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  1. Damn. I just bought a couple of N64 controllers last week. Yours are much nicer. These should go quick!
  2. I somehow started with a YouTube video for BleemSync 1.2. I ended it just now, 7-ish hours later, watching Elaine Paige and Susan Boyle perform a duet of " I Know Him So Well" with stops on the way watching a Star Trek II "Modern Trailer" and - I admit it - leaking a tear or two watching Kodi Lee... etc etc etc. Damn YouTube.

  3. So we (Walmart) reset our sidecounter modulars this week in Electronics. We reset the entire department. Some really great clearance you might want to keep an eye on! Pac-Man tin signs for $2.50. Pac-Man silhouette lights for $7.00. PNY 16GB and 32GB Micro SD cards for $4.50. 64GB Sandisk Micro SD cards for $9.00. Quite a lot of good clearance for a change!

    1. malrak


      I've picked up those tins a few times, only to talk myself out of them and put them back.  If I see 'em for a couple of bucks, SOLD!

  4. This game is too touchy. You get caught on every little corner. Still it’s interesting. 😊 507
  5. I think this is what I am looking for. I'm going to give it a shot. Thank you!
  6. The lot I got my hands on had an original silver NTR-001 and a black DS Lite USG-001. Both are Nintendo DS (not 2DS or 3DS). They work really well so I'd like to add them to my collection. Just need a loader cart of some kind. EDIT: I already have an EZ-Flash for GBA so that part is all set. It even came with a 2nd shell so I can swap it into the DS and not have it stick out.
  7. What's everyone using(if you are)? I don't care about 3DS games. I ran across a cart called Stargate 3DS but after looking into it for a whopping 5 minutes it seems this one is a bad idea. Everyone panned it as poor build, fake, crap, etc... So... recommendations?
  8. I think I spent an entire year playing nothing but X-Wing once I got a PC that could run it. Good times.
  9. And this is why I joined a few high score clubs. I haven't spent near enough time enjoying the games!
  10. Based on what you (can't) see in that picture it's obvious to me you had more than "a few beers". LOL!!
  11. I think this would be better with better paddles. Mine aren’t great. 6,270
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