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  1. I am trying to create a better story for my next game Wizzy by using some structured methods. Well, actually I bought a copy of Fabula that is basically just a blank board where you can put post-it stickers describing your ideas. As we all live apart I have replaced the post-it stickers with blog entries. So if you feel interested I can add you to the Wizzy club. There is no money involved. But you will get a copy of the finished boxed game and your name in the credits. (In case you contribute to the story.) Any takers? The engine will be similar to On Duty (top down action with text flowing on the bottom line and a status bar at the top). The game may be multi-player for two lynxes (a wizard and a witch). But it can also be played on one Lynx taking turns. (Perhaps) At this first stage I am still working on the assets in the game. Later, when the big idea is starting to materialize there will be a second part for the storytelling.
  2. My experience at the "so called post office" is not suitable for print on a site that can be seen by minors. [whining on] In the old days we had a real post office that was always great. Now they have outsourced the services to news stands. Every time I send something the price is different, the available services are different. Like this time the guy charged me around 4€ to send the letter to the US as priority. According to my calculations it should have been 7.80€ plus 6.75€ for tracking. Needless to say I could not buy tracking this time. Because the guy claimed that this service is not available. Sigh... Incompetence... Or old info on my side... This is the main reason why I prefer selling games at a retro event. I could take the bus for 20min to get to a real post office to get the stuff out properly. But it takes at least an hour extra of my time. [whining off] @thefred, I should have your mail address on my old deliveries. I PM you later.
  3. Thanks! I hope you like the game. I just posted it. (Only to test if the US post works. Or to find out if your Post Master crippled the service for good.)
  4. On Duty did not score so well on the 30 year competition so I kind of lost interest in making a big release of it. When the world opens again I may grab with me the copies I have left to some retro event. The post office still sucks imho. So I don't like the idea of mailing stuff right now.
  5. Had a boxed release at PRGE when the competition results were announced.
  6. I have build 2MB carts with 64kB eeproms. It does not really take any special consideration in the game design to create big games. Basically all games load in a level to the 64kB RAM and when you exit one level you can load in the next level. The background music can be streamed directly from the cart. The same is true for digitized audio. So a large cart allows for more levels, more variety of sounds. One interesting use of a large eeprom like 64kB is to store changes scenery. In some games you can allow the player to modify the world at play time. There needs to be a store for these modifications. One game that I am dreaming of will be Wizzy. The idea is to use the 64k eeprom to allow for saves and changed scenery. It may take a year to write it though...
  7. My guess is that Lynx units get broken and it will be more difficult to find functioning units in the future. Cheap units could be found in the wild with good luck. But the ebay pricing is not likely to drop.
  8. This is like Final Fantasy rpg on the Lynx. I was hoping for a little more crowd control spells. At least it has ways to inflict "damage over time". But the traditional dps stuff is ok. I have played it through a couple of times while testing. A good game imho. Go get it!!! It beats EOTB any day of the week.
  9. I wonder if the PC version was different. I played it on my Amiga 500 and I don't remember any special hard mode on that one. Perhaps the easiest would be to stick to the white piano keys and a spell could just be a sequence like CEGA or FDGE. These should be easy targets for ABCmusic
  10. Yep. I kind of want to create a game where you can change the scenery within the game. In On Duty you could blow up pretty much anything. A wall of a house so you can enter without a key. So it is kind of open ended. The player may well invent some clever new ways of solving the missions. The Lynx can play nice melodies. So it could give some nice vibes to a game to have spells cast by a musical instrument. There won't be too many spells in the game as I don't want people to have to scroll through lists. Plus there may still be some traditional weapon like a bow or a staff. The time of the game is probably the Golden Medieval times! - Not as they really were with plagues, hunger and powerty. But what they could have been in my fantasies. 🤴 The controls will be joypad for walking around. B for selecting your spell/weapon. And A for casting the spell on the object you have targetted. Picking up stuff is automatic when you find something.
  11. Hi guys, my theater summer is over and I have been thinking about starting on a new game. There was a lot of mistakes in the way I structured "On duty" and "Titan" and now I would like to get going on a new game in the same top down genre with good graphics. I have been thinking on some kind of "Harry Potter" like adventure. Perhaps more tuned like Loom. But it would not be a port of Loom. The game would consist of short 5 minute missions and I hope to build up a storyline with twists like in "On duty". So you could tackle the story like a book. Progress is saved in eeprom. The graphics style would look like this - a top down tiled game with animated tiles. The working title is "Wizzy".
  12. As I eat meat I rest my case.
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