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  1. SOLD!!! Found my buyer. Didn't take too long as I knew my price was worth it!
  2. How many known sealed Qubes are out there? That's the only reason I feel that my asking price is perfectly justified. Finding the loose cart isn't difficult thanks to eBay, but it's still very difficult to find a nice boxed copy. I was never on board with the whole grading thing, I scoffed at the idea of people grading Star Wars toys 20 years ago. But, I see the trend where graded items do sell for far more than a similar ungraded item. I think at least, it helps put to rest any concerns a buyer may have as to the authenticity of the item for sale.
  3. I feel that a sealed R9 like Qubes should be worth 1K. I was surprised that it didn't reach that mark at the end of the auction. It is now relisted with a BIN Should I get it graded? If so, who would be the recommended grader?
  4. Lol!! THAT will NEVER happen!!! Hey, at least I can say that I had it. It was a fun collection to put together. The box # variants were quite a challenge! I just hope that it's kept intact for the most part, and have no doubt it is in good hands! Still waiting to hear about the museum!
  5. Wonder if he'd ever sell it all back to me???
  6. My Sears collection sure was something, right?!? Never did get my hands on the picture label Superman though!
  7. Thanks! I wish that I still had my collection. Certainly had some rarities pass through my hands. Back when I collected, I wasn't all that interested in sealed games. I wanted to be able to play them!
  8. Hi, Just thought that I'd share this. I'm selling a sealed Q Bert's Qubes: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Q-BERTS-QUBES-ATARI-2600-SEALED-NIB/273728196067?hash=item3fbb78cde3:g:P1EAAOSwHu9cc017:rk:1:pf:0 This is the first time I ever came across this game sealed. Can't imagine that there are many out there! Thanks for looking!
  9. Hi! Yes! I was a part of the first HSC. Back then, we had these cool Activision style patches that were awarded to that week's winner. I still have the patches that were sent to me back then. They were (are) very cool! I'd love to join in with you all, but at the moment, I have no working Atari. Nor do I have the collection that I had back then. As I write this, my two teenage sons are listening to "Piper at the Gates of Dawn" while eating dinner. That gives you an idea where my life is at the moment!
  10. If you look at Rom Hunters photo, you'll notice two different colors. Generally, the light tan foam keeps its springiness; while the dark gray foam, does, in fact, crumble apart.
  11. Hey Rom Hunter, that picture of the carts looks vaguely familiar! The plastic cart case has tiny "teeth" that hold the foam in place!
  12. I'm doing fine keilbaca! That'd be great to hook up for a game night or something. @Pioneer4x4....I actually deliver mail in Rillton from time to time. I'm a carrier for the post office and i usually work in Elizabeth, but occasionally I do the route in Sutersville which includes Rillton. Small world!
  13. Man, I wish I still had my Atari 2600. I also had the 5200 version of Kaboom! 'Sup Keilbaca!
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