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  1. Rockin' Kat

    Rockin' Kat

  2. I guess my most irrational want is an Apple Lisa in working order. Followed up with an Apple ///.
  3. My desk is so clean I can see the top of it.. like all the top of it. This is so alien.

    1. Shawn


      Been working ot achieve that same foreign look to my workspace as well.


  4. Bought parts off Rob for a Coleco Combat TV game. All around good transaction.
  5. Might want to update your links in the main post. None of them work anymore. http://atariage.com/forums/store/
  6. I ordered some special video cables from some place a few years ago. After two weeks of no shipments and no email replies I just put in a PayPal dispute and got my money back.
  7. So I’ve got a coleco combat console but one of the joystick handles is missing. I’m looking to either buy a parts system or maybe mail in a sample to someone who could render a 3D printable model.
  8. The Tapatalk app is utter trash. Gave me a Post error and said it couldn't make the post, but it actually did post. So I wound up with this double post. See this topic: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/276839-wtb-joystick-handle-for-coleco-combat-original-or-3d-printed/
  9. So this has been an issue for a while: I'll go to atariage.com and click on the forums link. Then I'll go to log in and firefox will pop up a message over the login form saying the connection isn't secure instead of autoentering my login info. So I check the url and it's not using https. So I add https:// to the beginning of the url and hit enter/return. Now I have a secure connection. So I enter my login. Main forum page reloads, still says it's using https... But if I click through to anything else on the forum it is again not using https. I typically use Firefox and am running the latest stable release. No beta or anything like that. The website also behaves the same way on chrome, though chrome isn't as fussy about auto entering login details on an insecure form.
  10. Ah, the morning has come and as such, I must be getting to bed. Overnight work is such a blast. Really.

    1. TheTIGuy


      Someone understands! Finally!

    2. Rockin' Kat

      Rockin' Kat

      Too bad my work contracts are always short and I always wind up with months of no work. If I could swing real regular work at the hourly rate these jobs paid I could actually have something resembling a 'normal' life.

  11. A week away from completing the electronics workbench area in the storage room and pipe burst in an upstairs bath, saturted the ceiling in a downstairs bedroom and funneled water through the air ducts to rain out over the shelves I was using to store eqiupment on.

    1. jaybird3rd


      Ugh, sorry to hear! I'm glad my workshop is on the top floor of my house.

  12. Gosh... Game Gavel. I hadn't thought about that place in years. Whenever I looked there was never much interesting. I bought maybe once the whole time. I just went over there and clicked on the login page to be given an error saying that FireFox didn't connect to gamegavel because "my computer’s clock appears to show the wrong time and this is preventing a secure connection." The message tells me my computer should be set to four days in the past. There appears to be some kind of time warp happening wherever the server is running from. Personally, I had no idea there was some ill will surrounding Game Gavel... but then I haven't really been around much. I just want to repeat a couple things others have already posted: choice between time extending auctions or snipe-able auction would be cool. Also, non-hidden bidder names. Not getting an idea of who you were competing with made bidding kind of boring and uninteresting. At the same time though: lately as a buyer I find the whole auction thing obnoxious and really just want to buy something and get it in my mailbox already and it feels like it's been quite long time since I've ever wanted something where I was actually forced into bidding and waiting for the auction to end.
  13. Damnit. Now there aren't any left for sale now that I see this... Soundcard I have doesn't have an input, which would be kind of cool. Anyway, on muting the audio from the built in speaker, personally, I find there are some things where the monaural sound off the built in jack is a better choice, so the best solution is really to just plug a 3.5mm a/b switch into both the output from the stereo card and the output from the built in jack on the IIgs logic board, this mutes the built in speaker and gives you a quick easy switch between sending stereo or mono sound to whatever external speakers you are using with your IIgs.
  14. Well, admittedly, travel is a bit expensive for me right now, but I am interested... Though, there is a question: does this event not have any kind of actual website or even just a single first page forum post clearly presenting the what, when, and where? It seems like info is a bit scattered.
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