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  1. 1 job for 12 years. 5 Store Managers. Every eval I have ever had is Exceeds or better.


    This woman has been covering the store for a week and has already decided we all suck and is doing things we'll have to fix and undo when she's gone. I hate people trying to score points.

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    2. ClassicGMR
    3. jd_1138


      Congrats on the good evaluations. 

    4. travistouchdown


      Great employee discount there I've heard

  2. Oh my I miss that thing! That was the first loader cart I ever had. <brag> # 001 </brag> Good luck on the sale!
  3. Wow... he didn't even edit the text in the auction - still says untested and for parts... right under the "tested and working using my buddy's cable" line! eBay at its best.
  4. Well I just gave mine to my son so that he and my grandson “would have the same game!” so I might be interested in it depending on asking price.
  5. I love seeing NESputers! It's such a great build, roomy interior and a great way to recycle a dead NES.
  6. Still looking for Star Control II for the 3DO
  7. Totally get it. IF IF IF IF you add the ability to add buttons I'd buy another one in a heartbeat so keep me in mind for your "list" purposes.
  8. You have my attention. What type of upgrades? Just out of curiosity.
  9. Ooh... I haven't been paying attention lately. Will have to push mine to 1.1.
  10. Absolutely love ETA's channel. Helped me so much when I was trying to get into RetroPie.
  11. If all you want it for is emulation you can turn off the network after you get it set the way you want and it can stay static. I haven't updated one of my RetroPie setups since I got it the way I wanted it. I turned off the network and I just use it as is. If something happens I can just re-image the backup ISO.
  12. Make sure any stick you consider buying you read the reviews thoroughly on them. I have heard and read that a lot of them overheat just doing basic work like browsing.
  13. Question: What would you recommend for a FIRE button? I've been doing searches all morning for something like a single USB Arcade button and I'm coming up blank (or zero delay 8+ button kits).
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