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  1. Status change: one more broken "Lynx I" started up. But the condition of the parts I have left is so-so. Missing glass screens, Missing parts. Broken plastics. Plus only two weeks to start of our musical. Here Captain Hook having rehearsals with Wendy. (picture by Chris Senn) So the summer activities are taking over Geesh... Some people never grow up. Hmm... Perhaps you guys are the lost boys from Peter Pan?
  2. Console5 sell spare power plugs. I have replaced several of them already.
  3. My last working Lynx died again. So I decided to try to fix it. While looking for parts I discovered a box with a few other broken Lynxes and started to work on them as well. So now I have: Mc Will working Lynx 2 with VGA Mc Will working Lynx 1 with VGA Benn Venn working Lynx 2 Benn Venn working Lynx 1 4 working Lynx 1 units with original screens 7 broken Lynx 1's. 1 broken Lynx 2. Do they breed by themselves?
  4. Thanks for the idea. I am also considering using 300g/m2 box material. A local photo shop prints out SPA3 sheets for decent prices on this paper. The size is 320mm by 450mm. So even folding an inset would fit. The only problem is cutting the sheet. You may need to order a stencil. But it would be the same for all games. Here are the prices I would have to pay. SRA3 300 g 1 kpl 9,90 € 2-4 kpl 6,90 € 5-9 kpl 3,90 € 10-19 kpl 2,50 € 20-49 kpl 1,50 € 50-99 kpl 1,00 € 100 -> kpl 0,90 €
  5. The size of a Lynx production team is a bit limited compared to mainstream titles. It appears that most developers do everything by themselves or download free assets...
  6. The timings are nice. The instruments, well, perhaps time to consult @miker
  7. I happen to have a working prototype of a 2MB cart. There is 4 x 512KB plus eeprom and two small chips. It can be programmed by the normal programmers HAT board. Currently I have boards and chips for a handful of these boards. Basically it uses both strobes CART 0 and CART 1 plus the AUDIN pin. ROM 0 (AUDIN = 0, CART0) ROM 1 (AUDIN = 0, CART1) ROM 2 (AUDIN = 1, CART0) ROM 3 (AUDIN = 1, CART1) For programming the chip I use the SW VCC pin as the *WR strobe. So would 2MB be enough for MK? PS. The only limitation is that you need to put the 52 byte bootloader at the start of ROM 0 and also at the start of ROM 2. The reason is that Lynx I and Lynx II start with AUDIN in different state.
  8. Nice! And congrats for creating so realistic sounds using just Chipper. I was hoping to come to Silly Ventures to meet you guys sometime. But this irritating pandemic gets in the way...
  9. Really cool sounds. Are you using samples a lot? The instruments sound so great!
  10. That is really cool! I never had the time to properly dig into the Redeye protocol. Making a ComLynx game is something I would love to do later this year. So any help in making this reality is highly appreciated. Btw. I accidentally stumbled on something called half-height isometric tiled games. Half-height isometric maps And got really carried away with designing graphics in this style. As a matter of fact I finally even bought me a Wacom tablet to speed up shading. To my surprise GIMP appears to have tons of support for low-res indexed graphics designs. It is so intuitive and the results are, well, tolerable. But this is due to my bad graphics skills. I am working on this. The tools would work well even for Bitmap Brothers. So I already know which technique to use for the next competition. But the storyline, gameplay and topics is completely open.
  11. Just out of curiosity. Is the game round-robin broadcasting the joystick byte to all Lynx units during every time-frame? And all Lynx units run identical code for the game logic? So basically you have to receive 7 bytes and send 1 byte when it is your turn?
  12. So back to the topic. Is anyone using Visual Studio Code for developing cc65 stuff? I kind of like the idea as we could make the development more user friendly with Docker plus a real IDE. I know that hard core Emacs users will reply. Why? But what about the rest?
  13. I just turned on my Windows machine again. And now everything works. I have not done anything at all. Except restarted it three times. This gives me a feeling that someone else is in charge of my laptop. Is Windows really like this?
  14. Yes. Sometimes I need to restore the grub boot after restore by booting from a rescue disk. But if the CPU and GPU is modern enough to support the image it should work.
  15. For some strange reason Docker stopped working as well as the entire WSL2 subsystem on my Windows 10 computer. No clue of how to fix it Perhaps I have to go with dual-boots to get things to work reliably.
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