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  1. The Tandy is the prime of all the units. It's all about the gold on the woodgrain with white lettering. It's a must have for any serious collector. 2nd I'd have to say SSVA...as it's just a sensible design, with a cool late 70s look. The tan/brown/gold and wood grain makes it stand out under a TV. Least favorite has to be the Inty III. Especially with the Inty II keypads. Terrible Honorable mention goes to the Sylvania/GTE... Hard to find lately. But has a silver shade and just looks better than the Inty gold for some odd reason.
  2. This looks like a lot of fun. Any idea when it will come out?
  3. Dude.. I just shit myself thinking this was yet another new Amico version. Looks really cool though. Maybe a dark brown version would be cool as well
  4. Dude.. The Human Centipede... so wrong on so many levels.. even South Park.. LOL!
  5. Lol... Like the Chopper in Spy Hunter. Loved that theme song and hearing that chopper thumping coming in from a distance. Peter Gunn... Best arcade game theme song hands down
  6. That was Warrior. Great game. I'm waiting for AD&D and I'll do one like this too... LOL!
  7. As I watched the Break Out video, I was thinking about how tight and defined the lines looked, and that vector games would probably do well on Amico. We shall see. Aside from Tempet, Tempest Tubes and Asteroids...a few more great vector classics Lunar Lander Space War Zektor Warrior Red Baron Battlezone Space Dual
  8. I agree. Just imagine how many retro-games that have never played an Intellivision may very well have sudden interest in the older consoles.
  9. I have to agree with this. I love that people are making new games for old consoles. I just can't afford them at $50-70 a pop. I totally understand the premise behind it, and I respect what it takes to make one, packaging...etc. But it's out of my price range to do more than one. If they are made for the Amico, and can be sold at a $15 range... all in for two or maybe three. I wish they sold just the roms for $10 each. I'd buy it and toss it on the LTO or Retropie!
  10. Proud to be an FE! I can't wait to play some of these fun games with the family! 2020 is looking better every month!
  11. Bomb Squad Microsurgeon (just for the stupid Aspirin button I'd always miss) Treasure of Tarmin Sea Battle Sub Hunt Space Battle Utopia Safe Cracker (colored corners for driving directions)
  12. I agree with that!! Might be tough with the LucasArts licenses though.
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