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  1. I realize it's not the part you're selling but I have to say - The AD&D stuff (especially the goldbox)? Very nice.
  2. I just scored this for the Switch in a recent AA deal. How do you like it?
  3. https://providence.craigslist.org/vgm/d/warwick-vga-graded-pokmon-red-and/7068045395.html Mmmmmm.... drugs.... I want what this guy is on. Here's the meat of the post in case it goes away:
  4. I have a really great 750W PSU in my gaming cabinet. Modular type so you only have to connect what you need. Keeps the rat's nest out of the case. Trouble is I can't find the other cables that came with it now that I need one...

  5. Attempting to hunt down even one good N64 controller with a solid analog is frustrating. I have 3 original controllers and 2 are "kinda-sorta" loose. I tried some of those new ones that look like N64 controllers. SUCKS! The "analog" is actually digital - don't let them fool you! Sent that back the same day. I read a lot of reviews and found the Brawler is a highly rated controller with a very modern look/feel but at $40 it was higher than I wanted to go. I eventually settled on and bought 2 of these: Retro-Bit Tribute 64 Wired N64 Controller for Nintendo 64 - Original Port. I purchased an ice blue and a forest green controller. $25 was a tad higher than I wanted to go but working originals go for about that and working originals are also used so I said the hell with it. VERY nice controllers and I am exceptionally happy with them. True analog stick, feels a little better than a Saturn controller (and MUCH better than an N64 controller IMHO), Z-button is on the shoulder now and has all the controls. The D-pad looked like an odd placement but it feels fine once you get it down and that didn't take long at all. Just my $0.02 if you're still looking for an N64 controller.
  6. Another deal with eightbit. Another happy happy day! Nintendo Switch and games lot that were much MUCH better than expected. Thank you very much!
  7. Sorry about that. I think I read that wrong yesterday.
  8. Doesn't Indy 500 use a completely different controller? Driving controller vs paddles.
  9. Always look on the bright side of life!

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  10. I was curious about the 240p mod you mentioned for the 3DO. I may have to look into that in the future assuming we have the correct chip. Good info! Good luck with your sale also.
  11. The "I hate my life" thread is open... I could give you all the sob story about why and all that but hell who cares? 😔 Hopefully I can get away with making enough starting with the least used and working my way through up to most used (unless I don't need to go that far). Auctioning off the following to start: - LTO FLash Multicart for Intellivision - Sony Playstation Vita Slim w/ 64GB memory card, 128GB cartridge adapter, 8 games AND Henkaku! Ultimate Vita setup! Cancelled! We worked out a bunch of stuff and fixed my son's money troubles! Upside is I don't have to sell anymore. Whew!!
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