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  1. Happy to see your Genesis finally moved from that $100 that it was sitting at. Would have been a shame to go that low.
  2. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if the woodchuck was really Bill Nye?

    1. x=usr(1536)


      He'd chuck all the wood a woodchuck could if the woodchuck was Mr. Wizard.

  3. ** EIGHT ** attempts ... first attempt was 4400 on the second screen wizard level. My final was 4900 (yes a whopping 500 more points), never got past screen 2 and I’m done for now. I may try again later but there’s too much running and chasing and praying and not enough action. Meh. 2 x 10,000 + 4,900 = crappola (24,900 in English)
  4. 29,000 - I actually had too much going on at once on one line during this run - 2 hags, spinach and Brutus. I kicked Brutus overboard but I clipped right off the screen because I was flashing so much. Couldn’t do a thing until a heart sat too long and I lost a life. Weird.
  5. Next in line if they’re still available?
  6. This is Intellivision baby! There's no glitch just features!! If you're good enough to have 6 ships in reserve the aliens give up their invasion and go home to cry into a vat of Rocky Road. Just get over your awesomeness and move on.
  7. Moved this to my FS thread since I already HAVE a FS thread... it's early.
  8. I hate you and your whole famn damily!! 🤣😄 Nice scores!
  9. I'm sorry to hear that. My pi is set up this way and has worked fine for a while.
  10. Last bump before eBay on Picade.
  11. 9,597 I certainly won’t be taking any patches home but I do ok with this one. Made the Atari version give up once but this is much harder.
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