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  1. I remember selling them. Worked at Target in Electronics at the time. I remember us taking pics of each other, printing out the pics, and sticking them on the registers at the Electronics counter. Never really used one past that.
  2. My classic times for the week... Genesis PGA Tour Golf III - 220 min (I've found out that one of the things that is starting to irritate me about old golf games is how long it takes to render things. I remember being amazed at the trees popping in and filling up the "lifelike" holes of games like Links 98 for the PC. But these days, I'm spoiled with faster systems and have grown impatient. I still want it to look nice, but c'mon. This is a good golf game, and I did decently at it. Normal three button press swing system. The last button press seems to be really pretty sensitive, though. A little off and you've got a big slice or hook coming. I thought it was interesting that you could pick one player and one of the pros in the game to see them play a round. Also, it has the TPC at Las Colinas, which is a golf course that I regularly drove past when I was working doing deliveries in the early 2000's. So it was neat to be able to play that one. See below for obligatory pic of Craig Stadler.) Atari 2600 Demon Attack - 15 min (I had actually gotten this one a few months ago, but hadn't put it in to test it until this week. It's my only Imagic game.) Donkey Kong - 5 min (This is the only version of DK that I'm halfway decent at. And it's mainly because I played it a ton back in the day.) Draconian - 10 min (It's been a while since I played this and I've gotten a bit rusty I think. But I also think last time I played I was using a Genesis controller.) Frogger - 5 min (Always fun to pop in for a bit. Never going to be as good as George Costanza, but...)
  3. I have a Samsung model TX-R2035. It's a 20" flat CRT with composite, component, and S-Video inputs, but the 2600 is played via RF. Looks really clean and sounds great. Got it for $10 at a thrift store.
  4. But on topic... I think I always thought it was an arrow, too. Would the middle graphic in Machine's post work if a pixel was taken off the other end?
  5. Little known fact... Sword Math™ was a canceled Edutainment version of the SwordQuest series... honest...
  6. Any Terry Pratchett fans out there upset about The Watch?  Did they read the books?

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    2. Tickled_Pink


      Just seen the trailer and the Wikipedia page. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? Vimes is nothing how I imagined him. More like a thug than a beaten-down cop. Vetinari's a woman? Was Charles Dance too busy? Carrot is too scrawny. 

    3. Tickled_Pink


      Just noticed: The Watch Trailer: 1.5K likes, 5.6K dislikes. The masses have spoken.

    4. Eltigro


      Yeah...  Carrot too small.  Cheery too big (and no beard).  Angua not right either...  poor casting for quite a bit of it.  Vimes could have been okay, but the costuming and makeup don't sit right with me.  Also, apparently, there's no Fred Colon and Nobby Nobs at all.  It is very loosely based on the books I guess.  The Going Postal series was much better cast... much closer to the books... but I'm guessing Pratchett had more say in that one.

