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  1. That's gorgeous and untouched by sticky, post-toddler hands for all these years!
  2. I'm sorry. I know this doesn't help and I'm not adding to your thread at all but it's in my head and I have to post it... You have a "Jag Snag" © 😂 I'm going away now!
  3. Overseas IS a toss up after all. It’s even money that it’ll either get there yesterday somehow or by NEXT Christmas...
  4. Everything for my Secret Santa is wrapped. I just need some candy and a box from work to put it all into and I can think about sending it on its way. So excited!
  5. NEVER had that happen before.... 😂
  6. I waited until Christmas Eve if I remember correctly. That probably won’t change unless I need a pick me up or I just can’t stand it anymore!
  7. I had a Z64 for the longest time. Neat device! I sold it a long time ago and always wanted another one. Especially since you can modify them with HDD now. I admit the Everdrive64 wiped out my desire to own one of these. However I would recommend the Z64 all day long if anyone is considering pulling the trigger on it.
  8.  I just went through a Wendy’s drive up. Ordered a #1, medium, cherry cola, paid for my order, picked up my order at the second window and rolled up my window. As I was driving away I heard a weird noise. I look to my left back into the store and there’s four or five employees applauding me. Is this some weird new Wendy’s promotion or is it just a prank? I’m so confused but it actually made me smile! 

    1. save2600


      Did you pull up in a Yugo? Or pay with exact change?  

    2. fdurso224


      @save2600. I have a 1986 Yugo GV. I got pulled over by a bunch of Police squad cars and did a prank on me on April fools day. They just wanted to see the car since none of the officers haven't seen one in years or ever before. 

    3. Turbo-Torch


      If they were acting that weird, I'd be worried about what they did to my food.

  9. DERAIL: eBay bugs the crap out of me lately. I don't bother selling anymore and when I'm buying stuff I've noticed that it seems like it is all Amazon relistings. I bought a bunch of Amazon stuff recently - cables, switches, some parts for my wife's sewing machine, etc - because eBay had the exact same stuff with the exact same pictures for more money plus Amazon has free shipping for the most part. ------------------------------------------------------- RERAIL: (that a word?) Secret Santa shopping!! Grabbing last minute stuff this weekend. Ho ho ho!
  10. Now I have Christmas anxiety! 🤣🤣 Here I thought I was so far ahead since I shopped hard all year and only had to get small personalized items. 😀 Seriously - cool beans to whomever may be or is done! Well done Kringle(s)!
  11. That list would also work for a Christmas video game soundtrack! 😂
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