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  1. ....aaannd we all remember what happens when we leave static running on a TV set...
  2. There's definitely some accuracy to the sprites... In the first pic, the player looks like the wingset of a P-40 Kittyhawk and the engine of a P-47 Thunderbolt and the enemy is an Me-262. The bomber looks like either a Ju-88 or Ju-188. The second shot looks like a twin engine variation of an Me-264 Amerikabomber. I love it... I'm happy they went to this detail. I realize what I see might not be what it is, but to a WWII aviation buff, it's nice to see a WWII themed game leaning towards details like this. Ju-88, Me262, Me264
  3. You honestly hit the two best games for little kids. Frog Bog and Shark! Shark! There is a game in the old version of Snafu, I forget the game number, but it's an easy two-player game that you chase each other around biting your tails until one is gone. She'll love that. I wish I had a video of how loud my daughter laughed when we played that one together. LOL.
  4. post a request on the Intellivision forum if you want to get an Intv Flashback. Someone might be able to sell one to you cheaper than ScamBay. Last year I bought a case minus the controllers and no box to use for a project.
  5. She struggles today but she will master it tomorrow. She's only two... that's kind of a lot to expect from a new hand that doesn't have the muscle or bone development completed yet. At 10 I taught my little girl a 2 second drop back, check down and throwing tight spirals on the run out of the pocket. Besides... two is a wonderful age, which becomes three... then four... then 20 and starting a senior year at a big University 1200 miles from home with a new boyfriend who is in the USMC... Unplug the game and go to the park.. she'll be gone before you know it.. but what do I know... Shark Shark The new Snafu version Evel Knievel and a few other pre-school games that were shown in the E3 video
  6. Take a look at the 1-Up cocktail tables they sell. I don't know the sizes of them, but I judging by everything else they sell, it's probably a mini as well. Maybe that will work better for you. I have two full-size cocktail tables, they are both fairly large... one is an MAME converted Strata Bowling unit, the other is a dedicated Bally/Midway "Up N' Down". They are around 27" deep coin door to back of cabinet, and roughly 36" to 42" wide player-to-player. Each have a 19" CRT/RGB screen in them. The differences between the two styles is the Strata cabinet has the control panels on the outside of the glass...meaning the cabinet is a full box with controls mounted on the sides. Whereas, the Bally unit has the control panels cut into the box and tucked under the glass which makes it compact. There are also smaller units that I have seen, which you sit at like a desk. Those are really good and take up a lot less room. At any rate.. owning an original, a converted or even these 1-ups is a lot of fun and really go great when you have company. I don't have a pool at my house, so in the summer when we have friends over, the girls are in the back yard sweating and chatting like birds...and the boys are in the basement (where it's nice and cool) drinking beer, laughing and cursing up a storm trying to beat high scores like we once did as kids. Looking at that Pong table, it can see where it will be an issue with placement in a room. Those type table used to be in the open areas of the Arcades where you could walk around them with plenty of room. 1-Up 40th Anniversary Pac-Man...
  7. It's ok. It's still a really nice looking cabinet.
  8. Cranker.. I don't think I mentioned this, and sorry if you are already familar with it.. but this IS what you get with these units... they are minis...the Pong unit was the first I've seen in a "full size" unit. I'm still mulling over buying one as well...
  9. bummer... that would have been really cool...
  10. From the website... What games are included? Eight Atari classics that ushered in the video game era: Pong®, Quadra Pong, Pong Doubles®, Warlords®, Pong® Sports, Circus Atari®, Tempest®, and Super Breakout®. The basics of the game choices of these cabinets is licensing. You won't see Donkey Kong on a Pac-Man table. They are by two separate companies. So it will be like a Namco, or Midway or Capcom only unit. https://arcade1up.com/products/pong-4-player-pub-table
  11. The latest Atari 2600 is the best looking version.. I think it's the 10 version? It's got a ton of good games on it, and has the closest look of the actual Atari with switches instead of large push buttons. I had the Colecovision unit and returned it. I just felt it wasn't very good and the games were a poor selection. I really should have kept it as the unit was made well and the controllers were good.
  12. Thanks for posting... nothing wrong with changing up topics to other areas we all love... ARCADES!! what size screen is it? 17" or 19" ? How much room does it need to properly sit in an arcade room without caddy cornering or having to pull it out and push it back? How thick is the actual table? 1/2", 5/8" or 3/4"?
  13. This is similar to the Neutral Zone Trap style defense in Hockey. It's extremely effective in holding a low scoring game to a win or a tie once you get ahead. In a simple description, it uses 3 players to act as a defensive push to trap the opposing three or two players on the attack into a corner, or against a wall where there is no where to go... hence the "trap". Hard checking, and stick work loosens the puck, and you dump it back into the opposing zone, forgoing an attack in exchange for wasting valuable time. It's boring to watch, but effective to win. The Red Wings and Devils played this way in the late 90's to several Stanley Cup wins... but man.. the games were brutal to watch... ZZzzzz...
  14. Agreed.... and exactly why I don't do the youtube thing... or social media... And of course... this factor as well... "You did WHAT with our money?!"
  15. Well, it was nice to take a break for a few posts... lol. I said it from day 1... I'm willing to wait for a console that is complete and ready out of the box. I anticipate some needed firmware updates here and there... what release hasn't done that... but I certainly won't accept something that looks rushed, poorly made, or a quick money grab junk pile. Let them take the time they need. It's not IE's fault were in the middle of a global shit show for computer chips. No one ever built that into a production plan. So I'm more than willing to wait if that's the case.
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