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  1. I hit a stupid snag just FYI for those that don't know about it: Skyscraper is fabulous on the Pi BUT if you initially disable video downloads and scrape THEN decide to try and scrape videos for the same system it will not download them. Either do it initially or you'll have to re-scrape everything all over again. What a pain. Not even sure why I didn't get the videos in the first place and it was a conscious decision.
  2. I just spent 20 minutes trying like hell to figure out why my internet is sluggish. Virus and MalwareBytes scans, speed tests, programs running in the background, etc...


    Meanwhile I checked on how the scraping of metadata (including videos) on my Raspberry Pi is doing...



  3. Well I just had to set up my NESpi all over again. My grandson managed to yank the card out after turning it on. Errors everywhere! And, of course, I slack a lot so the backup was very, very outdated. So... here we go again! It took me 2 days total to get everything set up from a clean format to my definition of finished - this includes intro videos, transition screens, BIOS, theme change, bluetooth controller, NESPi shutdown script and scraping... so much scraping! Plus working both days added time to everything. I will say this about Buster 4.7.1 though... Retropie is SO much easier now than I remember setting up. Maybe it all just "came back to me" during the install process but I feel like the process has been refined so much now. Like a basic install is almost fully automated. I have to say that I actually enjoyed the reset this time!
  4. I don't remember if you got back to me or not. Did this work for you? I hope so. Let us know.
  5. It's fake? Really? 😣 The first time I heard George Carlin's "Back in Town" it was hilarious and aggressive. The 65th time(exaggeration) it's annoying as hell and aggressive and I'm sick of it. That's AVGN. That's all I meant.
  6. It's a sad thing when Real Life attacks your bank account and your collections have to start disappearing to help.

    1. carlsson


      At least there are some people who still have wads of money so you can get decent pay for the items you let go. I've sold off quite a bit in the last year since I thought the crash would happen but it only affected a smaller part of the population. After a while it becomes almost relaxing to sell, pack and ship stuff that you kept just because it feels good to have, even if you don't use or look at it more than every 4th year.

    2. Keatah


      True enough. I got tons of Apple II material I hadn't looked at in nearly 15 years. Books, mags, parts, cards, you name it.. Should reduce all of it to just what I had as a kid. And that would be under 50 kilos weight I would imagine.


    3. Lord Mushroom

      Lord Mushroom

      I know what you mean. I have put my brother in charge of selling my Game & Watch games and my Shinobi Tiger Electronics game to raise some cash.


      He is really dragging his feet doing it, though, so my financial situation may improve before he actual sells them. Although, it is possible he has already sold them, but forgot to tell me.

  7. Thanks @Rickster8 I had fun. I also made myself stick it out so I got a full season of games in! That was the New Year’s resolution! (From last year granted but I did it) 😁 I also placed higher than I thought I would but I think that’s more about the ones that didn’t play every week than how good (horribly bad) I am! LOL
  8. Finally got those futuristic hovercars they were touting back in the 50's and 60's!
  9. Is it this? https://www.amazon.com/Brook-Super-Converter-Controller-Adapter/dp/B00VY4MMGG
  10. Now we're looking at a "poolocalypse" huh? End of humanity as we know it!

    1. GoldLeader


      No clue on the reference...Ya know what it reminds me of?   Land Shark!  Everybody into the pool!  






      Now,....Where did that come from?  hahah....OK pretty sure it was Galaxy High!

    2. ClassicGMR
  11. I have a question unrelated to the GUI. What is "Advanced Dungeons and Dragons - Quest (1983) (Mattel).rom"? I know Cloudy, Tower and Tarmin but what is that one? On topic - I like how this looks and will be playing with it today.
  12. Damn it I wish I had some cash right now. Mortgage payment takes priority this week. I doubt it'll last another week but IF it does I'm there.
  13. Not at all. I, personally, suck at games. I love playing them but I can't play them well. Hell... just check any score I have submitted. As for B&tB - I have played a few more times here and there and tested my emulation laptop with the game. I just haven't done better on scoring to submit anything. Personally, I'm having fun.
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