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  1. Finally! Secret Santa is underway! Can't wait to spend the holidays with all the participants. :) Thanks again "Chic and Cap'n"!!

    1. carlsson


      Yeah, now it is time to start thinking.

  2. Don't hate me. I just posted this on reddit the other day. Being a "non-collector yet avid gamer" doesn't make SS easier but it makes my life easier. I JUST finished the Gamecube modification an hour ago (though I still need an SD2SP2 board for now).
  3. I'm sure pboland is sick of seeing my (face/avatar/words/etc) in his threads being a fanboy but I will tell you that this - seriously - is a great product. The ability to add arcade buttons to my enclosure (Cyclone II + III) and USB plug n play (all) are fabulous. My original is on my arcade cabinet and I use the buttons on my cabinet to fire. The II is in its own box with arcade buttons on it and that gets ported around with my emulation laptop.
  4. We just saved $1,000 buying the tile for the bathroom on clearance from Home Depot. Did the entire bathroom - walls, floor, shower - for $65! We got very lucky. Wife let me splurge a little (as long as she got to buy sewing stuff) - The dual joystick on MicroCenter's website this morning was on sale for $99. I also threw the spinner in the cart for another $50. No tax which I thought was weird but oh well too late to charge me now!
  5. What's the Cyclone III got that the others ain't got?
  6. Aaah Christmas 1985 When 2 main characters didn't even have heads and the leader couldn't point a gun straight. Love those toys!!
  7. I wasn't sure if there was even going to be a Secret Santa this year but - just like in years past - I grabbed game stuff when I could and stashed it in the closet. Should still be a decent gift package leaving my house! I cannot wait. 😁
  8. There isn’t one. They have stated it multiple times in this thread. Your best bet is to subscribe to this thread and when it is announced that they are available it will be announced here as well.
  9. This was my thought as well reading OP’s posting. Nothing within your restrictions off the top of my head would attract me to one. Sorry. Just my $0.02.
  10. Pure Awesome Community Kindness And Great Enthusiasm! The whole Christmas PACKAGE. (This is fun! Do more! 🤣)
  11. NOOO!! Where's Spock eating pizza? 🤣

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    2. Cebus Capucinis

      Cebus Capucinis

      I'm not cool enough for that avatar :D

    3. GoldLeader


      But you did have monkeys right?    Just going at it.   Good times.

    4. Crazy Climber

      Crazy Climber

      its my alter ego


  12. Or, if you have that kind of patience, you could do a black outline. It would stand out more.
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