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  1. Since my planned 2600 stream didn't work out, I played a modern game instead since it was less of a headache to set up. (And then I kept hitting the wrong buttons on the controller because I had really only planned on using ONE button that day... lol) PS3 Resistance Fall of Man - 220 min (Pretty decent game so far, but I'm not terrible good at or a fan of first person shooters. I was interested in this one because of the alternate history WWII-ish setting. I feel like I got a decent ways into it, but I have no idea how long the game is.)
  2. I was going to have a lot of 2600 times this week, but... I was going to stream my Atari Flashback Portable on Twitch, but I was having some audio issues and couldn't get it straightened out... will take more fiddling... but in the mean time, while testing solutions, I did get to play a bit. 2600 Asteroids - 10 min (Just messing about trying to get audio to not have a hiss.) Galaxian - 10 min (Same as above.)
  3. Don't remove the sticker! It won't be guaranteed if you do! lol
  4. Totally missed opportunity there... could have said, "I'll give it a spin soon and see..." lol Also, is there a way to know what level you're on other than just counting or having them memorized or something? I mean, I have no idea how far I've gotten other than saying something like, "Yeah, I think I've played that level before..."
  5. Sorry, I really don't. Going back and looking through pics of that trip, I don't have any of that machine. It may have been some home built thing or something? But I just don't remember any details. Sorry.
  6. Most of this week has been a bust because of power outages and having to shelter at a friend's house. But I did go back and get my laptop the other day, but didn't play much... SNES Arcana - 30 min (Mainly just explored the current dungeon more and grinded for levels/money. It's slow going because the enemies here are hitting me pretty hard sometimes.)
  7. I imagine someone buying it then putting it up on a site somewhere saying, "Does anyone know how to get marker off cardboard?" lol
  8. Adding some pics because I know at some point you won't be able to see the auction...
  9. BTW... $70,000 is about half of the budget for the movie itself... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Texas-Chainsaw-Massacre-Atari-2600-Graded-Wizard-Video-Game-Wata-Games-JSA-1-1-/333882214573?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292&fbclid=IwAR3_PNd3VPXNj79fTbQN8ZsOGUvNja88yuIOYzMxORs7Q3I8a2zrShwJ2_U
  10. Week 1/24 - 1/30 Only one modern game for me... PC Cyberpunk 2077 - 318 min (I honestly blame this game for me not submitting much lately. I've been playing it a lot, but haven't been keeping track of times. According to Steam, I have around 120 hours in on it, but only around 5 this last week. I'm really enjoying the game, and not seeing a lot of glitches/bugs. I haven't had any crashes. There was one time I was stuck and had to go back to an earlier save, but that's it. The combat is fun and the story isn't bad.)
  11. 1/24 - 1/30 Times for me. Haven't submitted in a bit. Just been lazy. Loved the year end stats as always and always wonder how much I influenced them. I think I may have helped the number of games played stat a good bit for those weeks when I had like 60 games or whatever. SNES Arcana - 60 min (Didn't even know this existed until I did a stream where I played a bunch of SNES games. It's a dungeon crawler that reminds me a lot of Shining in the Darkness for the Genesis. Almost exact same setup for towns and such... but this one has a map! It automaps your dungeons as you explore them! I played it for about three hours last week, but only for about an hour this week. Should be putting more time into it next week.) TurboGrafx-16 The Legendary Axe - 60 min (Was going to stream this, but it just didn't seem to be working out for me. I kept making stupid mistakes and dying and such. I was playing it through one of those Hyperkin HDMI adapters on my flatscreen so, maybe there was some lag that was hitting me or something. Anyway, I was getting frustrated so I changed to a different game.)
  12. Someone gave me $75 on my stream to buy Cyberpunk, so I'll be adding to those numbers this week.
  13. Just one classic game for me this week... TurboGrafx-16 Bonk's Adventure - 41 min (So... I've been doing what I call casual speedrunning. I'm not really practicing that much, but I am trying to get better and work my way up the list. I doubt I'll ever be #1 or even get that close, but I am number 7 right now on Speedrun.com with this week's playthrough. If anyone cares to watch, I put video of the run on YouTube. This is my personal best so far (just over 41 min), but first place is around 27 min, so I've got a long ways to go.)
  14. Just one modern game for me again this week... XBox 360 Fallout 3 - 300 min (Finished up the game. Didn't realize that the quest I was doing would "end" the game. There was still a lot of exploring I wanted to do. But I was kind of less motivated to do the exploring because of the low level cap of 20.)
  15. Sooo... tell me about your experience here. Is this the base XBox One or one of the later souped up ones? I want to play this game, but all the negative reviews has me wanting to wait.
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