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  1. Hi pangasinan: Well if you can`t find a CDrom or a USB port available my guess is that you will have to do it the hard way, I think you will have to remove one of the panels of the tabletop and unhook the CPU, then with the CPU box out you will be able to install a CDROM drive or a floppy drive and then you will be able to feed more games to it. You could also unhook the Hard drive and plug it to another computer as a secondary hdd and from there copy more games. By the way congratulations you got a great tabletop cabinet, all black it looks great! congrats, it looks very good.
  2. Well I´ve used the Qtip moistened with water method with over 300 carts and they all work, some of them have been with me for like 20 years and they still work fine. But of course never insert a cart without allow it to dry for a few minutes, it should be completely dry before you plug it in. If you have Iso alcohol at hand well of course it is better than plain water, but it won´t hurt either to use the damp Qtip method. Best choice would be to use Electrical Cleaning products, you might be able to find them at Radio Shack or Steren Electronic Stores. Armor All is only good for plastic surfaces I do not recommend to apply it on the contacts as they may get all messy and greasy. The Weiman kitchen cleaning product I think is overkill and the chemicals it contain may be way too strong and I don´t doubt you probably used it with success to bring back to life highly corroded contacts with it but still it sounds like an overkill.
  3. In Mexico I call them "CARTUCHO", that's spanish for Cartdridge. Others call them just "JUEGOS" that simply means Games. Back in the 80s it was common that my friends told me things like: "Prestame un Juego del Atari" = Lend me one Atari Game "Cuantos Cartuchos de Atari tienes?" = How many Atari carts do you own? that's how we called them.
  4. Yes, I back you up Warriorisabouttodie. I use Q tips and water too, I dip one end of the Qtip in water, wipe the excess and scrub the cart contacts until they look clean, the Qtip will look dark of all the dirt it removed. Now use the other end of the Qtip leave it dry and scrub again the same area and the contacts will look shiny. That should do it in most cases. Also wait a couple of minutes before plugging in the cart you cleaned to allow it to dry.
  5. I'm going to watch this movie. You know, back in 1993 when the Collector-scene was taking shape I used to joke with one of my friends at the University about how cool would it be that in the next decade people would make a museum dedicated to Atari stuff and maybe even a Hollywood movie about videogames, back then we laughed about it thinking well that may never happen, back then mostly we got our games from old friends you knew in your city you didn´t even needed wads of cash to get Atari stuff but you would exchange it for other items like new music CDs, you had to hunt carts in Flea Markets for $2 it didn´t matter if it was rare or not all carts were $1 if dirty or beaten up and $2 if it looked shiny, and if you were lucky some Supermarket in our city put some old inventory of Atari games at slashed prices for like $6-$10 new in box, mostly Asteroids, Missile Commands and the likes; But now all those far fetched dreams are turning real, now you can see Documentaries on Discovery Channel about the History of Videogames, focusing in a big way on how Atari influenced the industry, several websites like atariage dedicated to Atari, Videogame Console remakes, Emulators for every classic console, etc. This is so good for Atarians and the Classic Gamers community I hope more projects like these come to life in the future.
  6. You can run your Dos based Atari emulator using only a USB Flash Memory stick without a Hard Disk and without a CDROM. The trick is to reformat the USB Thumbdrive and make it bootable. You will be able to run MSDOS, the real deal not the 16bit subsystem that comes inside Windows but the real OS itself. It works on most PCs that are a couple years old and that run Windows XP or Windows Vista, it probably won´t work on 5 year old computers. Requirements: * USB Flash Memory keydrive: I used a Kingston 1GB that costs like $10 * HP USB Disk Storage Format tool: this program allows you to make thumbdrives bootable. * MSDOS Bootable disk or Windows98 Boot Disk. Warning: Be very careful when you follow these instructions, you could erase important data or end up with a disabled computer if you don't do it properly, if you don´t fully understand how to do this ask someone that knows to do it (buy him/her a beer or a pizza) and have them do it for you. In a few words do it under your own risk. Method for WINDOWS XP or VISTA Users Follow these Steps: 1)Install the HP USB Disk Storage Format tool and insert your USB keydrive (Kingston works well). Run the HP Tool and select the USB drive letter windows assigned for it. Set the Format type to FAT 32 for Win98 or FAT16 for older MSDOS versions. Check the "Include System Files" box. 2) Insert your DOS Boot Disk where the the HP Tool will find the OS system files, or you can download an image of your favorite OS from the web. Browse the Location Folder on the HP Tool so it knows where to find the DOS system files you want to include in the USB Keydrive. 3) Wait a couple of minutes until the USB keydrive Format is finished. Now you can boot fom it. 4) Copy to the USB drive your emulator files and roms in a folder. Also make a folder for other DOS external system files. 5) Turn off your Computer. 6) Turn on your PC and look at the BIOS Boot logo screen, not the Windows Boot screen but the very first screen. Look for the Key that allows you to modify the BIOS settings. If you miss it (it only shows for a few seconds) then turn it off and on again. 7) Press the key to enter BIOS setup. (Example Phoenix BIOS use F2, but it may vary from computer to computer). Search for "Boot" section and allow USB Key to boot first. (Example: Boot Priority 1) USB Key 2) HD IDE drive 3) CD ROM drive) 9) Save Settings and Exit. 10)Turn off the computer. 11) Insert your bootable USB Key Drive 12) Turn it on and you should be able to see the DOS prompt screen. 13) Run your emulator. Have Fun Most BIOS in late computers allow you to use a USB mouse and keyboard as if they were old DOS devices because they use something called Legacy Support, now the Sound Card can be a bit tricky because that varies from one computer to another and it´s impossible for me to look at all types of PCs out there but you sould be able to make the sound work if you got this far. If you want to look deeper into this topic you can also run a Search on the web for How to make a USB drive bootable or similar keywords there are several methods out there but this is the one that worked for me. Well I hope it works for you too, this method worked for me using a Windows Vista Notebook and a Kingston keydrive. Thanx for watching!
