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  1. Having a little fun with lr-based emus on RetroPie. Would love to see JzIntv get this treatment. Atari 800 (lr-atari800) Apple II (lr-Mess) Commodore 64 (lr-vice). I I used my own bedroom from back in the 80's as inspiration... but if you're a fan of Ready Player One, there are references to the book in there as well. Atari VCS (lr-Stella) Background is made to mimic Joyce Byers living room from Stranger Things. Intellivision (lr-FreeIntv) Apple IIgs (lr-Mess) So you can see the fun you can have if JzIntv got a full Libretro port...or even if lr-FreeIntv was cleaned up and given controller support.
  2. Yes. FreeIntv is, for lack of better words, a very crude emulator that was designed to grab all the goodies that the Libretro core offers. It was well-done for what it was intended for, but the orginal designer even said that it lacks a lot of support for keybad based games. It's not 100% accurate, and is difficult to use for games that need the keypad like AD&D, Bomb Squad, BJ&Poker...etc. If you're willing to take on the task, I'd like to help test for you. I'm very well versed with how Retropie and the Libretro based emulators work, and how to set them up. Let me know. I'm not programmer, but I've been known to help a lot of the designers work out many bugs with their own works. I'm currently working with the team that is improving DosBox-Staging, and have helped with lr-vice, lr-atari800 as well. Let me know, I'm happy to help any way I can if you choose to improve FreeIntv or port JzIntv. Either one of these really needs to have support for the Ultimate PC Interface for Classic Consoles.
  3. Although true...some of the Libretro based emulators do take a bit of finess to get working correctly... the end results are very good. Most users stick with the "lr" based versions because of all the great filters and overlays you can add. That's one major advantage to them. The also have easily accessible core menus, with tons of options you can play with specific to the emulator. Disk swapping is supported as well as true disk emulation that gives you the actual sounds of the drive working. I've been working with a few of the programmers on the Retropie Support forum and have had very good success getting DosBox-Staging, lr-vice, lr-Atari800 (with seperate Atari 5200 support) working individually with all the correct video filters. I'll post some pics of my setup later today so you can see what mine look like. I've done a lot of my own custom overlays that resemble 70s/80s style living rooms. But like you said, and I have experienced, many of the MESS based emulators do not have proper keyboard/joystick mapping at this point.
  4. Wow... you resurrected an old one.. lol. I can almost answer my own original post now, so I'll do my best. No. As far as it went, there was interest, but in the end, it burned out. New to Retropie is lr-freeintv. It's a very good emulator built with the Libretro core in mind. It uses all the goodies associated with Libretro cores so it's easy to use from a Retropie point of view. However, it's NOT JzIntv, which many (including me) feel is the closest to an actual Intellivision that you'll get. It's simply the best, plus it supports the Ultimate PC Interface which allows you to use real Intellvision controllers. You can't do that with FreeINTV. You can use pop-up menus and program buttons on your controller, but that is only good for so many games. I do wish there was a bonified lr-JzIntv for Retropie as it would be very well received and used by many... but I imagine it was an uphill battle not worth fighting. Almost forgot... no netplay as mr_me already pointed out for JzIntv on Retropie or lr-Freeintv
  5. I'd put the haunted ones in the cabinet next to my wife's side of the bed... lol Very informative video. I like how you gave realistic money values. Sometimes I look at these games and wonder to myself... how much is this really worth paying for? And by that I mean how much should I be paying.
  6. Lol... the look of it in general. Has that looming look, like one of the dolls is going to move.
  7. Great video! Calm and informative. Thanks for posting it. But the background your standing in front of... nice collection, but... well.. "Annabelle" immediately comes to mind.. LOL.
  8. And the award for the most bastardized repair of an Intellivision (Sears SVA) goes too... https://www.ebay.com/itm/304017283004?hash=item46c8d797bc:g:M~QAAOSwC9hgtZVg "Dad! The Intellivision is broken!!" "Hold on Son, let me see what I have in the shop." 🤯 Upside, they played the crap out of it!
  9. Lighting effects are always one of the last aspects of a game to be implemented and the first to be adjusted. The WWI Simulator I was invloved with looked like crap for years until we came across the right person that was able to custom design the shading/bloom effects we needed in the sim to bring it to life. So I wouldn't judge anything Sports related until they're ready for release. The "sprites" on both MLB Baseball and Soccer looks pretty good to start with. I mean for what the Amico is shaping up to be, I'd say FUN will be the key to these games. I still play World Series Baseball on Intellvision because it's simple "sandlot baseball" without all the other bell's and whistles. The goal is to make it replayable... over and over again. If the game achieves that, then you have success no matter how good or bad it looks. Still to this day the best Baseball game I have ever played for a true baseball experience is Earl Weaver Baseball I/II. Sure it looks like crap... but man, it's all about the game!
  10. Well... it all depends on the chip type, and requirements to build. I mean, they're still making a lot of other stuff. No one really knows though. Obviously the focus will be on the larger shortage markets, but if the Amico uses similar chipsets to regular PC's, Laptops, Mac's... etc... it will go along for the ride.
  11. Sorry... Nissan was in April for the May/Summer production cycle... Toyota just slashed production... https://www.reuters.com/business/autos-transportation/toyota-slash-september-production-due-global-chip-shortage-nikkei-2021-08-19/
  12. There's no damn conspiracy to the Amico not making production dates... I agree.. it's getting annoying to constantly read that people seem to think Tommy is scamming the world. If he was, he's be in a shit-ton of leagal issues with a whole load of people. You can run, but you can't hide anymore... but back on point... Nissan had a massive production cut in April for the May/summer production cycle... now Toyota is as well... it's in the numbers, other than the stupid crap that guy just YouTubed for click quotas. Here's the news on Toyota... for them to slash like they are, that's pretty massive. So I doubt the Amico is very high on the priority list for chips. Give them a damn break. https://www.reuters.com/business/autos-transportation/toyota-slash-september-production-due-global-chip-shortage-nikkei-2021-08-19/
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