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  1. The GameGear should be pretty easy to find for a reasonable price. The only question is, how much work you'll have to do to it... caps? battery covers? new screen?
  2. Of all the things I've read in this thread, this is the thing I'm most envious of.
  3. Did he say, "Use the axe!" I mean... it's not like there's any other weapon in the game...
  4. So, since AA is slightly slower to load, I've made a new game.  I click on the shortcut, then try to make my mouse pointer be in the exact right place to click the "Forum" link before it appears.  I need to start keeping score... a percentage type accuracy thing maybe...

  5. Not a whole lot this week. Haven't been streaming much because we're trying to sell the house and move and such. Already got a new job in the Dallas area, and once we get up there and settled in, my times should climb again. Until then, just messing around with a game here and there. TurboGrafx-16/PCE Daisenpu (Twin Hawk) - 10 min (This is one I keep coming back to and never get any better at. I need to make a more concentrated effort on it some day.) Gradius - 15 min (Played "speed runner style" lol. I reset every time I died. Wanted to see how far I could get on one man. Got to the third level once before I quit.) KyuuKyoku Tiger (Twin Cobra) - 5 min (Very similar to Daisenpu, but I don't know that I like it as much. Haven't played it as much I know that.) Genesis/Mega Drive Twin Hawk - 5 min (Played for a bit to compare to the TurboGrafx version. The Genesis version has a border along the right with game information (the TG version is full screen) and has slightly smaller sprites but they seem to play the same. There are other differences... the TurboGrafx has a silent title screen while the Genesis has a crashing sound when the game's title comes on the screen... the Genesis demo mode is silent while the TurboGrafx one has sound... they're really pretty close I think.) Valis - 45 min (I wasn't a fan of the control in this one... seemed to move too slow. Also seemed to be some cheap hits that are annoying. But I think I ended up playing this more than any other game this week. Go figure.)
  6. Missed a week or two... so here's all those times... Arcade MsPac-Man - 5 min (Just played a couple games on a MsPac-Man/Galaga machine in a bar I went to. It was the speed hacked one, which all of them seem to be these days. I did okay, but was still only at about a third of the way to the top score. Oh well. Still had fun.) In The Hunt - 20 min (Played via MAME. Seems really close to the Saturn version.) Genesis Phantasy Star III - 330 min (Played this on stream for a while. I beat it once... about 15 years ago. I haven't played it since and really don't remember much. I know it's not one of the more highly regarded PS games, but it's not bad.) NES Metal Gear - 60 min (Played this for a while after watching someone play the MSX version. It was one of the first NES games I ever owned, and I beat it back then. I remember having a map, but can't remember where the map came from. Maybe Nintendo Power?) Playstation Diablo - 120 min (Another game I played because I saw someone play it online. Well, the weren't playing this version, but they were playing Diablo. An interesting game. Deeper than I originally thought it might be.)
  7. There's a status update on the forums that reminded me of this thread... Theallknowingsauce asked, "I kinda wonder what's the most stupid mod anyone has done to their Atari. Like adding rgb lights all over it and giving it a mat black paint job to make it looks like a modern pc dumb... Y'know?" I'm thinking the answer is: Design a complicated shell, crowdfund it, then be evasive and vague about its existence or progress. Does that count as a mod? 😃
  8. Yep. Just saw that pic over on Reddit. Exciting that it’s getting close!
  9. I've been looking forward to Professor Abrasive's device for a while. If I still had a second Saturn, I wouldn't mind modding it, but since I just have the one, I'm hesitant to do anything like that. If the Satiator can just plug in the back or whatever, I'd like one. The other's may work fine, but I just don't want to take the optical drive out to use them.
  10. Finally finished up Phantasy Star II on Saturday. Long grindy game, but glad I went through it. Looked back on the minutes from the What have you actually played thread and it took me around 48 hours to beat. Thinking about going through Phantasy Star IV next.
  11. Like others have mentioned, Sports Games are not one of my favorites. There are the "Big Three" of basketball, football, and hockey... meh... Soccer is pretty huge, but nah. Tennis, no thanks. But golf games I can get into. And if you include racing, then I like those okay, too. The genre that I think is even less "in my comfort zone" though is one on one fighters like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat. I never play these. Never was good at them and just didn't have enough to hold my interest long enough to get good at them. I like games with a little more to them. A story or plot or something. I mean, some fighting games try to have a plot, but it's really pretty much the same as every other fighting game. Last fighting game I spent any time with was Ultra Vortek for the Jaguar. And that was really only to goof around because I hadn't played Jag in a while.
  12. Had an all Genesis week... Did two Twitch streams this week. I tried to do the opposite of everyone else on Halloween. Instead of playing some spooky themed game like Resident Evil or whatever, I played Sega Club kids games. With happy cheerful background and fonts with hearts and such. Genesis Crystal's Pony Tale - 30 min (As expected, a pretty bland platformer-ish kind of game. Very minor puzzle solving. But it was colorful and reasonably well animated. Thought it was a nice touch that you could customize your pony somewhat, choosing color for mane, tale, and body.) Ecco Jr - 60 min (Only Ecco game I've ever really played. Honest. This was, again, a pretty easy game. Thought it was neat you could change between three different cetaceans at any time (dolphin, porpoise, and orca). They had different sounds for when they used their echolocation thing, but other than that, handled and played the same. I "beat" it. The reward is that you get to swim around with a couple blue whales for a bit. Pretty meh as far as rewards go.) Phantasy Star II - 287 min (I beat it! Grinded some more... main character (normally named Rolf, but I named him Ass) was around lvl 38 when I beat it. Now considering going on to Phantasy Star IV. Enjoyed the game quite a bit, though. Lots of grinding, but glad I played through it.) Richard Scarry Busy Town - 20 min (I've played this one before. It's kind of a mini-game collection. There's no real end to some of them... you just decide you're done. Lots of pretty well done voice samples, though. Wonder how big this game was, memory-wise.) The Berenstain Bears Camping Adventure - 17 min (This was a platformer... at least the part I played was. You can pick where you're going at the beginning. I picked one of the options and figured I would play it through to the end and try a different one. But I never finished the first one... seemed to just go on forever. And I couldn't figure out a way to quit to try a different one, so I just let my character (Brother Bear) die off. Because, yeah, you can die in this one. But when he did, it was game over. I'd had enough by that point.) Wacky Worlds - 15 min (This was kind of like a creative game thing. You pick a scene and can choose different things to put in that scene, but they don't really do much. You can put a tree in it and then put a bird on the tree, but it just sits there and looks around. There were characters from other games, such as Tails and Toejam and Earl... but it didn't keep my interest long.)
  13. I have one of those AV switches. Wish I had the Saturn and Dreamcast. I have one of each, but would like those variants.
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