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  1. OMG @CaptainBreakoutthat "A CBS Special Presentation" logo and theme sends me back!
  2. Damn that's too bad. I can confirm it works on a Pound Challenger though.
  3. If I didn't already have one I'd jump on it. Great price if anyone is on the fence.
  4. I LOVE REN & STIMPY!!! OK back to your regularly scheduled thread already in progress.
  5. So I now have a Pound SNES system(HDMI) with a Super Everdrive X5 cartridge I recently traded up for. That makes my older setup up for sale. I have the following bundle: - 1 SNES console with power adapter, 1 Nintendo SNES controller, 1 Pound SNES controller and A/V cables. Works 100% flawlessly. The case has some yellowing but not bad really. You can see in the pictures (the console pic just under the power button) that it had a sticker of some kind on it for a long time but it really shows the contrast of the case color. This is exactly how I got it years ago. The sticker was already gone so it showed the yellowing but it hasn't progressed that I can tell. She's no beauty queen but she'll get you home. - 1 Krikzz Super Everdrive v2.1 in a Super Nintendo case. I purchased a custom label for it online last year that makes it look really authentic. I have had zero issues with this cartridge and it is running the latest firmware available on Krikzz' website. - 1 8GB SD card. The card comes with a Mario SD card sticker - just because it's Mario! It was part of the purchase when I bought the label for the cart. Here's the V2 manual and OS link: http://krikzz.com/pub/support/super-everdrive/v2/ I am asking $150 shipped in the US. Check the pictures!
  6. So... I said earlier I checked GameStop and it went from being delivered on the 19th to PENDING this morning... and it shows up. I'll take it I guess but I am so confused. LOL!
  7. Damn. Makes me wish I didn't already have an Intellivision setup. Nice console!
  8. Yeah... my order went from "Estimated Delivery 19th" to this morning "Pending". Also GameStop.
  9. Unless you're going to say "There is no Santa Claus" then I'm curious now what it was.
  10. Exactly what mine will end up doing even with the best of intentions but I still wanted it just to have. It just looks cool to me.
  11. God damn it 2020.....
  12. I have this coming tomorrow or Friday depending on UPS shipping. 😊
  13. That's a pretty nice starter lot for someone. Good selection too!
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