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  1. Beat Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap yesterday while streaming. Cut out the highlight from the final boss. Only my third Zelda game I've beaten, but the second this year. Hopefully more will fall soon. beating minish cap.mp4
  2. Only one "modern" game for me this week... GameBoy Advance The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (emulated) - 184 min (Finished! I didn't get it 100%, as there are a lot of sidequest things that I didn't finish, but the main story is done. They tricked me on the final boss, though. Thought I was done... but then a third form. lol... when I finally did get Vaati killed, I was down to like a couple hearts and no more milk or fairies. Cutting it close, but got it eventually. Only the third Zelda game I ever beat.)
  3. A few classic games for me this week... TurboGrafx Bonk's Adventure - 30 min (Usually do much better at this one. Played until I got a game over. Got a new CRT and this is the first game I played on it. Girlfriend asked me, "What's that high pitched whine?" I didn't hear it, but apparently the TV was giving off some high pitched tone. Turned off the TV and she said it stopped. I did start getting a headache while playing, though... so maybe my new TV isn't so great after all. Dammit...) Neutopia (emulated) - 100 min (Went through another dungeon... maybe two, can't remember now. I'll play more this coming week. I start off each play doing terribly, but slowly get used to the controls again. I'm hoping to finish this and then maybe go to Neutopia 2.) SNES Dragon Quest V (emulated) - 197 min (Played a pretty decent amount on this one... mostly while streaming on Twitch, but it seems there's going to be some grinding on this one and that doesn't always make for an exciting stream. But I'm enjoying it so far. It does seem to be just barely a step above the NES, though... I mean, looking at something like this and then at something like Secret of Mana that came out about a year later, there's a huge difference.) GameBoy The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (emulated) - 60 min (Started this one up after finishing up Minish Cap. Definitely going to be playing more Zelda games and seeing if I can finish more in the series. Minish Cap makes only the third Zelda game I've finished, but the second this year. I used to have the cartridge to Link's Awakening, but it got lost somewhere along the way. So it's kind of unfinished business...)
  4. Got a "new" CRT!  A 21" Samsung.  It's got some issues, though... like volume down on the tv itself doesn't work, but it works on the remote... and volume up on the remote doesn't work, but it works on the tv... lol.  Picture's good, though.

  5. Although I don't know much about it, I've heard about SNES units where a video chip has gone out? There's also something about a "1-chip SNES" that is preferable? I'm not sure if these are later units or earlier ones, but it seems there were board revisions and such where some are more reliable than others? Also, as for the yellowing, I've heard that the newer units (those released closer to the end of the unit's manufacturing run) are better at staying their original color. My unit looks pretty nice, at least for the top and bottom shells. Not sure if it just for some reason hasn't been affected or if it's a newer one. Never really researched it much... just know it works. =)
  6. Forgot to post the pic! lol Ver 2 confirmed.
  7. I'll open it up tonight and take pictures. It doesn't really matter much to me as I don't have a SNES Jr and rarely ever use the Game Genie anyway, but it'll be interesting to know.
  8. Never played a Dragon Quest game before, but played about three hours of Dragon Quest V last night (translated ROM).  Named my character "Dumbass".  Made myself laugh several times.  Gotta do that more often...

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    2. Shawn


      Dragon Warrior 1 to 4 on the NES are also very good and worth playing for sure.

    3. GoldLeader
    4. GoldLeader


      You've inspired me :)...May have to give this one a try!

  9. I have never opened mine up, but it has 1992 on the back and the three "teeth" on the cart slot thing. Guess it's maybe a version 2? Might have to try out after work and see if it has the dashes. Might also open it up and look at the board since it has regular screws.
  10. Only one modern game for me this week... GameBoy Advance Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap - 317 min (Saturday stream. Got most of the random stuff wrapped up I think... don't have everything, I'm sure. Not going for 100% or anything, but I think I'm in pretty good shape for the last dungeon. Hope to be finishing this game up this Saturday, making it only the third Zelda game I've ever beaten, but we'll see.)
  11. Just one with any time to speak of this week... TurboGrafx-16 Neutopia - 89 min (This was another stream. Started a new game and did the first two dungeons. Didn't play much longer after that as it was getting late. Probably going to play more of it this week. We'll see.)
  12. I haven't played the NES version in decades... but I recently tried the arcade and couldn't get past the second level. Grats!
  13. Ha! I remember renting Splatterhouse back in the day and didn't think that much of it. Never played the arcade, but always felt it was a bit overrated. But it is popular and would have definitely helped sell units. Wonder why it wasn't included... issues with Namco?
  14. Going through pricecharting... and looking at the loose prices... for the 24 TurboGrafx games, the total would be $1441. With the most expensive one being Soldier Blade ($170) and least expensive being Power Golf ($10).
  15. lol... I forgot about Keith! But also... Aldynes and Daimakaimura... I believe those were SuperGrafx only games, weren't they? That'd be cool to play those...
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