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  1. Does anyone have a good source in the US for replacement chips (CIA, SID, ram) for the C64 that don't price gouge? I currently have three boards all three showing bad CIAs and SIDs. I potentially have a ram issue on at least one of them too. Thanks!
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  3. Saw this on ebay....same pics, but different username. Is this yours? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vectrex-Game-System-in-Box-and-Complete-in-Box-CIB-Games-CIB-Light-Pen/293108059792?hash=item443e9a0e90:g:-90AAOSwA1Nc8V5B
  4. Sad: I have the PSVR, but haven't hooked it up. Only took it out of the box, examined it and put it away. Sadder: I really would like to play RE7 in VR. Saddest: I got this through Gamestop in early January. In May, I find out my credit card number had been stolen when they signed me up for apple pay and tried to purchase wire transfers through Western Union. A month or two after that, Gamestop notifies me that their site had a major breach and my credit card info may have been stolen.
  5. Built a new gaming PC back in June or so and haven't turned on the PS4 since. Honestly, nothing much that has interested me....though I would love to play RE7 in VR and that doesn't seem to be coming to the Vive anytime soon, so.....
  6. There are soooo many Atari 2600 games that would be awesome in VR. I already have Inbound (though I haven't played it yet). But could you imagine playing Berzerk, Circus Atari, Pitfall! (insert infinite list here), etc in VR?
  7. I thought about it. But a couple of things stopped me: 1. I already have the Vive 2. The only game I had any remote interest in was the Until Dawn game So right now, I'm going to hold off. Having way too much fun with the Vive even without AAA titles. So far, I've fought aliens/drones while standing on a space station (Space Pirate Trainer -- this best game I've seen so far), played fetch with a dog, took a trip through the body, drove a formula-1 race car, rode a roller coaster and more. I've managed to also punch my ceiling fan once and tv a couple of times and nearly tripped and fell while trying to step forward. Thankfully nothing (including myself) has been broken. Oh and the rec room? Kind of creepy to have someone walk up behind you and start talking to you. So you turn and look and their mouth is moving and they're waving to you. I didn't even play any of the real games...just played around in the lobby or whatever it was called shooting hoops, playing darts and picking up stuff and throwing it around. Heck, I even put a Gatorade bucket on my head just for the fun of it. Total blast! So, not trying to turn this into a vive vs PSVR...just stating that right now I can't justify the additional purchase. Now when RE7 comes out...if the PC version doesn't get VR support, I'll definitely be looking to get one then.
  8. ASPYR 20th Birthday Sale + WB Sale = I'm broke even after the sale

  9. I saw that, but also saw the reviews that said it wasn't worth it because it didn't include all of the DLC on ME2 because it would leave out plot points for ME3. I don't normally worry about DLC. If it comes with it, fine, otherwise, who cares. In this particular case, what are your thoughts?
  10. Must not spend more money on steam sales (Batman and Bethesda)....must....resist!
  11. Recently, I've been getting a bit of an itch to migrate back to PC gaming. The last game I really played on the PC (and actually still do...it's the only game installed on my desktop in my "office") was Quake III Arena. Since that time, I moved on to the PS3, PS4, Xboxes, etc of the world. Mainly because my gaming time is a lot more limited these days and it's just convenient to be sitting in the living room, grab the controller sitting on the table next to me and I have a game up and running real quick. I can sit back and be lazy in the recliner..you know? I've looked at potentially the Corsair Bulldog and Lapdog. It's supposed to be quiet enough that you can actually sit in the living room and items like the lapdog allow you to use a keyboard and mouse. Sounded good until I kept reading about the lag when using televisions and the fact that this lapdog requires you to pay $120 plus get a K65 or K70 keyboard and I have "higher" arms on the recliner which I don't know if it'd work right anyway. Of course now, over the last few days, I've been seeing these crazy sale prices on Steam. Steam isn't really something I like...I prefer to have physical media....but I've been reading where you can supposedly download your games now and then back them up to a disk? Still though....11 bucks for the entire Bioshock series? Yes, I have all of them for the PS3 sitting on the shelf (2 and 3 never even opened), Very very tempting. Upgraded PC or not.
  12. I'm not playing anything, but do want to try Siren: Blood Curse. I remember playing the demo years ago.
  13. Finished Gone Home and have mixed feelings. It was enjoyable...mostly due to all the 80s references. But at the end, I sort of felt like "that was it?". Definitely would not pay for it...I don't even think I'd pay for it as a physical disk. It would be like buying Episode 1 of The Walking Dead. Still, it was well put together and I did go back and restart it with the commentary enabled which was kind of cool. Also installed NBA 2k16. I wish I could be called something besides Freq. Anyway, enjoying college life right now.
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