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  1. I actually found a Suzy chip from a Lynx II that I believe is ok. It has a long story. My Mikey died on a Lynx II and I decided to replace it. So I ordered a new Mikey chip from Ali Express and when it arrived it was a small chip. So I just thought that this must be Mikey. I removed it and before soldering in the new chip I realized my mistake. So I ordered a new Suzy and Mikey from Best Electronics and soldered both new chips in. The Mikey got thrown away. But I still got the original Suzy that I removed accidentally. If you want it PM me.
  2. I did get a Suzy chip from Ali Express as I tried to buy a Mickey from them. But finally I bought a Mickey and a Suzy from Best Electronics that I used on my broken Lynx. As I am writing this I just opened my box of broken Lynx units. There is a lot of parts. Most are from an old effort to buy broken Lynxes for the cart connectors. But I did not have the guts to rip connectors from working motherboards. So I tested the boards with 5V and wrote a small note of how they reacted. Out of 10 broken Lynx boards about 6 or 8 booted up and run the game. Most of the units had really bad screens. And broken power control circuitry. Yesterday I picked up 3 Benn Venn LCD's for Lynx I and now I will fix the best 3 Lynx I's for my personal use. So I should have 6 working Lynxes in total. Four of them are Lynx I's. After that I probably get rid of the rest. Either by listing the available parts here or on ebay. Or selling everything in one go. There will be a number of Suzy-chips in the lot as well...
  3. Looks like Suzy starting to go bad. I have changed Suzy on my Lynx a few years ago that got the same symptoms. It helped.
  4. I invested in a Canon Selphy photo printer that does 148mm by 100mm prints. It is a sublimate printer so the colour is on plastic sheets and is transferred by heat to the glossy paper. You can fit 4 labels on one sheet. With a little glue and scissors the result is awesome! 108 sheets with the inks cost 46 € here in Finland. So a single label would be just 0.11 €. Not bad.
  5. You could also measure the PCB board connectivity with a multimeter. I have seen PCB's where large areas are conductive due to leaked battery acid in the past. If you just measure the resistance of the non-conductive area of the PCB (not the copper traces) there may be a giant leak that gets worse when the unit heats up. Just guessing...
  6. This line defines the syntax of the function srand. It does not call anything. You also do not need this line as it is defined in the cc65 libraries already. stdlib.h:int rand (void); stdlib.h:void __fastcall__ srand (unsigned seed); The correct way is to write this line in the top of the C-file. And just use the fuctions srand(seed) and rand(). #include <stdlib.h>
  7. Great article. A speedup from 528 ticks to 29 is amazing.
  8. The way to use srand(SEED) is that it sets the start of the sequence. If you don't call srand() at all then the SEED will be 1. So srand(1) is what happens at startup. One simple way to get random stuff always is to feed in the clock() as the SEED. Then it depends on when the user starts the game. srand(clock()) The SEED is actually 32 bits. But srand() will only set the lower 16 bits and leave the high 16 bits as zero. The rand() function will do the following: SEED = SEED * 0x01010101 SEED = SEED + 0x31415927 ; yes, this happens to be the numbers in PI. Just for fun, does not mean anything Clear the sign bit of SEED so it is always positive. return the bits 8-22 of SEED The way I have used this for generating psudo random levels in the games is to choose a SEED for a level and call srand(SEED). After that I will always get the same sequence from rand(). By moving to a different level I set a new value for SEED with srand(SEED) and then I get a different pseudo random series.
  9. The way I get random numbers is to rely on when the user presses a button. To achieve this I call the rand() function once in the game loop on every iteration. It is of course not really random. But if the gamer press the button in different times during the game the number appears to be random. The only value in the rand() function is that the numbers don't become 1,2,3,4 but instead a little more scattered like 3365,2618,209,1198. But the sequence will always be the same. With the function srand() you can decide where the sequence starts from. But as this is just math there is no randomness.
  10. Just replacing chips at random is not a good idea. Perhaps we need Lynx repairing instructions for diagnosing the troubles. All the info is in the forum already, you just need to find the correct pages. We could set up a Wiki about this at the AtariGamer site. It might be the best way to share information.
  11. Extremely unlikely. If there is anything at all wrong with the RAM the decryption of the cart will fail and you get INSERT CART. My guess is that either one of the system chips has a flaw. As the flaw occurs at a certain point in graphics my guess is Suzy.
  12. https://www.ebay.com/itm/HY53C464-HY53C464LS-10-Hyundai-64k-x-4-Bit-Dynamic-RAM-DIP18-NOS/193855851147?hash=item2d22b58a8b:g:R~cAAOSw-rVf9ech 2.50 each. 9 chips available.
  13. Why? These RAM chips are not rare. I bought a bag of these chips from ebay for less that $5. Much easier than transplanting chips.
  14. Setting up a Windows computer is so frustrating. I just noticed that installing WSL2 required for Docker breaks VirtualBox running linux. So now I am trying VMware...
  15. Lemmings is definitely my nr 1. You can freeze the game with "pause" and look around. This changes the hectic "click at the right second" to a puzzle solving game.
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