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  1. Just one for me again... PC Eiyuden Chronicle Rising - 687 min (Really enjoying this more than I thought I would. I gave to the kickstarter for the full game, Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes, but this was a stretch goal prequel type thing or something? While 100 heroes is going to be a more traditional turn based JRPG type affair, Rising is a action RPG that reminds me a bit of Dragon's Crown as far as gameplay goes... There's three different characters you can switch between, which is done by pressing their own action/attack button. Chaining the different attack buttons during an attack creates combo attacks where one will attack then the other comes in with an add on. Anyway, it's pretty fun and hasn't been too challenging so it's been a nice relaxing game for the most part. There's a lot of fetch quest kind of side quests that haven't gotten too tiring yet. I've been in and out of dungeons several times, collecting things as I go, so often when someone says they need, say, 10 heavy stones, I've already got them. There are some items taht only appear once the quest has been given though, so sometimes you'll have to go back no matter what you've already collected. Anyway, I plan on playing more this week, so it'll be in the tracker again soon.)
  2. Modern gaming this week... GameBoy Advance Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance - 90 min (Thought I got the "bad" ending last week, but this week I got a worse ending. Then I did a little research and got the good ending. There's also apparently a "boss rush" mode that unlocks at some point... after one of the endings... and played through the "easy" version of that, which is the only option at the first. I guess the harder versions unlock after doing the easy one. Overall, fun game. Very much like SotN. The Castle is more confusing with the different warps and such, but it was still fun. The one area where you race a ball to get through a room before it does is really a difficulty spike and made me quit the game years back, but other than that, pretty easy game.) Castlevania Circle of the Moon - 210 min (This is already turning into a tougher game. The jumping is rough. HoD is damn near "floaty" in comparison. So that takes some getting used to. I've already died several times on bosses and had trouble figuring out where to go. The fact that I had played and quit HoD was a driving factor in me finishing that game, and I don't have that on this one. So we'll see if I get frustrated or bored with it.)
  3. Well, I've got the GBA down again for this week, so there's only 9 left...
  4. Beat Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance for the GBA today. I had gotten what I thought was the "bad" ending last week, but today found out that was the middle (?) ending because I got the real bad ending today. Looked up some things and tried again and got the good ending.
  5. Only one game for me again this week... GameBoy Advance Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance - 350 min (Well... I did get an ending, but not the good one. So I went back to a save and kept going. I should finish it this week. I had a couple rooms that I wasn't sure how to get in to, but could see them on the map. I think that should get me all of Dracula's parts and then, maybe the real ending.)
  6. Yeah, the Richardson FreePlay is the closest to where I live, so that's the only one I've really been to. The National Videogame Museum has a nice arcade, but if you're just wanting to go to an arcade, it's not recommended... costs too much just to go to an arcade AND uses tokens instead of freeplay.
  7. There's another one further north called something like Arcade92. I want to check it out, too.
  8. Freeplay Arcade in Richardson, Texas. It's pretty nice. I've been there a couple times before. It's like $12 or something to get in and all the machines are set to free play.
  9. Modern games played this week... GameBoy Advance Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance - 680 min (Back in the day, playing this on an actual GBA, there was a part that I couldn't get past. There's this room where you have to race a rolling ball through a room and get to an opening before it blocks it. It pissed me off and I kinda rage quit the game. Put it down and didn't bother playing it again for years. Anyway, got to that part during the stream this week, and nailed it first try. Great, right? Well, turns out there's two of them. I got past the first and easy one first try. Then I found the other one in the second castle. And this is the real one that stopped me back in the day. Well, I still got past it, but it took me many tries and curse words. Anyway, victory was eventually mine. So I played on. And just like last week, got to a point in the game where I couldn't figure out where to go next.) Arcade Iron Maiden Pinball - 5 min (I tried looking this up to see how old it was. I think there's one that came out in 1982, but pretty sure this one is new from 2018 or so. I remember playing it at PRGE in 2018 and it was supposed to be new then, so that's the date I'm going with. I suck at pinball, so I didn't really do very well, but it's fun to try and seems to be a good table. Stern knows how to make 'em.) TMNT Pinball - 10 min (Again, not sure exactly when this was made, but it certainly looked new with graphics and cartoons on the backglass and a four player mode... on a pinball table! Anyway, I think when I came up to it, someone had started a 4 player game, then walked away. So I was actually playing for 4 players... I was pretty confused until I figured that out. So it spent four times as long on it as I might have. lol)
  10. Classic games for me this week... NES Castlevania - 30 min (Was just messing about with it while watching a stream of someone playing it. It's one of those games that, when I'm watching someone else play, it makes me want to play.) Went to the arcade and played several games, but only a couple really had much time on them... Arcade Ms Pac Man - 10 min (I tried many times, but never got the high score this time around. Kept making stupid mistakes, so about my usual performance.) Knights of the Round - 8 min (I've had fun playing this on MAME, so it was nice to get to play it on the real thing.)
  11. You know those videos that go viral of people fighting in a parking lot or whatever?  I always feel like I'm watching one of those when I find a locked thread I wasn't part of and go in and read it to see what happened.

