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  1. Likely more hidden games like what we saw in the VS and/or some more online features. Seems doubtful they included WiFi solely for the purposes of firmware.
  2. -As you said, can be rotated to a vertical orientation -Built in WiFi so you no longer need to physically connect to a PC to update the firmware -IPS screen, big improvement from the TN panel in the original. Vastly improved viewing angles. -Higher resolution screen -Improved battery capacity (3000mah on the new one vs 2000mah on the old) -Four shoulder buttons instead of two -USB C for charging instead of micro USB -Improved video output -On par with the VS home console as far as internal specs -"Bonus Content" to be announced at a later date
  3. Screw the headphones, Bluetooth would be great for controllers. Then you could plug the EXP into a television and play multiplayer. In fact, that's probably exactly why the EXP doesn't have Bluetooth. It would make the VS redundant, except for accessing the games only available via certain two-cart combinatios.
  4. According to the Evercade twitter, the new model has a 3000mah battery as opposed to the 2000mah battery on the original. No word on if the new screen uses more or less power than the original though, so we don't know what the actual battery life will be.
  5. A new handheld was necessary, especially if they're going to keep releasing arcade games that don't fit well on the old handheld's screen.
  6. The carts look great and I'll happily buy them both but Irem and Toaplan aren't exactly household names. They probably won't move the needle much.
  7. Well what they did announce was cool, but I feel like they vastly over hyped it. Highlights: -Toaplan Arcade 1 and 2 carts coming out, first one this year -Irem Arcade 1 coming out this year -New Evercade EXP handheld with a vert mode, IPS screen, higher res, extra buttons I don't know why they thought anyone wanted to see a five minute break with a bunch of neckbeards playing Magical Drop in the middle of their announcements.
  8. A top down GTA collection might be cool: Grand Theft Auto Grand Theft Auto London 1969 Grand Theft Auto London 1961 Grand Theft Auto 2 Grand Theft Auto Advance If we get a SEGA arcade cart, it would be amazing to have a legit version of Shadow Dancer. Of course the Genesis version is the better game, but the arcade version is good too and we never got a competent home port for home consoles. The Master System version was just too primitive. The Atari ST and Amiga versions were almost passable but nobody really had them in the US.
  9. They're really hyping it up. C'mon trackball/spinner
  10. I've been a Winnipeg Blue Bombers fan since the 90s. I picked them because they won the Grey Cup in the year I was born and I liked their name and color scheme better. So I was pretty happy when they finally broke through and won these last two Grey Cups. I love female fronted metal. Especially stuff like Within Temptation, Battle Beast, Delain, Nightwish, Epica, Lacuna Coil, Sister Sin, etc. I'd put Sharon den Adel head to head against any rock or metal singer at any point in time. She's completely self-taught, too.
  11. It's not that serious, I don't really care at all if other people enjoy the Spectrum, but no, it doesn't matter at all that it was a cheaper machine. I don't grade my entertainment on a curve based on how expensive it was to produce. Spectrum games are not fun, and this is coming from a guy who still regularly plays and enjoys Odyssey 2 and 2600 games. If people seriously can't handle other people on a video game forum feeling differently about the relative quality of various pieces of ancient gaming or computer hardware, they should probably stay off the internet entirely and permanently. Lots of people say stuff I like sucks. I use Linux, watch Canadian Football, type on a Dvorak keyboard, listen to super cheesy over the top heavy metal from northern Europe, and occasionally enjoy games on my CD-i. Other people think all of those things are ridiculous and dumb. I don't feel the need to whine about it and defend my preferences to strangers on the internet because I'm not so insecure that my identity and happiness are tied up in having other people validate my leisure time activities. I chose to engage here because someone who is still upset about me saying the Spectrum sucked elsewhere a week or more ago felt the need to swoop in and defend the platform. If you think the Spectrum is so great, then have fun playing it. Do that instead of following critics around a forum screaming into the void. It's not like I barged into the Spectrum forum and started attacking the system or its users there. I used it as a comparison in a topic about a bad game system.
  12. No, see, what makes me sick is playing games on a system where everything looks like a Powerpoint presentation made the night before a 3rd grade school project was due and sounds like someone put a digital watch in a blender. The Spectrum doesn't handle motion in a way that makes it possible to have fun playing games on it. Especially not in 2022. It's Tiger game.com tier and it's sad that anyone would subject themselves to it on purpose. Spectrum owners are like battered spouses, standing there with a bloody nose and two black eyes trying to convince the cops not to take their partner to jail.
  13. I throw up just thinking about trying to play ZX Spectrum games.
  14. Funstock has a 2nd anniversary bundle for 700 bucks. Comes with: -Home console -Handheld console -All 28 carts released so far (home carts 1-24 and arcade carts 1-4) -4 controllers Doesn't seem like that much of a discount to be honest, but if you want everything at once it's a way to go https://funstock.co.uk/collections/evercade/products/evercade-2nd-anniversary-bundle
  15. Who's the fanboy, the guy who just states his opinion or the guy who follows the other guy around the forum getting upset at said opinions for no reason?
  16. It's not my fault you like a video game system with no redeeming qualities, nor that you seem upset when other people point that out. I'm sorry for whatever happened in your life that made you this way, but it's okay now. The Spectrum can't hurt you anymore with its awfulness. It's time to move on and live.
  17. Do I like it as much as my Coleco Vision, Intellivision, 2600, Vectrex, or Odyssey 2? No. But it could be much, much worse. It could be a ZX Spectrum or an RCA Studio II or an Emerson Arcadia or some other irredeemably awful platform.
  18. Long story short, 360 had the more capable GPU and more flexible memory structure (360 had 512 MB of unified RAM, PS3 had 256 MB of general system RAM and 256 MB dedicated to the GPU). PS3 had the more capable CPU and storage format. Generally the 360 was easier to get more out of, especially for multiplatform games (Call of Duty 3 released on 360, PS3, PS2, Wii, and Xbox) where the developer doesn't necessarily have time to fine tune a game to a console's specific strengths and weaknesses.
  19. The secret games on the VS should really just have an icon you can select from the home screen after you've unlocked them the first time. Trying to remember which code unlocks which game every time I boot up the system isn't ideal.
  20. 31. Had the system since I was 17 or so, I think?
  21. I use the 7800, mostly because mine has the composite mod and my 2600 is stock. The 2600 just sits in the closet.
  22. I made my previous statement about wanting a trackball before I played arcade Centipede and Millipede on a controller. Now that I have, I want a trackball even more. Missile Command is perfectly playable with a d-pad or analog stick but Centipede is so slippery. The 7800 version is of course much more playable but it looks so much worse.
  23. I want a trackball and a rotary controller for this thing.
  24. There's always a Spectrum fan that can't handle people telling the truth about the system, so desperate to justify their love for something terrible that they lash out at anyone who sees it for what it is. I'm sorry for the trauma the Spectrum inflicted upon you; it's okay, it can't hurt you anymore. All you can do now is try to live.
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