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  1. At $325 on craigslist, I wouldn't call it anything other than a fair price, and I didn't really need another Apple II already having a ][+, Platinum //e, //c, and a IIgs, but the monitor made it too hard to say no. I'd been watching for the particular crt model for a while and it was the first one that wasn't some ebay listing all the way across the country where I could easily spend upwards of $200 just to get a smashed monitor in a minty looking cardboard box because it was shipped by some moron who couldn't follow some basic instructions on why/how to doublebox and properly cram packing filler around a crt for shipment. Behold, a 1hr round trip apple //e with missmatched Disk ][ and a very nice burn-in-free Amdek Color-I plus. The //e had school identification scratched into the side while the Amdek had it on the back. Ultimately not really a big deal to me... unlike the huge WA DL number dug into the front of my 512Ke Mac.
  2. We could meet up at Jedi Alliance. https://spokanearcade.com/
  3. Behold the membermap: https://atariage.com/forums/membermap/ I am now depressed again.
  4. So they're going to do PRGE in August this year instead of the usual October. Hopefully this year I'll be able to budget for it. It's been a few years since I've been able to go.
  5. Oh, I do have a... few... other CRT televisions and video monitors of various size and eras, this is just one of my favorite pickups. It's RF only yet it has a very nice picture in spite of that. The NES is hooked up using the original Nintendo automatic RF-switch.
  6. Well aren't you lucky, you can download the full Service Manual for that model free of charge.
  7. Hi, Been a while since I've made a post here. how about some pictures of one of the numerous TV's in the basement? This is a 1988 Sony KV-1926RA. Eventually someday, I'll be ready to post photos of the actual game room.
  8. This is cool shtuff. Will have to try popping it in my IIgs tomorrow just for grins.
  9. I got a Coleco Adam expansion for the Colecovision once. Found it somewhere local cheap but it didn't have the printer which is where the power supply was located. I tried to look up getting it working sans printer but couldn't find anything really difinitive on what I needed to power it without the printer so I said f*ck it and sold it off instead. But as to anything I really got heavily into? No. I'm too much of a pack rat to do that.
  10. Woah. The forums are like different now and stuff.

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    2. Rockin' Kat
    3. Rockin' Kat

      Rockin' Kat

      The profile pages are pretty slick looking. I went and updated to add a banner to mine.

    4. Rockin' Kat

      Rockin' Kat

      After the new year I might be coming by a lot more often as I think I will be getting more serious about getting back into dealing with projects and stuff to do with the hobby that I had to put on the back burner a few years ago.

  11. Rockin' Kat

    Rockin' Kat

  12. I guess my most irrational want is an Apple Lisa in working order. Followed up with an Apple ///.
  13. My desk is so clean I can see the top of it.. like all the top of it. This is so alien.

    1. Shawn


      Been working ot achieve that same foreign look to my workspace as well.


  14. Bought parts off Rob for a Coleco Combat TV game. All around good transaction.
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