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  1. Here's hoping we get to see some pics soon then! 😁
  2. I did this as well. I figure if I'm paying someone interest it should be me. Plus if I lose my job the 401k loan becomes a payout and I only have to pay "disbursement taxes" on what's left (I have 2 months left on mine to pay back). Bought a Grand Marquis and I regret nothing! Good to hear you may not have to part with your hard earned stuff to pull this off.
  3. I would actually be all in for this since I'm annoying as hell so enthusiastic about the AA Secret Santa! (Check previous threads... both statements are true...) Having said that I don't think I could. I've run mine at work for the last few years and I also take care of the fantasy football my friends and I play. Too much going on already. 😔
  4. I finally got off my ass and started restoring the old PC towers that have been collecting dust around here. They're all multi-core systems with good RAM. I threw a HDD in one and set it up for emulation. I bought 2 500GB HDD for $10 each on eBay. I have 2 more towers to run through and I still have an old video card I upgraded from to put into one of them. They're all Windows 7 machines but who cares? They run emulation well. They'll never have to go online again.

    1. S1500


      That's fun to do, especially with all the spare PC hardware I have laying around. Combine it all into some decent computers.

  5. I think they released baseball, basketball and football. I don't remember ever seeing a hockey though. The R4DS is the multicart for the Nintendo DS and the PS Classic was already modded with a 128GB USB drive ready to be loaded. I don't fool around when I do Santa stuff!
  6. 1) Wow... we all knew VG was kidding and two posts later he even said “I’m just joking”. Get your head out of your ass. 2) it goes for what the market says it does. 3) On a completely related note: Where’s the ignore list with this new board setup? edit: found the list.
  7. So I found my recipient's unboxing video. Thought it was cool to share it.
  8. Just on the off chance it's not one of the above games I kinda see Fantastic Voyage in your description.
  9. The Cyclone spinners are excellent! Thank you!
  10. That’s sad to hear but understandable. I’ve enjoyed these every year and will definitely miss it. You run a great campaign. A sincere “thank you” from me and the Mrs. Edit: I know my package was delivered a few weeks ago but never saw it acknowledged in the thread. Hope they enjoyed it.
  11. After you get the hardware and setup settled on you might wish to consider a front end software. I use GameEx and Launchbox (BigBox) myself but there are quite a few of them out there.
  12. He wants to play video games @OLD CS1! Everyone KNOWS that if you want to specifically go back to the 80's you have to crash an 83 GMC Vandura into an 82 Trans Am. You only put Jiffy-Pop in the microwave to go back in time to become your own grandfather. Sheesh....
  13. No one starts counting at zero (maybe unless you're using binary). Certainly no one counts years starting from zero. Therefore the decade has another year to go people. 1-10... 11-20... 21-30... these are decade counts.

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    2. Shawn


      Even the concept of counting time the way we do is a man made construct so there is that too.

    3. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      When you think about the 1980s, does it start at 1980 or 1981? Most people would probably say 1980 and I would agree. The third number is an 8, not a 7.

    4. eddhell


      But - was there actually a year "zero?"  or did it just flip over from 1 B.C. to 1 A.D.?  or BCE or whatever the hell they call it now....Probably all made up from the same guys that demoted the ex-planet Pluto...

  14. Final gift! It fits right in with AA and my gaming cave! 😁 This has been a very nice Secret Santa package. Thank you!
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