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  1. Anyone here print vinyl stickers or can recommend a place I can get a few small ones made? I'm finally mounting my Cyclone spinners and I'd like to add a graphic to the wooden box I am mounting it into. It's going to be a 7" x 7" surface and I think I might want to use this graphic: https://www.mobygames.com/images/promo/l/480124-arkanoid-magazine-advertisement.jpg I couldn't find a good Tempest screenshot so this would be my 2nd choice.
  2. Wow those carts are gorgeous. Quality work.
  3. Finally grabbed the XBox One with 13 games. Bought it from a guy at work for $150. Only "sports" game is Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 which I will take any day. :) Awesome so far!

    1. Tickled_Pink


      Personally, don't understand the appeal of BMX and Skateboarding games. There is one that granddaughter likes to play because she can just pick it up and have a go. If you're looking for other sports games then you could probably pick up 12 months of EA Access. That reminds me, I'd better start playing some games on it before my sub runs out.

    2. ClassicGMR


      I'm happy with the selection. Since it was a personal collection there was not a glut of sports titles like you'd see elsewhere and I'm ok with that hence the comment. :) He took really good care of this thing. Gears of War looks amazing!

    3. GoldLeader


      I haven't been to into modern games for a while,...I might be missing out, who knows?  Sounds like ya got a hell of a deal!  (And almost no sports games Yay!!!)...

  4. Carnival - 7 Things with Wings in this shot. 4 ducks 3 owls.
    1. Zeptari1


      That was wild! 

    2. joeatari1


      Wicked hardcore!  Thanks for that!

  5. Just because I thought some people would find this amusing... I sure did. I bought a Retron77 for the HDMI output. Not a problem.... What turned out to be the laugher is I wanted it so I could use my Harmony cart on an HDMI system not realizing the system is, essentially, one big Harmony cart with Stella 6.1.1 installed. 🤣 OK That's all folks!! Back to your regularly scheduled thread already in progress.
  6. I started participating in the various HSC over the last few years simply to make myself make time to play the games. Collecting, creating new ways to play, optimizing setups, reworking the desk to fit just one more console into it... I was doing all of this without playing games. What the hell was the point? 🤣 I am bad at a lot of games (however it's SO easy to roll over Space Invaders) but I do enjoy playing them.
  7. Another game I find fun that I suck at!! 🤣 33,300
  8. Minor increases at best. Like I said I’m not good with these games. Pac-Man - 3083 Ms. Pac-Man - 32820
  9. Looking forward to getting my Pi 4 setup. I just watched a review of a great OS package that will be sweet to have on my desk. I'll be running a Pi 4 with the SmartPi Touch 2 case and screen. I am going to set up an SD card for now with the boot record then use an SSD drive for everything else. Once the Pi Foundation gets off their duff and allows boot from USB I'll change it. It'll be running the Raspbian X Night Hawk package which has Retropie already included in the distro. VERY nice looking setup.
  10. I have multiple PSP handhelds in the house but only one physical game - Worms Open Warfare. I still own that because I never took it out of the drive. I think you used to need it to boot CFW early on. EDIT: If you count "loader" solutions like Harmony Cart or PSIO then I have Atari 2600, Intellivision, NES, SNES, DS Lite, GBA, N64, Genesis, Dreamcast, Playstation, Playstation 2 and 3DO all with "one" game. I'll soon be adding a Saturn. I already ordered a TerraOnion MODE so just need a console.
  11. Unfortunately I will have to defer to others here. I don't emulate 5200 games. Never got into them. Sky Scraper is the better of the two IMO. Selph's Scraper used to be but it times out way too much even when it does work. Sky Scraper will time out on occasion but I have had very good luck with it.
  12. In 1990 Radio Shack made the mistake of approving a credit card for me. I purchased a Tandy 386 sx/33 with 512k video RAM, floppy drive, CD-ROM and VGA monitor - which was great since I could play 7th Guest when it came out a few years later. I think it was $1200 plus tax. I bought a box of 3.5" floppies too. My next stop was the comic shop we had here that rented DOS games. I'll end my story there. 😇
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