    1. GoldLeader


      Heh,   ...  I hear ya.

  12. Just one game again... GameBoy Advance Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance - 280 min (Started a new game for stream... and then got stuck. Couldn't figure out where to go next. Then after stream found it. lol Will continue next week.)
  13. Just one modern game for me this week... GameBoy Advance Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance - 180 min (Guessing a little on this one... played some on my actual GBA, but then gave up and emulated so I'd have a screen that these old eyes could see.)
  14. Played some TurboGrafx this week... used emulation because I was too lazy to hook up my system, but still... These were all during the same stream. I didn't have a particular game I wanted to play so I just did some random TG games. TurboGrafx-16 Blazing Lazers - 60 min (Got to the final stage, but didn't make it to the final boss. One day I'll beat this on stream, but that day was not today.) Gradius - 8 min (It didn't take me long to figure out how much I sucked at this one...) The Legendary Axe - 15 min (I beat this once back in the day, but can't even get back to the final boss now. I started having trouble in the waterfall area and quit. lol I wonder if it was a timing thing? Lag from emulation? Dunno.) Military Madness - 60 min (Got to level 4 and lost. Moved on. I've gotten much farther in the past, but wasn't feeling like moving on.) Parodius Da! - 20 min (I can never get past that Las Vegas showgirl thing... as far as I can tell, you can't "kill" her... you just have to survive as she moves back and forth. I always get stepped on...) Shanghai - 15 min (Cleared a table and stopped. I think the dragon you see after you clear the board is kinda meh. The one on the Master System is better.) Parasol Stars - 20 min (Never played much of this one, but I'm not that good at these games. Simple as they are, I just don't seem to get far. Guess it's one of those things I just need to practice more with.) P-47 - 2 min (lol, every time I try this one, I'm reminded of how bad I am at it. It only took me 2 min to get to a "continue?" prompt.) Magical Chase - 15 min (Another game I'm terrible at! Imagine that! This game is one of those super expensive games that I'll never be able to afford, so of course I'm emulating it. Side scrolling cute-em-up with a shop like Fantasy Zone or whatever... ) Bonk's Adventure - 60 min (Did a run of Bonk's Adventure before ending the stream. Beat it. Didn't time it, though. Just a casual run.)
  15. Dirt 5 Just wasn't feeling it. Some of the cars were really difficult to control and I just wasn't interested enough to practice enough to "git gud". I liked that it had James and Nolan from Donut (YT car channel), but after a bit, I was skipping past their dialog, too. Oh well.
  16. YES! I don't know how many times I've gotten run off the road and out of a checkpoint by a teammate. I yell at the screen, "WE'RE ON THE SAME TEAM!"
  17. Doh! lol... Guess I was thinking it was out earlier than that. Oh well.
  18. Only one modern game for me this week... PC Sea of Thieves - 240 min (Another Twitch streamer was talking about playing this one with me on stream, so I downloaded it and started it up so I'd know what I was doing. It's pretty, I'll give it that. But it is definitely not made for single player. It's doable, but it's cumbersome. It should be fun once I'm in there with someone I know.)
  19. A few "classic" games this week... SNES Darius Twin - 90 min (Why are Darius games so hard?) Raiden Trad - 75 min (Why are Raiden games so hard?) Super R-Type - 75 min (Why are R-Type games so hard?) Thunder Spirits - 120 min (This was probably the easiest game I played that day and it's still hard. lol) GameBoy Advance Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance - 30 min (Played this some while on a picnic with the wife and kids. Used my original GBA. Forgot how hard these things are to see, even in good light. One of these days I'll look into getting one of those backlit screen mods for it.)
