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  1. Order number 75. The package finally cleared customs and is in Chicago. Just in time! Hoping to be testing some Jag games this weekend before packing up everything before we move.
  2. Finally got around to installing the one I got from mobiusstriptech's first batch. Colecovision looks GREAT! Thanks to both citrus3000psi and Mobiusstriptech!
  3. Love the Lynx cart. Now I'm patiently waiting for this one to be ready for sale.
  4. I'm interested in being part of the lottery! So I guess this is my ticket then...
  5. Please put me down for a cased version.
  6. Payment sent. Looking forward to trying it out.
  7. 5l4k3r


    Looking forward to when this is completed!
  8. 5l4k3r

    My Retro Systems

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