  7. Another long list of NES games for me this week. Some of these I actually only played for less than a minute, but I'll say it was a minute for the purposes of the tracker. NES Paperboy - 1 min Paperboy 2 - 1 min Parodius - 1 min Platoon - 1 min Popeye - 2 min Power Blade - 3 min Punch Out! (Non-Mike Tyson version) - 13 min (Got to Bald Bull second round) Qix - 3 min RC Pro-Am - 3 min RC Pro-Am 2 - 2 min Rainbow Islands - 3 min Rampage - 5 min Renegade - 2 min River City Ransom - 8 min Rolling Thunder - 1 min Rush'n Attack - 1 min Rygar - 3 min Section Z - 3 min Shadow of the Ninja - 5 min Shadowgate - 10 min Silent Service - 5 min Silkworm - 2 min The Simpsons Bart vs The Space Mutants - 1 min The Simpsons Bart vs The World - 5 min The Simpsons Bartman meets Radioactive Man - 2 min Skykid - 1 min Smash TV - 1 min Snake's Revenge - 5 min Solstice - 1 min Seven-Up Spot - 8 min Spy Hunter - 1 min Sqoon - 1 min Star Force - 2 min Star Soldier - 1 min Starship Hector - 1 min StarTropics - 8 min Super C - 1 min Super Mario Brothers - 5 min Super Mario Brothers 2 - 3 min Super Mario Brothers 3 - 2 min Super Turrican - 4 min Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - 1 min TMNT The Arcade Game - 2 min TMNT The Manhattan Project - 4 min TMNT Tournament Fighters - 2 min TerraCresta - 1 min Tetris - 10 min Thundercade - 1 min Tiger-Heli - 1 min Toki - 2 min Top Gun - 9 min (Actually landed on the carrier on the first try!) T&C Surf Designs Wood & Water Rage - 2 min Twin Cobra - 3 min Twin Eagle - 1 min Vindicators - 5 min Wario's Woods - 43 min (I was so tired of this one at the end...) Willow - 2 min Wizards & Warriors - 3 min Wizards & Warriors III - 18 min Wrath of the Black Manta - 1 min Xevious - 1 min Xybots - 11 min (I played this so much in the arcades... ) Yo! Noid - 2 min Yoshi - 6 min Zanac - 1 min Zelda II Adventures of Link - 6 min Zoda's Revenge StarTropics 2 - 5 min And as usual, I made a "highlight" reel of my deaths. lol
  8. I've never taken mine apart... is it something that could be 3D printed? Could maybe take the other one to someone with a printer and see if they could make you one.
  9. I'm pretty sure last time we determined that this would fit over here on the modern tracker rather than the classic, so... PC Super Mario 64 - 157 min (Played until it shut down on me. Started a new game and got to around 45 stars. Then it just blacked out. Shrugged and played some Jaguar instead.)
  10. Classic gaming... Jaguar Tempest 2000 - 281 min (My favorite game I have for my Jaguar. The "Top Guns" screen is full of my scores... except the top one. I just can't seem to break the 500,000 point barrier.) Ultra Vortek - 30 min (Looked up some moves for Volcana, who I always play as, and actually got past the "practice" difficulty. I never play fighting games and joke that this is the only one I've ever streamed.)
  11. A couple games for me this week... NES Metal Gear - 180 min (I had started playing this last week and got a decent ways in before I died, so I kept the password and decided to go ahead and finish up the game. Got stuck at one point, because I forgot about saving Dr. Petrovich and his daughter and looked up a guide.) Game Gear PGA Tour 96 - 120 min (Yes, it took this long... I had changed the options to make it show more detail, and it had to redraw everything after every shot, so it took a while. Got 10 over par for the round, playing at Sawgrass. Got an eagle on the second hole, but everything else was pretty much bogies and pars.)
  12. Another longish list of NES games... NES Maniac Mansion - 40 min (I was doing another Until I Die stream... but I don't think you can die in this one. Can you?) Mappy Land - 1 min Marble Madness - 1 min (Actually less, but I rounded up. lol) Mario Bros - 4 min Mega Man - 2 min Mega Man 2 - 2 min Mega Man 3 - 3 min Mega Man 4 - 4 min Mega Man 5 - 3 min Mega Man 6 - 3 min Metal Gear - 65 min (I'm actually kinda decent at this one...) Metal Storm - 1 min (Not at this one, though...) Metroid - 35 min Mickey Mousecapade - 6 min Mighty Bomb Jack - 1 min Mighty Final Fight - 3 min Mike Tyson's Punch Out - 16 min Milon's Secret Castle - 3 min Mr Gimmick - 3 min Ms Pac Man - 2 min NARC - 3 min NES Open Tournament Golf - 8 min Ninja Gaiden - 8 min Ninja Gaiden 2 - 6 min Ninja Gaiden 3 - 3 min Pac Man - 1 min And the video of incompetence...
  13. Another long list of NES games for me... Did another "Until I die" stream like I did before. Essentially, I just play the game until my first death and then change to the next game. A lot of these games I'm not familiar with at all... so in the video, you can hear me trying to figure out the game as I'm playing... and that's part of the reason some of the times are so short. Times are somewhat approximate. NES Gauntlet II - 20 min Ghost n Goblins - 2 min Golf - 7 min (For the golf games, I was counting a hole over par as a "life". I never got past the first hole on any golf game. For this one, hole one, 20 over par. TWENTY!) Golgo 13 - 5 min Goonies II - 7 min Gradius - 1 min Greg Norman's Power Golf - 6 min Guardian Legend - 20 min (Got farther than I thought I would...) Gun.Smoke - 9 min Gun-Nac - 10 min Gyruss - 5 min Heavy Barrel - 3 min Ice Climber - 5 min Ice Hockey - 12 min (Played one game, lost 11-3.) Ikari Warriors - 3 min The Immortal - 4 min Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - 2 min Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom - 3 min Iron Tank - 5 min Ironsword - 1 min (I so should have lasted longer in this one...) Ivan Stewart's Off-Road - 30 min (I thought at some point you would lose enough that it wouldn't let you continue... instead I just finished the game... in 7th place I think.) Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf - 12 min (Man... could we get a longer name...) Jackal - 2 min Joe & Mac - 2 min Journey to Silius - 3 min Joust - 4 min Kabuki Quantum Fighter - 5 min Karnov - 5 min Kid Icarus - 1 min Kirby's Adventure - 9 min Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf - 6 min Legend of Kage - 5 min Legend of Zelda - 4 min Legendary Wings - 1 min (I always think I have this game. I don't.) LifeForce - 2 min Little Nemo - 2 min Little Samson - 3 min Low G Man - 1 min Lunar Pool - 10 min (After it was all over, I should have stopped after I lost my first ball. Instead, I played until game over.) MC Kids - 6 min (I wasn't even sure you could die in a McDonald's game. You can.) Mafat Conspiracy - 5 min And here's a vid of my death's. Not sure if you'd call it a "highlight" reel or not... lol (Oh yeah... I also review a couple sodas... NuGrape and Goody Blue Pop.)
  14. Just one game for me this week... XBox Fable - 553 min (Got through the tournament stage and met Jack of Blades, if you're familiar with the game. I'm doing all the things I think are "good" (as opposed to "evil") in the game, so when given the option to kill my school mate or whatever she is in the tournament, I spared her. Stopped right after the cut scene, so not sure what happens next.)
  15. Just one "modern" game for me this week... XBox Fable - 226 min (This is on the old "OG" Xbox. I've had the game for almost as long as I've had the system and have never beaten it. I'm hoping to slowly, over the next few weeks, play more and more and finally get through it. I'll no longer be a chicken chaser...)
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