  7. The 7800 version looks better, but its so unfair to compare it to the 2600 version wich is also very good by 2600 standards, remember the 7800 runs on more powerful hardware than the venerable 2600. Wich version should you get? well if you're looking for better graphics get the 7800 version, but if you're hardcore with 2600 (like me) then u should already know the answer
  8. Hola gus: Tal vez otros latinos en Mexico esten dispuestos a intercambiar algo de Atari, puedes preguntar en la comunidad mexicana de http://groups.msn.com/ATARI2600UNACONSOLAUNICA donde al menos algun coleccionista de habla hispana en Monterrey conoce algo de Intv tambien, no estoy muy seguro sobre que tan elevado sea el costo de enviar algo hasta Argentina desde Norteamerica pero quizas encuentren alguna solucion de envio economica. Saludos.-Eduardo
  9. @stayrunner: Hi, basically two Atari fans living in Spain are trying to contact each other to discuss about 2600 gaming and they are also looking for other Hispanic members among us. @Quei: Hola, keitaro que tambien vive en España me pidio tu direccion de email para contactarte sobre juegos de 2600, tal vez el te mande una carta a tu direccion de Hotmail en estos proximos dias.
  10. Hola keit: Me da gusto poder encontrar coleccionistas Atarianos de habla Hispana. En el foro de 2600CONSOLAUNICA Quei que tambien es de España ha estado publicando algunas fotos de su coleccion tiene algunas consolas 2800 y 7800 con caja. Ahi tambien podras ver fotos de las colecciones de otros mexicanos que gustan del 2600. Esperamos poder ver tus mensajes mas seguido aqui en el Foro Internacional de AtariAge y tambien estas formalmente invitado a unirte a la Comunidad Mexicana de 2600CONSOLAUNICA cuando gustes. Quedo a tus ordenes para cualquier duda que tengas y con mucho gusto podre contestarte en Español. Saludos.-Eduardo
  11. Yes! I used to play Larry 1 on my PCXT 8088 with CGA graphics! LOL great game, ah the good old days, back then the game seemed so "smart" heh nowadays it feels primitive but it was very impressive then. You should try Space Quest too.
  12. Hola Gustavo: Me parecio muy curioso ver el logo de AA en la pista hehe Oye tal vez a futuro pudieras considerar crear editores de laberintos de juegos como Berzerk o Pacman, en el pasado me di cuenta que es muy facil modificar el laberinto de Berzerk (Doomzerk) creo que varios juegos de laberinto y de carreras tienen potencial para ser explotados con Editores similar al que utilizaste para Indy. Espero lo consideres en tus futuros proyectos. Saludos.
  13. I saw the interview yesterday, I'm glad Ben and his VCSP were at TechTV it was nice to see the 2600 scene receiving this level of attention from the media. Bravo Ben!
  14. Interesting article wich appeared at Nintendojo: Meet the New Boss...Same as the Old Boss. http://www.nintendojo.com/editorials/view_....php?1075902457
  15. Hola Gustavo: Que bien que estes creando nuevas pistas para el Indy500 imaginate si aplicaramos el mismo concepto para Enduro/Pole Position obviamente son juegos codificados de forma muy distinta pero creo que hay mucho potencial en las modificaciones a los juegos de 2600 basados en Niveles o Pistas digamos como una secuela (similar al Wolfenstein y Wolf Spear of Destiny) son practicamente el mismo juego pero con distintos niveles. Creo que en el futuro de los hacks a los juegos del Atari 2600 pudieran surgir variantes quizas aun mas interesantes que las pistas, niveles o laberintos originales. Saludos desde Mexico!
  16. 1) Atari 2600 - the pinacle of classic gaming. 2) SuperNES - not classic yet but right now you can easily find a miriad of great games for less than $10, its about to reach the 15 year mark, so it will soon be considered classic by many, but now it's the time to grab some SNES just before everyone focus on the 16 bit era for collecting purposes. 3) PS - At some point some CDs will be considered rare and right now you can find PS games for dirt cheap prices.
