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  1. I have to say you might have an uphill battle with the core of the die-hard 700 button per controller Call of Duty/HALO nuts... BUT... many of the kids that have/play a switch will fall right into the Amico and really enjoy it. To hep support this.. my daughter is a Sophomore at U of Florida and has two friends staying for the weekend, plus her small crowd of HS friends and cousins that are constantly in and out of my house. They ALL play Nintendo based fun games, have made drinking games out of many of them and really enjoy the simplicity of the games like Carnival Games, Overcooked (1 and 2), Mario Cart, Sports Party.. etc.. I've been talking to them about the Amico and what it will bring and they're all pretty keen on the idea of just having a lot of fun with fun 'stressful' games like the ones I mentioned. If it's already in the works to develop similar type games, it WILL be a big hit with the College crowd and a hit with families. ANYTHING these modern college kids can make a freakin' drinking game out of is a huge seller (Can Jam??? WOW, why didn't I think of that?). LOL.
  2. WTF... was this guy prepping for a freakin' magic show?? I lasted all of 47 sec into the core presentation and had to stop as I fell out of my chair from the dizziness I was experiencing... I'm suing for $736.21 million.
  3. Despite what many argued against about the original controller, it was well designed for what it was intended for. The only major issue it had was sore thumb or "disc thumb" as we all called it. That was because the disc compressed into the housing, which made the thumbnail ride on the lip abs pull away from the skin. From what the pics show, the new controller rides ABOVE the housing and hopefully will not compress lower than the lip, thus avoiding disc thumb. Back in the day, my Dad purchased a set of Stickler, which once installed, completely cured any further issues. The controller was actually made better! Many of the games were well designed to make use of the controller. Bomb Squad, Space Spartans, Space Battle, Deadly Discs, Utopia, etc... could never have been as good as the were with just a joystick. Sure, it was at times a pain in the ass to get the exact spot, but it was far more accurate and durable than any other joystick/controller on the market at the time. My friends with A2600s and 5200s were constantly replace theirs and the Colecovision controller was just crap... clumsy, inaccurate and poorly made. So, looking forward, looks like our thumbs will survive. My only hope is the thing will be easy on the arthritis in my hands. After playing Football in HS, and years of working on heavy jets, cars, motorcycles, my house ... my hands are shot. ☹
  4. Much of the negatives are coming from those that think this is just going to be a retro-console money grab, and are not taking into consideration that other than the Switch, Sony and M$ are the only other options for home game consoles which again are really all about FPS and MMP games that don't take the family unit into consideration. The Switch has a few fun family style games, but it's more like a tablet and mostly based on taking the unit with you while sitting in the back of a car/plane on long rides... which isn't very 'family' orientated. This is a new console, which will have the ability to play retro versions and new games. From what it looks like, it won't be tied down to specific character/logo/signature style games.. meaning Mario this, Mario that. It will give many opportunities to new games, with new ideas and new developers. It's not an ATGames throwback, or a beautified Retropie mock-up... its a genuine, brand-new console based on a popular model from the 80's. I just don't see why some of these simple-minded nay-sayers can't approach it from that opinion. They have NO idea what it's like other than those same pics we saw and an introduction video we all have access to. Until something else is released with tangible evidence that shows what it will look and play like... maybe the opinion should be 'wait and see' rather than 'I know it all and it looks like crap'. Piss-poor journalism at it's best. Everything anyone has said about the Amico that has ACTUALLY SEEN IT is all positive and opens the doors to many options to many people that have been waiting for something like this SINCE the post-crash of 1984. Me.. I'm buying it regardless. I think the amount of effort and passion that has been put into this project deserves the support of a purchase (if not multiple) so hopefully that money goes into further development and other additions/versions of this console.
  5. What gets me is that there are 2 other attempts at marketing new/retro systems out there that have yet to produce anything (Atari and Coleco) ... but because these guys were not invited to an exclusive showing, they instead bash it and make it seem like trash or as if it's all lies. Meanwhile.. you and IE have an actual working unit with several games on display for invited guests to see and give real opinions on....which they have and it's ALL positive! Sounds like modern journalism at it's best... just give an opinion even it's false or fake. Can't wait to see the latest trailer! Hopefully soon!
  6. I'd like to see a Stranger Things game on the Amico... much like that 8-bit game Netflix put out for download to smartphones, but better. It was very retro and a lot of fun to play. As for a cameo in Ready Player One, the Intellivision made a cameo in it. When Halliday was in his room looking for the egg, he reached under his computer desk with the TRS-80 on it, and you can see the Inty on the very left side of the table legs. But that's it... Once again.. the A2600 stole the show. Yeah... I picked that movie apart. I was kinda pissed about it being so different than the book, but it was still really good. PS... I prefer to say "height challenged" rather than short... I'm barely 5'8" .. lol.
