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  1. All shooters this week... NES 1943 - 45 min (Busted out the NES Advantage for this classic. It's pretty much impossible imo without it.) TurboGrafx-16 Blazing Lazers - 97 min (Played a couple games of this on stream. Did not beat or anything.) Psychosis - 37 min (Would have liked to have beaten this one... or at least the first loop. I've beaten it before, but I have to do it with one ship as powering back up after a death is too difficult.) R-Type - 157 min (Getting better slowly at this one. Can now consistently (somewhat) get past the third level with one ship, but I'm too unfamiliar with the fourth level to get anywhere on it. I've gotten to the boss of the fourth level before, but that's as far as I've ever gotten and I didn't get there this week.) Raiden - 24 min (Such a tough version of the game, I think. I don't think I got past the second stage boss this time around.)
  2. I saw a tweet from someone that said that the TG mini systems have a bit of sound lag... only like five frames but still... has anyone heard of any lag type issues with them?
  3. Thanks, I'll look into it. 😃 I was enjoying the game other than not being able to kill anything without completely cheesing it.
  4. Just one modern game for me... PS3 TESIV: Oblivion - 330 min (Played this one on stream. I've been playing it for a while, but only recorded time on it this week. Found out on stream that most enemies scale with the player, so those damn fish I was having trouble with at level 2 and then still having trouble with at level 33... sigh. Big turn off for the game and probably won't play any more. I mean, if everything is going to be struggle through the entire game, then screw it. Not worth it. I heard that you can use mods on the PC version and undo that, but not on the PS3 version. Oh well. Maybe I'll start up Skyrim. I think the only thing that scales with you in that is the dragons... I've played a lot of it on XBox 360, but not on PS3.)
  5. All times here approximate... TurboGrafx-16 Blazing Lazers - 30 min (Was just playing to get some pics to make emotes for Twitch, so didn't play past the third stage or so, but restarted several times because it was difficult to get all the pics I wanted. Might've been better to do it on an emulator, then use a screen shot, but I was taking pictures of my TV screen with my phone, then putting them in GIMP to manipulate. Turned out okay.) Bonk's Adventure - 15 min (Same as above. Took some pics of Bonk and some enemies, but haven't used them.) Galaga '90 - 5 min (Same as above.) R-Type - 10 min (Same as above. Got the pictures I needed in level 1, but played a little more anyway.)
  6. So I just found out a couple days ago that there was an AtariAge FB group...  I had to find out about it in another group.  I can't believe you didn't tell me.  I thought we were friends!  lol

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    2. carlsson


      A lot of people on the AtariAge Facebook group are oblivious to that the AtariAge forum exists. It is almost like a parallel universe sometimes.

    3. Eltigro


      Get out of here with your logic and sense!  I'm here to be outraged!  lol  Yeah, I just haven't looked into it.  I'm not on Facebook a whole lot anyway.  But hey, I'm in the AA XBox Live group... or would be if I still subscribed to XBox Live...

    4. Albert


      If you look at the footer at the bottom of every page on AtariAge, there are links to the AtariAge Facebook group, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube accounts.  :)

  7. Got a new computer.  Old one konked out again...  wish I had saved a lot of files off of it.  Will need to see if I can find one of those cables that can connect to a hard drive via USB.

    1. Flojomojo



    2. DragonGrafx-16


      If it was a desktop then just stick the old hard drive in the new one... if it was a laptop one of those hard drive transfer kits might be of some help.

  8. TG-mini delayed because of coronavirus... https://kotaku.com/turbografx-16-mini-delayed-due-to-coronavirus-1842145102
  9. Just a couple Playstation games for me... Breath of Fire III - 794 min (Played on three different days this week. Got through some dungeons, picked up some weapons, did some fishing, did some grinding... think I'm getting closer to the end, now, but since I'm playing "blind" I don't really know how far away it is. Maybe finish in the next couple of weeks or so.) Wipeout XL - 120 min (Used to own this one, but it got lost with the rest of my PS1 games. Just got this copy in from an Ebay auction. Strange thing is, though, the songs don't play all the way through all the time. It's like sometimes it just plays an intro of the song and repeats it. Thinking it might be some scratches on the audio portion of the disc, but so far, the game plays great. Also, I was playing it on my PS3. Need to try it on a PS2 and PSOne just to be sure it isn't something wrong with the PS3 playing it...)
  10. I completed a run of Diablo III on the PS3 recently. Used the barbarian. Wish I could've streamed some if it, but that stupid encrypted HDMI signal... Anyway, I had played a bit of Diablo on the PSOne, but it was via emulation. This was the first one I actually really played. I enjoyed it, but not sure if I'll go back through it with another class or not.
  11. Figured I'd post a couple quick pics from the arcade... my son at Galaga and my score on Ms Pac Man. 😃
  12. Went to the arcade again... Arcade Dig Dug - 5 min (A couple games on this one, too. Did better than I have previously on this machine, but still not great. I always have to play at least 1 game of Dig Dug if it's in an arcade I'm in.) Mario Bros - 10 min (Got the high score on this one, too, but it wasn't much of a challenge. It was pretty low. I guess it resets when the power is off and must've been off recently.) Ms Pac Man - 30 min (Got high score. Then beat my previous score. Watched some others play, but no one beat me. I'm no great Ms Pac Man player, but apparently better than the other random players who tried after me. hehe... This is one of those machines that is set to fast play, and I love it. If we had stayed another hour or so, I probably would have worn a blister on my finger. I could feel it starting to form.) Tempest - 5 min (Just a couple games. I suck at the arcade. Need more play time. I'm better at T2K. lol ) Playstation Breath of Fire III - 405 min (Progressed further. Got the boat, trying to make some kind of food for the mayor of a town. Gotta look up how to do that. I've done it in the past, but don't remember how to do it now. May spend some time fishing and try to get some of those nice weapons from the Manillo shop. Plan on playing a few more hours of it tomorrow.)
  13. My parents' involvement in my gaming past was mostly just as the person who paid for the stuff I played. I mean, they bought all my systems and games up until the Playstation (and some of my TurboGrafx games). As far as playing them, I don't think my mom has ever played any video games. My dad played Duck Hunt once back in the late 90s. Surprisingly, my step-dad got a PS2 at some point. I was surprised because he had never had any interest in gaming when I was younger, and he got this PS2 after he had had a stroke and couldn't really use one of his hands. I didn't know about it until after he had passed away. He and my mom were in the process of moving and while she was at the new house working on setting stuff up or whatever, he fell at the old house and injured himself. Neighbors found him and took him to the hospital but he passed away a couple days later. Anyway, we were at the new house and my mom suddenly says, "Do you want a game system that he had?" "He had a game system? Why?" "He saw it at a garage sale and wanted it so he bought it." Anyway, it was a PS2 with several sports games. I never played it with him, but it is my main PS2 system now (out of 4 that I own).
  14. Only a couple times this week for the classic tracker... Took my Gameboy with me to do laundry. Gameboy The Smurfs - 17 min (It's funny how a game obviously geared towards kids can be so tough. Furthest I've ever gotten is the fourth level. Not sure how many there are... a forest level, a riding a log level, a bridge level, and a swamp level with frog head platforms and hanging vines.) Tetris - 60 min (I've never been great at Tetris. Don't remember my best score, but do remember that it was level 9 with 99 lines.)
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