  17. Try it! it's just a silly graphic (a Boat!) with a few notes, I used to impress some newbies back in the day with this short program I learned from the great Larry Goldstein's Basic for the IBM PC book (late 80s) it's just part of a lesson teaching how to draw crude graphics using the venerable GWBasic. It was quite impressive back in the day tho. I still keep this book to this day
  18. Asteroids Coin-Op, That's where it all began for me. 2600-Chopper Command, spent hundreds of hours playing it. Turmoil, Centipede and Galaxian were pretty addictive too. Sierra Games for the PC (Larry Laffer, King's Quest, Space Quest) those just seemed so "intelligent" back then. Test Drive for the PC, it was as close as you could get to the real thing. SMB3 for the NES-Awesome graphics for its time. Street Fighter II Coin-Op got me into Fighting games. Wolfenstein & Doom series for the PC forced me to upgrade hardware several times just to play it at full speed.
  19. I'll have to agree with Kepone that the N64 is too "young" to be considered a classic...yet, but maybe in 6 more years it will feel more like a "classic" system (imagine a kid in 2010 looking for cheap games in a pile of used stuff then finding a N64 and saying "hey this is the system I read about that still used cartridges!"). If you ask me I would hold to both Zeldas (OoT and MM), those two are sure to be considered "classic" games for the N64 in the future IMO. Now if you have some extra dough to sink just for the sake of it (and space available) it won't hurt either for your N64 collection to include Mario64, Banjo Kazooie, SW Rogue Squadron, SW Naboo Fighter, Goldeneye, Mario Kart64 and WaveRace. Take or give a couple of other games out there that might be interesting for your personal taste in gaming but either way it will be hard to find over 10 games that you really enjoy for this system.
  20. Eduardo

    Messed up site

    [email protected] being slower than the VCS!!! hahaha Whoever wrote that article is totally clueless or maybe he never had the chance to play with a real Atari 2600 Jr console Now I've seen it all
  21. Hola Omar: Que buena onda que estes en la misma plaza que Edmundo y Axel, por cierto los cartuchos taiwaneses de Atari 2600 son una excelente carnada para intercambios, te recomiendo que no los dejes pasar y aunque no te atraigan mucho si los encuentras baras digamos a $10 pesitos o menos levantarlos como estrategia para utilizarlos en futuros intercambios, en otras ciudades son poco comunes. Me da gusto ver los juegos de PC clasicos (Abandonware) que mencionas en tu lista, a mi tambien me fascina todos los programas de Abandonware que corren en las PC XT8088, El Larry Laffer 1 no puede faltar en ninguna coleccion decente hehe, veo que en general te gustan los juegos de Sierra de finales de los 80s, te recomiendo el Space Quest, tiene el toque sarcastico del Larry Laffer aunque es orientado a un tema comico de un Conserje de una nave espacial que se queda dormido dentro del cuarto donde guardan los utensilios de limpieza durante una invasion alienigena y cuando despierta los Aliens ya habian toman el control de la nave y a como puede el pobre Conserje tiene que vencer a los Extraterrestres. Tambien esta el Police Quest solo que es un poco tedioso porque hay que utilizar un mapa para manejar dentro de la ciudad. Tal vez recuerdes el Alley Cat, el Digger, Batman, Test Drive, Ford Driving Simulator, Prince of Persia, Blockout, LHX, existen conversiones de Arcade excelentes para las 8088 de Ms Pacman y Star Wars Arcade entre otros. De los que corren en plataformas como 386/486 ademas de los que mencionas en tu lista de coleccion entre mis favoritos tambien estan el Catacomb´s Abyss (el abuelo del Doom, padre del Wolfenstein)el Blakestone Aliens of Gold, el Full Throttle, The Dig y Dark Forces SW todos esos estan padres. Saludos.
  22. Hola Mundo! En mi opnion por el simple hecho de ser piratas de Taiwan puedes clasificarlos como raros, por cierto de que marca en especifico son? tal vez en paises de sudamerica sean simplemente poco comunes los Taiwaneses pero en Norteamerica son bastante escasos en numero comparado con el resto de cartuchos que fueron construidos bajo licencia. La forma extraña del chip Rom se debe a que para abaratar los costos de producción el chip es simplemente recubierto de epoxy negro por eso se ven diferentes.
  23. Solamente para informarles a los coleccionistas de habla hispana sobre la primera Reunion en Monterrey Mexico el 20/Nov/2003 de miembros de la Comunidad MSN de "Atari 2600 Una Consola Unica", los regiomontanos demostraron ser excelentes anfitriones y descubri tambien que existe gran cantidad de juegos clásicos disponibles en los mercados locales. Esperamos en el futuro organizar reuniones nacionales de coleccionistas mexicanos. Usted puede ver las fotos en: http://groups.msn.com/ATARI2600UNACONSOLAU...terrey2003.msnw
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