  7. I never seem to find anything retro at all at any estate, Goodwill, Thrift or Garage sales either. All my collecting has been through eBay which is a toss up. I did really well with my Tandyvision, and GTE units .. got them on the serious cheap. But other Sears units cost me plenty. Hard to find them cheap, not yellow and with original paint still on letters.
  8. @popsicle that's Mail Order Monsters no? That was a great game. I hope many of the Epyx titles can be moved to the Amico platform, as well as some Accolade and early Brøderbund titles like Lode Runner, Raid on Bungling Bay... etc. @Tommy Tallarico pretty cool assortment of ancient gaming records... my buddy and I used to race like madmen with Pit Stop II, good times back then. I was that same way with Computer Ambush for the C64. Games back then did that to you. It's what made them that much better. As for the Colecovision, I missed out on that system. I have one now I'm my collection, but I was a C64 guy back then. I hope you guys look back to both systems to recreate some of those classics like B.C.'s Quest, Bruce Lee, Shinboi, Impossible Mission...etc. I really enjoy what you bring to the table! JR
  9. Hi. Unfortunately while fixing my SSVA, I broke off the little tab that holds down the DB9 controller input on the tray. I was able to glue it in place, but it's still weak. Does anyone have a spare tray they want to sell before I have to buy a whole new unit to replace the broken one? I'll even buy a crappy shell as long as the tray isn't all yellowed out and cracked. Thanks. 😊 JR
  10. Yes..yes...yes!!! I agree! The Intv would have been perfect for this title... rather than holding down the joystick button to choose the "trap". Just press it on the number pad. I agree! Great title for the Intv and Amico.
  11. Lmfao... that video was spot on. Hate to say it, but that really was what it felt like. No doubt there is a bit of that feeling for ANY anticipated release that carries a lot of hype, but judging by what's already been said by many who had access at E3 2019, it sounds like this one will definately deliver the goods as expected. Like you said... unlike No Man's Sky. Whoa...that was bad...
  12. Just to clarify a little missing info here... it's not THAT simple. To get it really humming, it requires a lot of configuring and tweaking that you're leaving out. I know this because I've been running 2 Retropie units for 3 years. You definately need some computer skill to get it working at it's best. It's great fun, and I'm really happy with Retropie but I'm still looking forward to a new Intellivison and all that it will offer. I've been a retrogamer since 1998, when MAME was really new to the scene. Because of it, I've built 3 MAME cabinets, have 2 Retropie units, several real systems both old and new and support most if not all retro-game efforts I come across. Years ago I ran the website Intellivision Bodega which i posted all kinds on Intv stuff that people were begining to find back when there was little to be found aside from what Keith and Intellivision Productions was offering. We've come a long way since then, and have a lot of ground to cover ahead. As for the Amico, what I'm really happy about is that Tommy is not only a voice for this project , but a real presence that you can see has put a lot of effort into making this happen. That alone has me watching this forum everyday. Before this forum, I was on the Intvprog group on Yahoo and sort of just lurked for years. Then a few years ago, I came across this forum. I used to come here just to ask for help with setting up and tweaking JzIntv on my Retropie unit, and check out the new homebrew that guys here were making, but not any more. Now I come by to see all the good info on whats coming out in the future and see how many people are still programming Intv games. Unlike the Atari VCS attempt that looks like a load of bullshit, the Amico appears to be taking the lead and drawing in a large crowd of support to possibly rethink what home gaming should be. I realize your opinion is skeptical, and you are entitled to that, but realize you ARE on a forum with people that truly love the Intellivision and are not going to agree with every point of your opinion. If I went to a Sega forum and pulled the same angles and opinions you are, I'd be flammed to Hell for sure. So, as everyone else has... take a seat on the Tallarico Express and let's see where Tommy takes us. I for one am on board with camera in hand waiting for the party at the final destination. JR
  13. Tommy, I said it in the other thread... but I'm really happy to see such a good vibe surrounding the first look of the Amico. I agree with a lot of what you posted in reference to the violent content of games lately. Seems kids are growing up knowing how to load and operate a SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) before they can even spell their own last names thanks to the genre of games presently on the market. I've played many of these myself and swear sometimes I was in actual live combat from the stresses the games impose on your psyche. I'm excited to see the Amico possibly spearhead a movement back to traditional fun family gaming, somewhat like the Wii did for a while until the PS3/4 and Xboxes flooded intense graphics and violence into the gaming world and trampled that aspect. Looking forward to what lies ahead with this... JR PS... don't forget to have vinyl peel-off stickers all over the boxes and cases of every unit that clearly say in big white bold lettering... PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA!
  14. Well, sound like the Amico has a good positive vibe to start! I'm happy to hear comments like this and hope it keeps getting better. As for the Logo... personally, I like the one in this video. Maybe it was the original. Not keen on the 'bubble' letters... but it won't stop me from buying that retro style console! Looking forward to it. JR
  15. YEP! Won't be revealed until next year though. Please ... please... a Sears Color base. Vanilla, gold and wood grain. Or a Harley Davidson Orange and Black for the garage! LOL... JR
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