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  1. Okay, so this is my first arcade style joystick for PC. I use it mainly for MAME on my laptop. And on MAME, I mainly wanted a joystick like this for Ms Pac Man. It comes with two joystick gates, an 8 way and a square. I needed a diamond for Ms Pac Man, so I ordered one online. It fits and works, but my problem is... I feel that there is too much travel in the stick. I'm playing the speed hack of Ms Pac Man and need quick direction changes and I just feel that the stick is too loose for me to get the feel I want. Is there a way to shorten the throw on the stick? I've thought of getting a diamond gate that has a smaller opening (but not sure how to search for that) or putting something around the base of the stick itself (inside the gate) so that it doesn't move all the way over, if that makes sense. You can feel/hear the switches click a little less than half way through the stick's travel in one direction and I really just want to tighten that up. Any ideas or leads?
  2. My modern gaming for the week... Wii Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - 445 min (Just finished up Death Mountain dungeon. Was a bit frustrated at one point where I'm supposed to be fighting things on my horse. I remember that being one of the worst parts of the game, though. I never was that good at it, but finally got through that part. Pretty sure there's more of that coming up, though. Need a bigger wallet because I stay pretty close to maxed out on rupees and it's annoying to find a 50 rupee chest and can't hold it.)
  3. Only a couple new games... XBox 360 Fallout: New Vegas - 369 min (Playing along close to the end. Got to where the game was freezing every time I went through a door. Finally figured out a way around it, but it's pretty frustrating. Thought it was my console overheating or messing up at first, but looked online and it seems like it's a common issue/bug. Oh well.) Wii The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - 192 min (Started up Twilight Princess because it looked like Fallout wasn't going to work. Got a little ways into it and probably going to try to play through it next. It was the first Zelda game I ever beat, but I haven't really played it since then.)
  4. I think the GameWave has 12 games... none of which are too expensive. I remember someone here has a complete set. I used to have one with one game and would tell people, as a joke obviously, that I was only 11 games away from a complete set.
  5. Back in the day, when both were available to rent, I tried both and preferred the Tengen version. Though I can't remember exactly why, now. I've never owned either of them. Only Tetris games I own is the GameBoy one and Tetris 2 for the SNES.
  6. Four pages and no one has said SubZero? I mean, if you're looking for "cool"... c'mon...
  7. Just one for me again... XBox 360 Fallout: New Vegas - 1961 min (Up to level 29 now. Going around with two companions, the only enemies I really have to watch out for are the Deathclaws. Still haven't really dove into the actual New Vegas part of the game, still doing a lot of sidequests and wandering/exploring. Really enjoying the game, obviously. I wouldn't play a game that I didn't like this long. lol)
  8. I never play those games within games. Don't play Gwent, don't play Blitzball (FFX), don't play Caravan (Fallout NV), don't play Pazaak (KotOR)... Well, I can't say never... I did play the golf game in GTAV a few times because it's actually decent and it was fun to hear Michael get mad when he missed a shot, but I got bored of it quickly.
  9. Just one modern game for me this week... XBox 360 Fallout New Vegas - 1366 min (I'm full on into this game again. Love the 3D Fallout games. Pretty much bought an XBox One just for Fallout 4. But Fallout 3 is the only one I've ever finished. Played this one for an 8 hour stream on Tuesday, then played a few more hours on several other days after work or before work depending on my shift. I've been doing several side quests, but today I'll probably be heading into New Vegas itself. I've stayed out of the city doing side quests and such... some of which I had done before, and some which I had not.)
  10. I didn't play much in the way of classic this week... if you follow the modern tracker you'll see why... but I did play with my Flashback Portable during down time at work. I'm guessing at the times below. 2600 Asteroids - 10 min (Just messing around with the default settings... you know... the one where you can play forever...) Frogger - 10 min (This is split about evenly between the version that comes with the Flashback, which isn't the original 2600 version, and the actual 2600 version, which I have on the SD card.) Tapper - 5 min (This is such a tough game after the first level. I don't think I made it to the third. But it's one of those things that will "probably" get better with practice.) I also tried out several other games that I hadn't heard of that were on the SD card... but I don't remember what they were called.
  11. Xybots was one of my favorite arcade machines back in the day. It rivaled Ms Pac Man for how many quarters I put in it. My best friend and I used to play it together. I have it on the Midway Arcade Treasures 2 for the OG Xbox and still play it sometimes.
  12. This wasn't emulation, though. It was the PC version that was recently created and Nintendo went around trying to take down. It required Windows 10... just an exe you run and you're playing. Looked awesome. But it wouldn't recognize my PS2 controller. Plugged in the XBox One controller and it worked perfect.
  13. I use a PS2 controller with PS to USB adapter. It works pretty well for most things. But when I played the Mario 64 PC game, I had to use my XBox One controller. I'm looking to get a USB joystick that I can use for MAME and such, but still kinda researching that...
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