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  1. The family that plays together stays together Great story.
  2. What are the differences? Any way to indicate by cart, perhaps date stamps even? Re: Othello, From Atarimania: "Two different versions of this game exist. The original Atari text label version doesn’t have the four grid 'markers' that other versions have. " Re: Superman, from Atariage Tips, cheats, and Easter Eggs: "In older releases of the cartridge -- usually those with no picture on the front (although NOT all of these) -- starting the game by first holding the fire button down and then simultaneously pushing the joystick to one direction for two seconds (i.e. starting the clock by using your X-Ray Vision for a bit) will cause the bridge to not explode, Superman to not change into Clark Kent and three extra (and insignificant) bridge pieces to be piled on top of one another in the subway." Are you looking for 3rd party games, or just Atari releases? Activision Bridge had two versions- the earlier rom had a bug where (I think) the computer would bid 8NT and the game would crash. Yeah I've heard the Bridge thing before. Last I heard no one around here was sure about how to test it out due to ignorance in the game of Bridge. Right now I'm just focusing on Atari titles but is we've already exhausted everything that is known there then we can move onto 3rd party releases.
  3. Ok, Rom. Someone needs to say this to you and it hurts me to be the one. Your site contains a wealth of useful information about the Atari. It is by far the most comprehensive. But accessing that information is near impossible at times because of the sheer volume of information. This is why I am seeking my information - at this time only on NTSC Atari releases. All of the PAL releases make it very difficult to obtain the information, and trying to restrict searches to NTSC is a fruitless effort because of South American redundancies and other superfluous additions. Please create a United States / Canada only page. Don't take this the wrong way and I pledge myself to do what I can to help you if you would humble yourself to accepting my help...quite frankly as of right now AtariAge and AtariProtos are much more practical sites for learning the subtleties of Atari variations than yours. Cheers.
  4. What are the differences? Any way to indicate by cart, perhaps date stamps even?
  5. After digging around the only other example I could find was the multiple variations on Diagnostic Cartridge. So we have: Basic Math = Fun with Numbers Concentration = Hunt and Score Pele's Soccer = Championship Soccer Football Realsports Soccer = Realsports Soccer The above 4 have different names but are the exact same game. The following can be considered "hacks": Defender II = Stargate (graphical changes) Super Baseball = Realsports Baseball (graphical and some gameplay changes) Taz = Asterix (graphical changes) Pepsi Invaders = Space Invaders (graphical changes) Atari Video Cube = Rubik's Cube (graphical changes) The following have different versions that exist: Asteroids (one with title screen, one without) - how can you tell??? Diagnostic Cartridge - different versions exist If there's anything else to add here let me know.
  6. If I understand what you're saying, then Asteroids would be one. Although that link is to the prototypes site, both ROMs were released. Yes thank you this is exactly what I mean. Are there any other examples like this? Which cartridges of Asteroids are most likely to have/not have the title screen?
  7. There was a recent thread about this that I am aware of. That was why I didn't mention Sears.
  8. I'm just looking at games made by Atari. Basic Math = Fun with Numbers Memory Match = Game of Concentration Championship Soccer = Pele's Soccer Are these the only ones where the name was changed but the game is exactly the same? Also, Super Football = Realsports Football (slightly changed) Super Baseball = Realsports Baseball (slightly changed) Asterix = Taz (title screen changed, is this the only difference?) Does Asterix really exist in NTSC? Defender II = Stargate (title screen changed, is this the only difference?). Now Obelix is completely different from Asterix / Taz, right? And, Donkey Kong, Donkey Jr, Mouse Trap, Q*Bert, Venture are the exact same games as the 3rd party counterparts, correct? Let me know if there's anything I'm missing. What I'm after with all of this is that I'm trying to determine all games that have different ROMs, even if the difference is only very slight. I would also be interested games which have changes to the ROM that you cannot distinguish from the title on the cartridge. Bug fixes, etc. Thanks guys.
  9. Tee hee hee. Thank you for "I imagine the lengthening" and 4 all are hypnotized tonight and ever after. Hee hee, PKUHMETSPHET for good Atari finds.
  10. I was wondering if the late Beatle ever played Atari, perhaps with his son Sean.
  11. Picked these up for $7.60. Was pretty excited to discover that the used game store around here got some new Atari items in!
  12. I'm trying to find scans of the different Atari 2600 Owner's Manuals. I also have a "Save on Your Atari Service Contract" brochure - number CO21047 Rev. 1. I was wondering if these have been documented anywhere on the internet. Thanks.
  13. Frogger - Taiwan Yellow - NTSC version I remember you wanted this...
  14. Not sure why you are showing this cartridge. It is version a from what I can tell. Is there something different about it? Phil It says "Printed in Hong Kong" on the front label. The ones I saw on your site all say "Printed in U.S.A.". I have a scan coming later if needed.
  15. That shit sucked. Only got to Level S. I guess next time I'll go for the doors.
  16. I was playing Dark Chambers for the 2600. Great game. As the game went on it looked like I was losing life randomly. Is there some sort of timer where you lose power? I didn't see mention of this in the manual. Perhaps I was stepping on traps? It looked like I was losing life without touching anything, though. Thanks.
  17. Picked up two boxed, barely used Spectravideo QuickShot joysticks for $5 a piece. They also came with Spectravideo catalogs and instructions. From the same place I got a boxed Swordquest: Fireworld and some assorted manuals and catalogs. One was a Strategy X manual - now I just need to find that game! This all came to $11. Then at a different place I found Dark Chambers and 3D Tic Tac Toe for the 2600 for $7. Got to Level S in Dark Chambers and died. Cool game. I'm lovin' these joysticks, btw.
  18. My copies of MASH and Porky's have the logo, none of the others do.
  19. Never accept a deal which stipulates that you must first pay the buyer money, then you send the item, then you will receive compensation for your actions. This should alert you to the following users: Wonder007 RomHunter ShawnSr allhallowseve Marco CebusCapuccinus(sic) Miss2600 RandomTerrain Albert CPUWiz Kyuphus If anyone knows of any other users please add them.
  20. Have you tried cleaning the contacts with q-tips and rubbing alcohol? I'd hate to see Boing! and Cake Walk lost.
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