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  1. That was the best looking Sears box I've seen on eBay in a very long time, but again, I passed as well because of the cuts in the box and no way to tell if the box serial number matched the unit. It sold for a decent price at $167, but would have gone for a lot higher had the box not been cut. I think the numbers are cut out of the boxes for the maintenance contracts Sears used to sell. I worked for Sears back in the late 80's and owners had to give us the UPC codes as well as the model and serial numbers to enter into the contracts they purchased as proof. If I had to make a guess, I would say that would be the reason why you see so many cuts in that some spot. Unless there was some other promotional thing at the store they bought it at.
  2. Hopefully draw a little inspiration from this... Lol. Can't believe this movie is now 10 years old!!! Wtf!!! https://youtu.be/eUQ4KikX9mQ
  3. Lol.. I was usually good for two rounds of guards and that was it ..de-rezzed. I always thought DD was the best game on INTV, would be fantastic to have an updated version in the old style
  4. 4 is still a lot when you have 3 of them "chasing" you around. That was more the point than the hit number. It's a lot. Also... Super Charge the disc by holding the button longer before you release it...like they do in Tron Legacy when they jump around before tossing it.
  5. Thanks for doing this! Some great upgrades to an already fun classic! how about a weak enemy (1 hit) that throws multiple discs (random types). Strong enemy (2 hits) with an exploding disc. More than 1 hit from a Guard kills you... I never liked that I had to hit them 5 times, there's 3 of them. Odds not anywhere in our favor. Enemy discs hit on return as well. You get extra men, take 3 hits each man.
  6. Awesome!!! How's the quality?? Price is high, but I'll buy if the quality is there.
  7. Love the "Pony" shirt. Pony hightops... now that's 80's! Loved mine... wish they still made them. Great video... thanks for posting it!
  8. As I was watching this...all I kept thinking was...yup, he's going to knock over the ECS now...nope...now... Whew... Yup...now.. whew .. definitely now...whew. Especially when he was showing the Excite Bike controller. I was betting it was going over then.
  9. thanks for posting this... I just added it to my Retropie build. What a fun arcade game. I forgot about this one!
  10. Finally watched the video today. It was very impressive to see the behind-the-scenes of the design and what went into it. I always wondered what it took in modern society to design something new, and innovative and how much thought goes into it. It was great to see some of the 3d modeling and what some of the inner workings of the design look like, thanks for that. As with any new console, you often wonder how well it's made and how long it will last... looks like the Amico is built for the long-haul. The controller looks well made, and with all the little faucets that you guys designed into it, appears to be one impressive piece of gaming technology right in your palm. I'm happy to see big name manufacturing going into the production as well. Qualcomm and Ark are both very good/solid name brands when it comes to technology. Ark has always been the supporter of producing both smaller and larger design projects, along with very good quality in most anything they produce. Great choice. I guess I need to buy more Qualcomm stock!! Game video was great. So much pop to many of the games. Some have a little too much, but I can see games like Skiing, AD&D, Nitro and Biplanes being a lot of fun right out of the "box". Looking forward to those. Good to see a large genre menu as well. Kids, teens, adults and seniors all look like they're well represented. Thanks for the video, I'm looking forward to more and can't wait till April!
  11. a heat signature would be cool for that... like vapors or what Predator looks like.
  12. No one will ever play a guitar like he did... ever again. Only Hendrix, Page, Allman, Lifeson, Rhodes, and a very small handful of others could play to his level... but never shred like he could. Even Malsteem, Satriani and Vai couldn't hold a candle to Eddie. Not only was he amazing, he was quiet and simple... the smile was all it took. No other drama, or antics. Just pure focus and blazing speed like no one else on this planet. At age 60... he was faster than men 40 years younger. That's when you know he was a purist and a master at his art. When you're 18, young and dedicated...it's easy. At 60... arthritic joints in his fingers, tendons not as elastic, hands hardened from age... and he plays it all like he was 20 again. Look at the stretch... the pinky working the strings with speed and accuracy.. all masterful technique. Fucking unreal... and on a level all his own. That was Eddie.
  13. Bass - John Entwistle Drums/Percussion - Neil Peart Lead Guitar/Keyboards - Eddie Van Halen Vocals - Presently Jesus Christ, but will be filled at a later date. RIP... but God is putting together the most colossal Rock Band the Heavens have ever seen! It's obvious he loves Hard Rock...
  14. Thanks for setting this up. I kinda had a feeling something was coming on that day, but I was literally going to ask you today if you were going to do anything in lieu of the release. I'm looking forward to it!
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