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  1. 1 hour ago, _The Doctor__ said:

    I wonder if this movie player and movies can be converted to AVG use... or if the beaglebone expansion would be updated/moved to more solutions encompassing all of these other upgrades these days

    The existing AVG firmware couldn't support these types of movies. It would need to implement a bank switching scheme similar to ABX. Currently it only supports a streaming mode similar to SIDE or MyIDE.


    The fundamental requirements for RastaConverter-esque movies is a memory bank where Sally and Antic can intermix reads in a somewhat random access fashion. Ideally it would be large enough to hold both the bitmap data and the 6502 code for a full screen. Otherwise you'll have to dedicate some 6502 instructions mid-screen to bank switching and even then the underlying hardware might not be able to bank switch fast enough. ABX actually streams in the next bank during the vertical blank period.

  2. In Abyss did you get the score trading or doing missions? From my testing the game needs fine-tuning because missions give too much money and are too easy.


    I think you're right. Concentrating on missions yielded a higher score for me. :) It's especially nice when the next mission is at the planet you're already at. That seems to happen fairly often. In any case, I love your game!

  3. In Abyss did you get the score trading or doing missions? From my testing the game needs fine-tuning because missions give too much money and are too easy.


    I did both. But I got lucky early on in trading because D had cheap gems and A paid high sums for them. I made a few bucks on weapons and other items but mostly concentrated on gems. I ignored some missions with low reward. I nearly died several times due to the delayed controls and passing through blackholes. :) Luckily fuel is cheap. I think I had around 35 cargo holds in the late game.

  4. What are you going to do with the last line?

    You are only using 9.


    Do you get points for not using 10?

    Do you get penalised for not using 10?

    Don't know, but I should be penalized for being too lazy to fill up one more line! Line 4 has some room left too. :)

  5. X:8



    The enemies are preshifted to 2 different horizontal positions and 4 different vertical positions within a 3x3 block of 8x8 ANTIC mode 2 characters. This means that they can be positioned on a global 4x2 pixel grid by drawing the appropriate characters into the appropriate screen ram addresses.


    Yes, I forgot to mention that the engine continuously cycles between eight different character sets every four frames. Each character set contains a different enemy pose preshifted to the 4x2 grid. Unfortunately this means that all enemies must have the same pose at any given time and the debris animation can't start with an arbitrary pose at an arbitrary time. The star movement is partially baked into these character sets so that only two slots are devoted to them. Every slot is precious given the 128 character limit.

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  6. Sorry I didn't see your post sooner! It should work for NTSC as well. The only caveat is that many XL/XE models don't have a connection from the internal Chroma signal to the DIN port, so the S-Video won't work. However, those signals are present internally and can be routed to the DIN port if you're willing to make some modifications:


    More info:


    FAQ: http://www.atarimani...y-atari_17.html

    FAQ: http://www.faqs.org/...section-17.html

    S-Video mod instructions: http://www.karaokepo...d.com/svid.html


    Another person who made a cable:




    Someone who made the S-Video modification to a 130XE:



  7. Good eye. ;)


    I am using a Pinnacle Dazzle DVC 100 video capture card. I found it for $2 at Goodwill. It's not the best for playing games because there is a lot of latency, but it's OK for demos and such. There are a lot of ways to feed the video/audio capture to your screen and speakers in real time, but they are all a little flaky, I've found.


    mplayer is currently the only way I can get both the video and the audio to work, but the latency is pretty bad:


    mplayer tv:// -tv driver=v4l2:norm=PAL:device=/dev/video0:audiorate=48000:immediatemode=0:forceaudio:adevice=/dev/dsp2:forcechan=1 -vf pp=lb


    gstreamer seems to have the lowest latency and the deinterlace feature is very nice for taking the 25 fps output of the capture card and up-converting to 50 fps. Though lately, the sound is just a horrible buzz. Perhaps there is a driver problem, or probably I'm building the stream incorrectly. Here's my script:


    v4lctl setinput Composite1
    v4lctl setnorm PAL
    gst-launch-0.10 v4l2src ! deinterlace ! queue ! autovideosink alsasrc device=hw:2,0 ! deinterleave ! alsasink sync=false


    I've also tried cheese, vlc and xawtv.


    Hmmm, I just discovered tvtime. Looks promising... Doh! The sound is buzzing there too. Well, I need to do more research. :)


    Edit: corrected DVC 100 link.

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