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  1. Just the one game for me again... PS2 Suikoden 3 - 450 min (Played through Geddoe's first chapter. None of the chapters have been too difficult so far, but it took me a few tries to get past a boss near the end of his chapter. I tried him probably 3 or 4 times on stream. Then ended the stream because it was getting late. Then went back on offstream and tried a couple more times and figured it out. Because of the whole "team" thing in this one, or whatever it's called, you can only cast one spell per "team." So if you have both characters with big damage spells in the same team, you can only cast one of them. I split up those characters so they could both cast their biggest spells right away, and the boss went down much easier.)
  2. Continuing with the Suikoden games... now on to the PS2 games... PS2 Suikoden 3 - 360 min (Never played this one, but apparently there's like three different main characters? Seeing the story from different perspectives maybe? Anyway, played the little Prologue to each of them, and then played through Hugo's first chapter. Next week will play someone else. Enjoying it so far, but a bit worried about the combat, it's set up quite a bit different than what I'm used to.)
  3. Was going to try to do a 2600 stream on Twitch this week, but couldn't get the sound to work properly. No idea what was going on with it. Think it was a problem with the capture card. Anyway, in trying to set things up, I played a little... 2600 Frogger - 5 min Sky Jinks - 5 min Coco Nuts - 5 min
  4. My work schedule changed, so I streamed twice last week and finished up Suikoden 2... finally... I think the final game save said I had around 75 hours on the playthrough. Considering going on to play Suikoden 3. Never played that one. But it would be on the modern tracker. PS1 Suikoden 2 - 571 min (So... on Suikoden 1, I messed up something and didn't get all 108 recruitable characters (although I swore I did) so I couldn't get the best ending. This time, I screwed up on what is essentially the only QTE in Suikoden 2 and didn't realize it (because I was talking to people in my Twitch chat) so one of the characters died. It's been a while since I played and I kinda remembered that the game wants you to think she's dead, but really, surprise!, she was just faking. But if you don't do some things right, nope, she's really dead. Well, I didn't do them and so she was really dead. So now I couldn't get the best ending in Suikoden 2 either. When I played through them both a few years ago (can probably go back to past What Have You Actually Played trackers to see the numbers even) I got the best ending on both of them. Oh well. I did go through and redo some things a few times at the end to see if they had an effect on the endings, but mostly they did not. There's a dialog option near the end with three options. The first one gives you one ending. The second one goes nowhere and the dialog keeps returning to the same options. The third one allows you to leave and go meet up with someone for a final duel. You can choose not to fight the duel or to fight it. So I did both. Either one gives you the same ending as the first one with a different ending picture. So... kinda saw like three different options for the end of the game, but none of them were the good one.) Also, here's a video of me fighting the last boss battle. (Before all the different ending options above...)
  5. Just one game for me again this week... I know... so boring... PS1 Suikoden 2 - 431 min (I now have all 108 recruitable characters and I'm moving on with the game. Just liberated Greenhill, and I think Rockaxe is coming up soon. I'm sure I'll be grinding some characters to increase levels and make sure everyone is ready for whatever. I made a video of me fighting the Bone Dragon boss in Greenhill... it took a while because I wasn't really prepared properly for it.)
  6. Wow, some great games played by you guys this week! Only one game for me this week, and a bit of a guess on the time... PS1 Suikoden 2 - 480 min (I played about 5 1/2 hours on stream and then played about another 3 hours off stream, so I'm just gonna say it was around 8 hours. Got the "hero" from Suikoden 1 and did went to the fake peace treaty... not sure exactly what's coming up. I've been kinda referring to a guide, but I may just wing it from here on out. I've been playing this a long while and I'm ready to get it over with. I mean, it's a great game, but I've spent so much time on it.)
  7. Nah... it was just holding up the shield. Had the Dark Shield, which damages enemies, and standing in a spot where medusa heads were coming at me in a steady stream. The shield would kill them and the familiar would get exp. But you have to keep the button held down so Alucard will keep the shield held up. There's a retro achievement for having all familiars above lvl 50. The Faerie was the one I was working on while at work, so it's maxed out... the others I just stopped when I noticed they were above 50. (The sword I actually got there legit while grinding levels for myself.)
  8. Okay, about to go to bed, so I'll go ahead and post my times... PS1 Suikoden - 411 min (Started this back up even though I just finished a playthrough. Was wanting to do some achievements on Retroachievements. Not terribly far into it and honestly not sure how far I'll go on it. Don't wanna get burned out...) Suikoden 2 - 540 min (Time is approximate... streamed about 7 hours, but I think I played another couple hours off stream. Just about to the Rockaxe section.) Castlevania Symphony of the Night - 1020 min (Started up a playthrough for achievements like Suikoden above, played for a while, was having issues, ended up completely uninstalling Retroarch and reinstalling, which fixed some of the issues, then other problems popped up and fiddled around some more, and played a good long ways, then realised that it wasn't giving achievements because when I uninstalled/reinstalled Retroarch, I forgot to put my Retroachievments login info back in. So I started over, and now, on the second start, I'm almost finished with the game.) Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog - 10 min (Just testing out the core I downloaded for Retroarch. Played until I reached Marble Zone then turned it off.) TurboGrafx-16 Legendary Axe - 10 min (Same as with Sonic. Played through first boss and quit.) Played a lot this week. CV: SotN really gave my thumbs a workout.
  9. Doing this while at work to cheat and level familiars in Caslevania SotN. Don’t worry, I’m not including this time in my weekly minutes. lol
  10. lol... Glad you like it! My wife complains that mine makes a high pitched noise when I turn it on. I believe her because 1. It's something that can happen on older TVs and 2. She knows when I turn it on even if she's in another room.
  11. Sounds like someone I would immediately decide not to do business with. Do people actually think this kind of thing is a good idea? That it convinces people to buy their crap?
  12. I didn't time it... I really need to start remembering to do that... but I'll guess... Xbox One Forza Horizon 3 - 120 min (I have no idea how long I actually played, but it was at least a couple hours.)
  13. Just one retro game for me again this week. Two streams and a little more offline, so this is a little higher total than recently... Playstation Suikoden 2 - 613 min (Finished up the Greenhill School section, added some recruits, played through the Knights of Matilda section and started grinding characters to get everyone leveled up and equipped reasonably. I tend to do this enough that the Luca Blight fight is pretty easy. I like RPGs where you can level up and then just cruise through parts.) Also, I was watching someone play Link to the Past getting Retroachievements. I thought, "Hmm... I wonder what achievements there are for the Suikoden games. So I checked them out, and now I'm kinda wanting to play through them again on Retroarch so I can do achievements. May not, though... don't want to burn out on them, but they are great games.
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