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  1. What about this as an title: Shake'n not stirred!
  2. This is obviously a "flat-file" contest with music in RAM. Flappy Bird was exactly 32KB. So that should give an idea of the complexity you can squeeze in.
  3. Sweet of you to take the time for this. I can only guess how much there is to do with a new family member on board.
  4. I just tried the Pi 400 with the programmer HAT. [email protected]:~/lynx/contrib/blankcart/programmer $ ./readcart -a titan.lnx Cart size 512k with 2048b block size Chip manufacturer ID is bf, flash ID is b7 Reading Lynx cart data to file titan.lnx Reading block 256 / 256 [ 100.00% ] Elapsed time is 91 seconds Read complete, time taken was 91 seconds [email protected]:~/lynx/contrib/blankcart/programmer $ I truly recommend getting the Black Hack3r from Pi Hut or Pimoroni. It is an extension board for HAT boards. [email protected]:~/lynx/contrib/blankcart/programmer $ ./writecart titan.lnx Chip manufacturer ID is bf, flash ID is b7 Flashing Lynx cart from titan.lnx Block size is 2048 Writing block 256 / 256 [ 100.00% ] Elapsed time is 712 seconds Write complete, time taken was 714 seconds [email protected]:~/lynx/contrib/blankcart/programmer $
  5. Most of my changes are no longer compatible with the official cc65 head. So I have not had the energy to commit my stuff there in fear of breaking things.
  6. Actually the cause was somewhere else. Blacking out the palette was not the solution. I had to change the way I initialize the TGI.
  7. I could try the Pi 400 today. Afaik there should be no problems. On a related topic I just ported the 3D development environment to Pi 400. And also got the Vulkan drivers to work on it. Here is my first attempt for making a 3D game. You can also use a normal Pi4 and an external keyboard. The speed and software is the same. The Pi 400 has 4GB of RAM. But you should be able to use 2GB as well. So here is no reason to get a Pi 400 if you already have a Pi 4B. I also created the game music already. 20201127_122450.mp4
  8. karri

    Bug Hunt

    This game looks so funny. Great work!
  9. Actually.. I disagree. Rules can also kill creativity. Perhaps your thing is to create a unique control of an old game. Vary the goal of the game. Or whatever. My "find a way to my heart" was based on minesweeper sources. But it had new ideas: - hexagonal tiles - clear a path from left to right to unite the lovebirds - HandyMusic first experiment. I used Chipper before - Digitized sound streamed from the cart as my kids sing "Find a way to my heart" of "found a way to my heart" I agree that using existing game idea and existing sources cut down the development time to a week. Of course in my case this game had little appeal in the competition as everybody already knew minesweeper. So there was no "new idea" moment.
  10. For various reasons I have been disassembling Lynx carts. And the funny thing is that most of the code in the cart is IDENTICAL. They just change the graphics and the name of the game. The same thing happens with most game producers. The number of re-usable code snippets tend to grow. The sounds in all games start sounding familiar. The fonts are the same. In certain modern games you don't even know what game some guy is playing because the engine is the same. I would probably use Handy Music, the template developed by @Nop90 and me, the default Lynx palette, tiled engine for layout.
  11. I don't remember the exact year I got the Lynx. It was the first time you could buy it in Finland. The game was Blue Lightning. I was really amazed by the power of the beast and signed up a little later as a developer and got the EPYX material from Atari. The general consensus at that time was that it was the first 16-bit system. Once I got the docs I realized that it could not be used to what I wanted to develop. So it stayed in my cupboard untl my kids got old enough.
  12. Hmm. It should not be so complicated. How many geometry shaders, fragment shaders, tessellation shaders did the Lynx have? Has anyone ported Nanite and Lumen to the Lynx already? Is there perhaps a few tensor cores lurking in Suzy? So many questions... But seriously. At PRGE I met a few artists who had spent ages to model the mouse in a game and spent hours to bend the whiskers to be exactly right. In the final game you can see the mouse for about 3 seconds in the intro. In a corner of the screen. So the job may not give much satisfaction after all...
  13. I already have my game idea. But the platform is still not decided. I really love Vulkan on my brand new Raspberry Pi 400. Here you can see some compilations done by me. The VulkanVenus has a framerate of 47 fps. While Karri walking is 231 fps. I just love Vulkan. The Atari Lynx is a long time friend. I kind of like the idea to write a game for it as well. But... Naah... Who cares about resolution, colours and 3D anyway. This image is not from me. It is a French lady Marie Antoinette. Before she lost her head. I just went through a Blender tutorial by Danny Mac. Pretty cool stuff.
  14. 1. the general audience in itch.io are not at all interested in the Lynx 2. you need an account to vote 3. the game pages are completely isolated. No chat between developers or audience 4. huge amounts of spam from itch.io during and after the jam 5. bad tools to navigate on your pages 6. does not support the way of voting that I described 7. for me it was a hostile environment to navigate through. Difficult to come back to a page you had seen before 8. ads getting in the way
  15. Hi @Cammy, the Dawnbringer palette you modified for the Lynx to be the default palette has been really great. Most of my games are just using it, like to one below. Thanks for the help of pointing to the right direction years ago.
  16. My code has a slightly different appoach. It runs until it fails or succeeds. But it does not try multiple times. Hopefully I have the time tonight to try it out on a real Lynx.
  17. No change in operations in the latest files. They are still stuck at start.
  18. At least I spent enough time to know how it should work. So I could have a look at your code o see if I can spot anything strange there.
  19. Now I got it to work on a Raspberry Pi. At least reading an eeprom works with all handshaking etc. The next step is to create an utility to write the eeprom.
  20. I wrote an utility to read the 24aa512 eeprom on the Raspberry Pi. It does not get he ACK handshaking either. ime to dig up my measuring tools...
  21. I wonder if I have some errors on the board. The test shows "Press a key" and nothing happens after that...
  22. Unfortunately the sp65 optimisation is not completed yet. But I believe that the latest sprpck is up to the task.
  23. I will try to get some time to test it after work today.
  24. Thanks. After spending some time thinking about alternatives I am slowly starting to realize that the best option is to order a set of carts with either 93c46 or 22AA512. There is really not much sense in trying to do both on a single cart. You just end up having unnecessary problems. Besides it just takes a few minutes to remove one chip and insert a new one.
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