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  1. I see. That means you're accessing the tool through a file:// URL instead of http://. That won't work because certain web APIs that the tool uses don't work with file:// URLs. If you download the code, then you need access it through an http server. But you can also just use the latest version (v0.3.3) directly at this URL with no need to download it: https://lybrown.github.io/fujiconvert/ I've updated the github latest release to point to v0.3.3 as well. Thanks for the heads up!
  2. @Triads, how big is the mp3 file? Maybe try converting it to WAV first and/or truncating it before loading it into FujiConvert? Can you try opening the browser console window while it's stuck to see if there are any error messages?
  3. Feature request: Some kind of visualization for GTIA audio. Could the audio scope tap off of the audio chain after GTIA has been mixed in?
  4. That would be a function of the AVGCART menu system, not the player itself. The menu system is responsible for setting up the stream for any particular file and then the player just reads it. I'm not sure if @tmp has published any documentation on the hardware registers which are used to interact with the SD card. All I know is that the player enables the stream by writing a "1" to $D510 and then bangs on the read register at $D5F0. To cleanup it should write a "1" followed by a "0" around 250 cycles later to $D511.
  5. When you tried merging, how big were the files? Were they multiples of 8704 bytes? I believe that phaeron's latest 192-line encoder/decoder strategy uses exactly 17 512-byte sectors per frame. So as long as you join two or more AVF files at 17-sector boundaries, then the resulting merged file should play correctly. Please use caution, back up your files etc., but using GNU tools, this could be done as follows: truncate -s /8704 A.avf B.avf C.avf D.avf cat A.avf B.avf C.avf D.avf > E.avf Where "-s /8704" means truncate down to the nearest multiple of 8704 bytes. Again, CAUTION! This will remove up to 8703 bytes of your file! So, please back up if you are unsure. See also: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/211689-60-fps-video-using-side-2/?do=findComment&comment=2744987
  6. What you're describing would happen if the sector reads get out of sync with the screen refresh rate. This could happen if a sector read takes too long or if the file is somehow fragmented on the media such that the file doesn't occupy sequential, contiguous sectors as CharlieChaplin mentioned. How are you transferring the files to the SD Card? Are you using SIDE2 or AVGCART?
  7. Xuel


    I've fixed this. Here are new builds for all default combinations: avgplay-1.1.zip
  8. Xuel


    OK, cool. Thanks Mr. Robot. I will check into it. Here are versions with different defaults: avgplay-mono-covox.xex avgplay-mono-pdm.xex avgplay-stereo-covox.xex avgplay-stereo-pdm.xex
  9. Xuel


    I'll see if I can debug the double return/space issue. Can you walk me through the exact sequence of keypresses that you did starting from the AVGCart menu? Yeah, tmp and I discussed the possibility of storing defaults somewhere. For now, I'll post different versions of the player with different defaults.
  10. Xuel


    So, if you defragment the .pdm files or write them continuously to start, then they'll be ready-to-play for as many playbacks as you want from then on, right?
  11. Xuel


    As tmp said, this plays the same files as FJC's PDM Player. You can generate them here: https://lybrown.github.io/fujiconvert/ The bitrate is pretty much maxed out already. It is limited by the PDM playback method. It's 44KHz for mono and 22KHz for stereo. The AVGCart Player can use three different playback methods: PDM (8-bit), Covox (8-bit), and PCM (4-bit). Covox is probably the clearest if you have that extension in your machine. PDM should be better than PCM but I included PCM just for comparison. Currently .pdm files have no way other than file name to identify mono vs. stereo. I think it would be nice to develop a standard header for these files to include this info in the file itself. This could also contain other metadata like Artist and Title. I'll make a proposal later. You can play a stereo .pdm back as mono or vice versa but ideally you'd play back with the same number of channels as used during encoding with FujiConvert.
  12. Xuel


    Source for the player here: avgpdm-1.0.zip This includes a rudimentary Altirra custom device which implements the AVGCart streaming protocol. I used it to debug my code in Altirra. I included instructions to install it in README.txt. NOTE: You need Altirra 4.0+ (e.g. Altirra 4.0-test5) for custom device support.
  13. Here's a simple way to combine the Image.xex with Game.xex: opt h- ins 'Image.xex' opt h+ ini $2C00 opt h- ins 'Game.xex' ImageGame.xex No need to disable interrupts because Image.xex already does that. It also re-enables them when it exits, so any disk I/O, to continue loading will operate correctly. The important thing is to get the whole Image.xex loaded, then have an INI segment to run it, then the Game.xex, in that order. See also: https://www.atarimax.com/jindroush.atari.org/afmtexe.html
  14. SAP defaults to PAL timings. For TYPE B, C, S and R songs, you can add the following line to the SAP header to make them play back with NTSC timings: FASTPLAY 262 Here is the Donkey Kong SAP from ASMA with that modification: Donkey_Kong_NTSC.sap See also: http://asap.sourceforge.net/sap-format.html
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