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  1. OMG @CaptainBreakoutthat "A CBS Special Presentation" logo and theme sends me back!
  2. Damn that's too bad. I can confirm it works on a Pound Challenger though.
  3. If I didn't already have one I'd jump on it. Great price if anyone is on the fence.
  4. I LOVE REN & STIMPY!!! OK back to your regularly scheduled thread already in progress.
  5. So I now have a Pound SNES system(HDMI) with a Super Everdrive X5 cartridge I recently traded up for. That makes my older setup up for sale. I have the following bundle: - 1 SNES console with power adapter, 1 Nintendo SNES controller, 1 Pound SNES controller and A/V cables. Works 100% flawlessly. The case has some yellowing but not bad really. You can see in the pictures (the console pic just under the power button) that it had a sticker of some kind on it for a long time but it really shows the contrast of the case color. This is exactly how I got it years ago. The sticker was already gone so it showed the yellowing but it hasn't progressed that I can tell. She's no beauty queen but she'll get you home. - 1 Krikzz Super Everdrive v2.1 in a Super Nintendo case. I purchased a custom label for it online last year that makes it look really authentic. I have had zero issues with this cartridge and it is running the latest firmware available on Krikzz' website. - 1 8GB SD card. The card comes with a Mario SD card sticker - just because it's Mario! It was part of the purchase when I bought the label for the cart. Here's the V2 manual and OS link: http://krikzz.com/pub/support/super-everdrive/v2/ I am asking $150 shipped in the US. Check the pictures!
  6. So... I said earlier I checked GameStop and it went from being delivered on the 19th to PENDING this morning... and it shows up. I'll take it I guess but I am so confused. LOL!
  7. Damn. Makes me wish I didn't already have an Intellivision setup. Nice console!
  8. Yeah... my order went from "Estimated Delivery 19th" to this morning "Pending". Also GameStop.
  9. Unless you're going to say "There is no Santa Claus" then I'm curious now what it was.
  10. Exactly what mine will end up doing even with the best of intentions but I still wanted it just to have. It just looks cool to me.
  11. God damn it 2020.....
  12. I have this coming tomorrow or Friday depending on UPS shipping. 😊
  13. That's a pretty nice starter lot for someone. Good selection too!
  14. Wow people already have them. Things zooming right along thanks to COVID! 🤣
  15. I kinda got lazy this week with my wife down with a sinus infection (YAY NOT COVID!) so I still need to just grab some candy and maybe a trinket or two before I ship. The main gifts, I am happy to report, are in my hands and wrapped tight!
  16. Opinion time! Should I bother with a Wii or go right to a Wii U? I have a modded Gamecube.

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    2. DoctorSpuds


      Wii U, no contest. It's basically two consoles in one and the two are treated completely separately, if you want to only play Wii games then with a tap of the screen you'd never know you were playing on a Wii U. The more I use mine the more I'm devastated that this incredible machine failed so badly. 

    3. Mikebloke


      With everyone else, Wii U, if you use Gamecube anyway, the need for a Wii is essentially dismissed completely. The other benefit of Wii U is you can play a large number of switch library games incredibly cheaper by buying second hand. You'd be surprised how many games have been ported!

    4. Razzie.P


      I'm gonna be "that guy" going against the grain to say... nah... just can't do it... gonna have to agree and say Wii U all the way!

  17. tl;dr - It's awesome and it's easy! 🤣 --------------------------------------------------------- GC Loader - mind you I never can catch them in stock on the main site so I did allow myself to be gouged a bit and bought one on eBay but, to me, it is SO worth it. I absolutely love loader solutions. This one is just like the TerraOnion MODE. It was a bit more involved since you actually have to tear down most of the unit because of how the drive assembly is installed but I had no real issues. Tons of screws though - just give it a triple check when tearing it down. Nintendo didn't skimp on the screws. What I DID run into was either over time or maybe someone previously opened this 'cube but the screws were massively over-tightened. I was surprised the screw stems weren't cracked. I actually had to use an old trick where I put the screwdriver into a screw, grabbed a pair of pliers and used the pliers on the screwdriver handle to get the leverage needed to loosen a couple of them. Seriously. Just be ready for that just in case. The board mounts to the metal shield on standoffs. When you remount the metal shield the IO connector lines right up with the drive interface on the motherboard. I reseated the cables, swapped out the memory battery and gave it a good cleaning top to bottom in the process. I bought an extender and 3D printed mount to add to the cover so I didn't have to go fishing for the SD card when I wanted it. Just like my MODE and GDEMU. I then purchased an EON GCHD Mk-II GameCube HD Adapter because I like HDMI adapters and cables. This was the #1 reason I wanted a DOL-001 - the digital out port. The signal looks fabulous coming out of the Gamecube! Even GBA through the GC through this adapter out to the tv looks great. There are mods out there for HDMI but I am a simple person and I like EON's stuff. Sue me. I obviously haven't tried every game but from what I read the only incompatibility you need to pay attention to is save files. If I understand correctly your memory card can only be one region. So you can't save Japanese game saves to a card that already has NA game saves on it. I also watched this video and it states that if you have multidisc games the GC Loader just takes care of it for you as long as the discs are all in the directory. Not sure how that magic works but I can't wait to check it out. The last piece I am waiting on is a $2 SD2SP2 interface board so the custom firmware can save settings. It installs into the serial port on the bottom. (In future firmware updates it is promised that we won't need the SD2SP2 interface board for settings as the GC Loader will save them. But that's upcoming.) I'd say after about 45 minutes of work I was testing Mario Kart Double Dash, Super Mario Sunshine, Luigi's Mansion AND had the Gameboy Interface software running Gameboy games quickly and easily (my 'cube came with the GBA player). I'm also using an Everdrive x5 on the GBA player which works great. I tested GB, GBC and GBA games and it is flawless. The Gamecube cost me a decent amount to get it to this point but considering how much the entire library would cost this is minimal. An initial, single investment that will pay off for years. If you take out the EON adapter - because it's not necessary... I just WANTED that - I spent $357 shipped for the Gamecube/Gameboy/Gameboy Color/Gameboy Advance library of games. The only things I had to start with were the SD cards so I'm personally into this for $507 shipped starting from scratch: - Gamecube setup including a black DOL-001 Gamecube, memory card, cords, 2 controllers and the GBA player - $100 - GC Loader - $135 - GBA Everdrive x5 - $95 - 3D printed SD card mount - $25 - SD2SP2 board - $2 - EON HDMI adapter - $150 And, on top of all that, the GBA Everdrive also gets used in my Nintendo DS so double win! 😁 I don't know if you read this far down but that's my $0.02 on the matter!
  18. I installed a GC Loader board in my Gamecube. The drive assembly I pulled out worked when I swapped it so I assume it's still good. I put it on my bookshelf and it hasn't moved, hasn't been dropped, hasn't been sat on by the cat, etc... I don't want to try and sell it simply because if it IS out of alignment because of me swapping it out it will become a hassle. So throw me $5 for shipping in the US and I'll send you a drive assembly. Pics incoming soon. It also may take a week to get it out to you. I am just starting my 3rd shift rotation for the week and am not off until Wednesday.
  19. Finally the bathroom renovation SHOULD be done by the weekend. Fingers crossed....

    1. GoldLeader


      I...Kind of need something similar...Holding out for now, but, I need some stuff done for sure.

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