  20. Yeah, when I go to an arcade I have a hard time remembering everything. I had to sit back and really think about what all my son and I played at the National Videogame Museum a couple weeks ago. At the time I'm always thinking, "I'll remember" but then I don't.
  21. My modern stuff... It was a Microsoft week... XBox Forza Motorsport - 170 min (May be getting tired of this one. It is a fun racing game and definitely better than I expected (and I think better than GT4). If you have an OG Xbox, I'd suggest it. It's really not too far from the more recently Forza Motorsport games.) XBox 360 Raiden IV - 10 min (I like the Raiden series, but I'm not that great at them. I kept going on this one and got further than I have before. I was actually using the continues this time instead of just stopping when I ran out of lives.) PC Forza Horizon 5 - 120 min (Played a bit to run some rivals races. Def a fun racing game, but after a bit, I just got tired of it and quit playing. It's great with friends, but alone, after all the races have been run, it just gets repetitive.)
  22. Got some "classic" stuff I played this week, but not much... Arcade (MAME) 1943 The Battle of Midway - 10 min (I really like this series. But man this is hard. I played a TON of 1943 for the NES back in the day. A game that really needs the NES Advantage.) Knights of the Round - 30 min (Hack and Slash beat em up kind of game... with Arthur, Percival, and... Lancelot I think? I played Percival. Guy with a big Axe. Kind of the basic, walk to the right and kill bad guys game play, but done well I think.) Pac-Man - 2 min (So hard to play these without a proper joystick. One day...) Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon - 15 min (Actually a pretty fun beat-em-up. I tried out each of the characters available (I think) and had some fun. When you do their special, a large version of the character pops up and does something (a kick or a scream or whatever) in a very anime looking version. Thought it might be fun to have those animations with a clear background as something to put on my stream.) Robotron 2084 - 10 min (An arcade favorite. I think I recently wrote about it in here from when I played it at the NVM.)
  23. Only one game this week for me... XBox Forza Motorsport - 610 min (I had played this for one race back in the day at a friend's house. I did terrible. But I've played a lot of Forza games since then. I recently picked up a used copy and have really been enjoying it. It says right on the cover "Better than Gran Turismo 4!", and I agree. If for no other reason than the license tests. But anyway, it's great racing. Not as many upgrade options or cars as the latest games, but still really good. I'll be playing and thinking, "Man, I can't believe this is an OG XBox game." I'm playing it via my XBox 360 so I can have HDMI out, but there's been some graphical glitches and a few sound issues that make me wonder if I should have played it on the older XBox instead. Just wondering if it's not really 100% BC. Oh well. I'm too far into the game now to want to start over just to see if the glitches go away.)
  24. Wico Command Control Joystick on shopgoodwill... just 4 more hours on the auction.  Currently at $6 with no bids.



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      No one bought it.  Granted it said Untested, possible parts/repair.  I only like the ball top not bat style and I have one already...They are total workouts. Your hands will never be so tired.  Leaf switches are brutal when you get used to micro switches.

    3. Eltigro


      They actually had one of these (bat type even) on display at the NVM I think.

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      wish that site would ship to canada :( 

  25. Could have been laziness... like the "Heavy 4 Switch 2600" on the front of some system boxes where they essentially photoshopped it instead of just taking a new picture. lol
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