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  1. Which mod did you get? Did you install it, or paid? I did one on one of my units years ago and I was a little disappointed. I'm sure the quality has gone up since then. I too had a WEGA, a 36" unit. I got rid of it when we remodeled the house. It was a behemoth weighing over 250 lbs. I'm glad it's gone, but I agree.. it was a good TV for retro games. I'll eventually look for a smaller unit. But for now, I run everything on emulators.
  2. Hi and welcome. Since you're totally new to Intv's and new here, were happy you're here. Nothing better to us than seeing yet another Intv saved and a new fan of this great system. First, like I do to everyone of these I buy... Tear it down and wash it in mild dishsoap and warm water, being careful not to rip off any trim. Use a sponge and a soft brush. To do this, there are six philips head screws for the main case, and six more for the tray. You can then remove the components as you see them. Take pictures of the wire patterns for the connectors and wire routing. Once washed, lay everything out on a table and let it dry for a few hours/over night. You can test the system out of the case, it's not needed to run an Intv. They run fin on a bench wide open. For each controller, do the same. And make sure you place the membrane and white washer in the right order. Clean everything.... Lord only knows where this unit has been. From there, put in a game, get a good cable to a TV and see what you get. Clean the port with alcohol on a cotton swap. Clean the contacts of the games the same way. Jam the cart in and rip it out a few times to assure you have good contact as this is always a problem on theses systems. They tarnish on the contacts and won't work. Let us know how it goes.
  3. Where could this investigation lead? I work for the airlines, they've continued to move cargo, but even if they do, they need people to load/unload. Factories need people, ships, docks.. etc. No matter what, when you shut down an economy, it effects all aspects of the whole system. If the widget needs several layers to be brought to the customer, all layers need to function. The question doesn't lie in the shortages, the questions that need to be asked was if this was necessary to the level it was taken....and how could we not have been prepared for this. At least it looks like the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter.
  4. I've always wondered why. Aren't colors data points, or for C64 Poke entries? I understand why the color will look different from display to display because of slight frequency differences... But I didn't know it came down to actual circuitry. I wonder how this is accomplished on arcade PCBs to make everything so uniform regardless of region. I imagine it has a lot to do with the monitor being a dedicated display unit, rather than a TV...as they are different. Very interesting subject! 😊
  5. That last line says it all... Smart move to cover so many variations that will be seen from TV brand to brand. Even the PAL vs NTSC format could effect the colors. The Commodore 64 suffers from that
  6. Colors look a toned down and dull. It does have a lot to with your picture tube. I tested so many palettes on both my 42" TCL LCD TV and an old RCA 13" TV. My SSVA running on the 13" TV and running JzIntv through a Retropie build on the LCD. It was very difficult to find a balance between what looked authentic and what looked right. I started with AD&D Tarmin on the 13", then matched by eye to the LCD... And it looked horrible. What looked authentic on the TV, was a mess on an LCD. I then tried Congo Bongo as it's loaded with colors...and it looked even worse when I color matched the original look to the emulator palette. So my conclusion to the colors of the INTV or any original console, is it depends on the quality of TV it's run on, how it's adjusted and how your eyes settle on the colors.
  7. No doubt, but it would cool to see the interactive game play involved. By the sound of it, some jaws will hit the floor. Lol.
  8. I thought that was only the main board screen. So how will this one play out? Are there circuits to solve, or is it select a lighted box and figure out it's code? Like I said in the other thread, this one could easily be the game that puts Amico on the map and in houses. Nothing like this has every been done before whereas every aspect of the console is the game itself. That's inovative to say the least. Going to be a fun one! Maybe in a future update video you could give more details on gameplay of this one?
  9. Bomb Squad Safecracker Night Stalker MLB Baseball Cloudy Mountain And hopefully B-17 Bomber if it's release is still planned for 2021. I don't care about the price as long as they're well made and replayable.
  10. I'm going to boldly predict that this might very well be the best game made for the Amico. Seems to me you guys really hit the nail on the head with this one. A game like this will envolve the whole room for sure. I love the idea that so many aspects of the the console are involved that everyone can sit in the game even without a controller. Mirroring the tension of a good Escape Room game, this one is sure to get the blood flowing! This one and Safecracker are the two I've been looking forward to the most. Nothing like a game that really challenges the mind and gets the whole room working together...and of course the tension watching the clock run down! Great idea! I love the throwback to the original game with the three colored code boards flashing, the tools, the sirens and music....and of course what used to be Boris saying.. "it won't be easy!" tossed in there as well. Freakin' awesome!! Nice work to you and the team on this one.
  11. That's an awesome story T. He was one of my favorite icons. I just loved his mentality about being the best at what you do. What a pleasure that must have been. I don't want to say you're a lucky guy.. that's not how it works. You earned it! And that's what makes it even better! Thanks again for sharing.
  12. Seriously Tommy... You met Muhammad Ali?!?! Wow! That's amazing and no doubt for our generation an honor! I used to love watching him with Howard Cosell jaw back and forth on ABC's Wild World of Sports! And of course any fight he was in. The original GOAT before it became Brady fashion to say it. What an honor!!! Great pic. Looks like somewhere in the mid-late 80s? Thanks for posting. 😄 Here's a funny spoof on the two of them from the 1980 classic Animalympics. Voiced by Billy Crystal in his prime.
  13. Wow... looks like a psychedelic space trip on steroids! .. I love it.. I'm in!! Ja-Whol!
  14. The artwork so far reminds me of the old Pink Panther cartoons... it looks really cool with that abstract "overpainted" look.
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