not hard to fix but I only have Blue Lightning and that game sucks, so I've never bothered to try.
  9. Don't forget the part where they're made of the cheapest materials imaginable, the emulation is absurdly bad, and not one AtGames product I've ever laid hands on has met my expectations which were already as low as I had previously thought they could go. I tried 13 (bought 2, then opened all the rest the store had to check) different Flashback Portables and not one had a screen that was visible if you held it straight in front of you. All of them had to be held with the left side of the unit several inches closer to my face than the right side, otherwise the colors were so distorted nothing could be made out.
  10. They should just put "this isn't made by AtGames" in huge letters on the box. Sales would skyrocket.
  11. Level 7 Games is the only decent local chain. Not overpriced, laid back and well informed staff, they'll take games for any systems. The good stuff tends to fly out of there quickly. They once gave me a free Atari 5200 because they had dropped it and cracked the dust cover. And they sold me a Jaguar CD for super cheap (even though I never play it). Game Force has a good selection and a few locations but they're pretty overpriced. Buy Back Games seems to be dying out. Those were the two biggest local chains forever. Doc's has a great selection too, but they're the most overpriced chain I've ever seen. Also they once refused to honor a coupon they handed me when I walked in the door. True story.
  12. Makes Corpse Killer look respectable. That's ice cold right there. Also hilarious.
  13. They talk funny. Let's invade their country and make them all learn about American football. Or Canadian football at the very minimum.
  14. There's a few of us 'round these parts. I think FR has an account too.
  15. Not sure how far the scope of this project will reach (it's already really awesome), but one thing I think would be awesome is if the PS1/Saturn-exclusive levels were ported over. Thus far they were only released on the PS1/Saturn and then they were ripped so that they could be played on PC source ports. Since the PS1/Saturn versions are born from the Jag version in the first place it would be fitting.
  16. Just completed a trade of Jaguar games in person. No problems.
  17. Trade completed. Traded JHL 15 and Hover Strike to Machine for Iron Soldier 2.
  18. Yes. Not always zealously guarded, but every commercial video game is still copyrighted unless its owners have specifically released them.
  19. I already have Raiden and Tempest. Somehow left Tempest out of the list. As for Flashback, I actually have that one on CD-i so I'd like something different.
  20. EDIT Trade completed I have a complete copy of Jaguar Hockey League 15 that I never play. I would like to trade it for a Jaguar game of similar value. It can be official or homebrew, boxed or loose as long as it's close to the same value as JHL. Stuff I already have: Any offers for stuff not on the list will be considered. Also, any game marked with a * on the list would also be considered for trade so if you want one, let me know.
  21. I have a Supervision with a boxed TV link and a bunch of games. I never, ever play any of it. I'd like to get rid of all of it but I don't really know what it's worth.
  22. If I knew anybody else that owned a Jaguar, let alone still played one, I'd get one. But nope.
  23. Excuse me while I intentionally misinterpret your comment and tell the entire internet that the port will be out tomorrow.
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