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  1. this controller adapter does almost any controller. http://skunx7.wixsite.com/bliss-box https://www.facebook.com/blissboxadapter/
  2. Ok so I am currently trying to get the driving controllers working with my windows 10 arcade machine. I use stella. indy 500, a driving controller (original), as well as a blissbox 4-play. When I plug controller in and go to joy.cpl it shows when i spin the knob clockwise the plus goes to the bottom, twist more and it goes to top, and then twist more it goes to middle again, when I let go it stays where i left it. If i turn it counter clockwise the + goes up and so on. I believe this to be correct. So I load stella and I am told that they should work correcly out of box as same as joy0 left and joy0 right. See below Driving Controller (cannot be remapped, always associated with joystick controller) Left Driving Left Direction Same as 'Joy0 Left' Right Direction Same as 'Joy0 Right' Fire Button Same as 'Joy0 Fire' yet the paddles are acting like Joy0 up and joy0 down. When I remap the drivers to be left and right the car is WAY TOO SENSITIVE, and just spins and spins. I have tried to reduce down the sensitivity as well as the joystick deadzone to no avail. So my question is: Is this a stella issue, a blissbox issue, or a me issue; as well as how do i fix this issue.
  3. Well I am starting to believe you... Bliss is just so close..... i am planning on trying a couple others and see if they work better.... Anybody have any luck getting IT working on mess???
  4. Anyone know any emulator i can use a real intellivision controller on? I have this thing called a blissbox. See it here Blissbox Homepagehttp://spawnlinux.dyndns.org/Bliss-Box .... It basically allows you to use just about any console controller on a pc.... My problem is that Nostalgia only recognizes the first movement on the controller. So if you press the top action button it shoudl read Button 1 + Button 2, but instead it only read Button 1, and On the 2,5,8,0 buttons it should just read a direction like up down left right, but it doesn't even recognize the directions... So I also tried Bliss. Bliss almost worked.. It looked good when I learned everything in and it recognized it right, but then when playing the actual game if I pressed enter which should be Button 1 + left it saw the button 1 first and did that action.... Any help would be appreciated...
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