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  1. I wrote a similar comment on another thread regarding this article... I don't understand how an article like this was posted on a website that is supposed to be about new technology and promoting aspects of the industry. The article was informative, however... a very poor tone and leaves the reader thinking both systems are a complete waste of time. With the pandemic in full effect, and all of us choosing to stay home for vacations because we can't go anywhere, I would imagine a system that promotes fun family time in one room is the new way of thinking. Not to leave out the high quality of the products and what they might offer the public. Who knows if the VCS will ever make it to the public, but you can definitely seen now that the Amico will. Why write that he's baffled? C-net should have thought twice about this one.
  2. That would be pretty cool. I'd like to see some 60's cars in the Nitro Racing game as well.
  3. Thanks for posting that. That actually was fun to watch! Wish they could make those late 60's muscle cars for the new "Auto Racing" game.
  4. Has to be one of the most informative, yet idiotic articles olive read yet. Isn't c-net some sort of technical base site? Why have such a negative tone to the article as if it was all a waste of time to make either of these consoles. I'm shocked at the top price of the VCS coming in at $390 for the "all in" version. Wow. Looks great, and hopefully they really do make the unit. I'd like to own both depending on the price point. What I don't like about the VCS is it seems to be a Linux based emulator (a la Retropie) when it playing the old games. So we'll see...also..yet ANOTHER FPS game console.... Really?? Com'on. If I want FPS style, I'm buying a new PS5. That's what I like so much about Amico. It's coming to the market with a fresh look and new game ideas. Some based on old nostalgia, but still brining a lot more to the table as far as fun for everyone.
  5. Best playing example of Liar's Dice...which is a very old bluffing game played around the world for centuries. Also known as "Bluff" or "Pirate's Dice"... Used to perfection in Pirates of the Caribbean series.
  6. @Tommy Tallarico Finally watched the video, as I was at work when it came up. I should have banged in sick for it! LOL! Impressive is the word that immediately comes to my mind, and backing up the hype. What I liked most about it is that many of the programmers were part of it, and they were giving their opinions and thoughts about the system and programming games for it. They all seemed very enthusiastic about the whole process and what the console hardware has to offer. That in itself is a huge positive as you know if they like it, some really good designs and quality games will come from it. Speaking from experience with not only Intellivision, but MAME and Retropie... this system really brings the boom for modern technology. It's definitely NOT a RPi4 hidden in a large piece of plastic... so the haters need to stop comparing it to a Retropie system. From the actual footage shown, it will be a fun, entertaining and visually appealing system with sharp and well designed graphics and killer sound! My likes... Battle Tanks, Evel Knievel (grew up wanting to be him!), Corn Hole, Astrosmash and definitely Bomb Squad. To pinpoint that game for a moment... that's the first time I have ever heard of a system being the actual prop in the game. What a fantastic concept!! Can't wait to see that one in play! The idea of having to work with others, much like you do in an Escape Room is an incredible and well thought game concept. Kudos!! Moon Patrol is completely insane!! It was awesome to hear from the actual designer/producer of the original game and that he was totally on board for the remake. Great stuff! Dislikes... well... some of the games look a little too flashy and "cell phone" like. Missile Command and Spades look like something I'd play on a tablet. Not really console enough in my eyes, but again, I'm holding off until I play them.. and I will. If that is the only complaint, then well... it's not really a big one. I'm sure the vast library and style of games that you can play on it will more than make up for it. There was no video of MLB Baseball!! Suggestion: a more Poker influenced game much like the original LV Blackjack and Poker. That would be amazing! Would have been great to see MLB Baseball in action, and from what it looks like Snafoo and Flying Circus (Biplanes?). Bottom line... more game video. I thought the whole hour plus video was very good, and a very good sales point (not pitch, we're beyond cheap sales pitches). It gave a future buyer some real evidence that this is going to be a special console. I enjoyed listening to the comments and hearing the pride of the developers from all over the world. That was fun to watch. Great news... and sad news too. Sorry about your sister Tommy... My only sister, 2 years older than me shares the same birthday as yours, probably different year... 10-10-67. But I know what it's like to loose someone so close and dear to you. "Push the envelope, watch it bend." - Lateralus, Tool. Rgds, James (IMB) PS... sound and looks like Earthworm Jim will be Intellivision's "Deadpool" ... hahaha... "pull my finger!" classic!
  7. I second a Berzerk port... Apparently there is one being worked on. 😊 Here's a good one for voice as well.... Gorf!! One of my all-time favorites...in fact, I'm working on my next MAME cabinet... restoring on old Gorf cabinet that was destroyed after 2 NEO-GEO game conversions. 😳😞
  8. Nah... he carried it. What the never said was he spent the next month in the hospital recovering from having both his balls shoot out his ass... thus delaying production of the movie.
  9. Oh, those. Ok. Personally, I like the old duck cloth canvas style. Just think it looks right. But those are nice as well.
  10. Pretty sure this this them... https://ebay.com/usr/pkrah If you have contact them, ask them if they are doing any more Sears Tele-Games covers...or anything Intellivision. Sounds like there is some interest brewing for these again. Thanks!
  11. I bought the Intellivision cover and 2 Atari covers from him. Great stuff, like original. I had asked him years ago if he would do any more Tele-Games covers, but he hasn't since. The Tele-Games dust cover will actually fit an Atari VCS Heavy Sixer (or the Tele-Games Video Arcade Heavy Sixer) as well as the Super Video Arcade. It won't fit the later built Atari 4 switch units. I would be in for 2 if he did. Maybe we can gather up a few interested members and send him a number that would get him thinking about making another run of them.
  12. You know.. I forgot that you don't "defeat" the MCP, you just go back to the board. Would be a good one to hack so that the MCP blows up and the games ends.
  13. Probably the best version of the Intellivision. But I'm biased. Lol. Thanks for using it in your video. It never gets the spotlight it deserves.
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