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  1. I'm sorry....but I couldn't resist the opportunity for a Family Guy reference here... 😄 https://youtu.be/wyd-yRnsOdo
  2. It must be a regional thing. It's a YouTube video I found. Not mine
  3. And this is exactly my point of you being by far the most accessible CEO of a company in history... lol. Thanks for being "that guy"... and not THAT (insert expletive) guy! Wish I lived in Cali, I'd bring my Sears until as well. 😁
  4. Same here. I remember playing Space Battle on the same console (or I think it was... so long ago) at our local Sears.
  5. There is no Intellivision reference in the video. There was always a question as to why the band mentions Intellivision and specifically Baseball to the list of Most Valuable Person in the foldout of the album. It reads... Most Valuable Persons At Le Studio: André, Yaël, Paul, Robbie, Richard, Solange, Nancy, Lina, Awesome André Moreau and Michel Al, Pat, Jill, and Maria at The Baldwins; The Embers at Settlers Bay; Warren Cromartie and the Montreal Expos’; Intellivision Baseball; The Ziv Orchestra; Trevor and the Commons Hotel Trevors Tramps (34-15); the Griffin family and the people of NASA; Mr. O. Scar for pre-production work; Bill Churchman; all the Oak Manoroids at SRO Special Awards for Technical Assistance: John Kaes and See Factor, Ted Veneman, Richard Ealey, Ron Shaughnessy, the Music Shoppe Toronto, the inflationary Ted McDonald, the Percussion Centre Fort Wayne, Tama drums, Avedis Zildjian cymbals A fond farewell and best wishes to Michael Hirsh and Greg Connolly it's a fun trivia note as to why they had specifically mentioned Intellivision Baseball in this list... well... judging by the video, and what he specifically states about being bored and really being into Baseball at the time in the late 70's, it makes sense. So us Rush fans can sleep better knowing that the answer to why MIGHT be hidden in this interview. Lol! Just having a little fun waiting for the Amico release. Maybe Geddy could be the spokesperson for MLB Baseball.
  6. I agree. That was a great video... an unbiased, straight talk video of what the console is meant to do... entertain a large group of people, or just have some good old fun with freinds. I like the video he showed with Shark! Shark! and the level transition to the next board. Looks like there's a lot more to that game than we think we know. Good! That the kind of video I've been waiting for. It boosted my already confident feeling that this is going to be a blast of a console to play. Now... about that Bomb Squad demo I've been begging for... that's the one I'm dying to see people playing. Oh yeah, and Safecracker? What happened to that one? Thanks for posting Tommy... any future dates set for any places in Long Island? I think the Cradle of Aviation in Uniondale still hosts the traveling Video Game Museum (well, if it's still around). That's a kick-ass venue if there ever was one... or even the American Airpower Museum in Farmingdale that actually has a P-40 Warhawk in service and flying. How cool would that look showing off Flying Tigers...
  7. For those of us that are Rush fans and know of the "Intellivision Thank You" on the inside cover of the Signals CD/Album... maybe this is why. At 16:32, Tom asks him about being a baseball fan. Now it's a known fact that Geddy is a baseball nut and even "scores" each game he goes to himself... but listen to what he says in reference to loving the game, being out on tour and bored as hell in the very late 70's. Makes sense that quite possibly he stopped into a store, picked up an Intellivsion and had a few games with Alex or Neil, or anyone else he could grab to play along and enjoy his favorite past time. Back then, as we are familiar with, Intellivision Baseball was the better of the console choices. Who knows, maybe Geddy enjoyed it so much he kept stats. Just an educated guess based on his personality (wow... look at that baseball collection!!), but I'm feeling that could be why the did that. Gotta love Rush for being literally a trio of geeky, fun-loving and true-to-life guys. I miss them. Best band to walk this earth. If anything, enjoy the interview... it's a real close-up, insightful look at his life. A lot to be said about a rock star that just lives a normal life.
  8. at around 50:12 a classic, well-timed "wow... you suck!" reminiscent of the days we played arcade games back in the 80's and just relentlessly dogged on each other while you tried to beat each others high scores. Looks like everyone had a good time and enjoyed the experience.
  9. This guy is exactly the reason why I don't do YouTube videos... great info, good video and probably a nice guy in person as well... but our crass, mafioso NY accent is just hard on the ears... LOL.
  10. Looks pretty sweet. I was never into this style of game, but I'm very familar with it from Raiden, to Sky Shark, to the 1941 series of games. They did a great job and it looks fantastic. I like how it's based on an arcade sprite style of animation, but they're hi-res graphics. Meaning it's not like the new Moon Patrol, it's more like a true arcade style game using sprites. Nice to finally see something other than Astrosmash or Shark! Shark! on a long play. Hoping to see Night Stalker, Bomb Squad and MLB Baseball being played/cheered by a crowd.
  11. - make a definite commitment to the release date with an update that includes long play demos and more videos of the actual games... not people talking about the console. - stop being concerned that everyone on the planet needs to only make positive comments. Let the nay-sayers say Nay. Who cares about them, prove their wrong with a good product. - Focus on the professionalism of the company, not who is working for it. No one really cares at this point. It's like looking at a team roster and all the players have big names, but the team sucks. Don't be that. - Put out more playable demos similar to what many companies did in the 90's with the magazines, so you know what you are buying by actually playing it, not watching it in a video. Everyone is a smart buyer now. - Don't focus on the flash and the ooo's and aaah's in the game. Make games that are good and replayable like the old ones were. No flashy bright graphics there, just fun playable games. Why do you think RetroGaming is so popular now? Because many of the games were really that good. Ultima I and II... shit graphics, awesome games.
  12. best way to go... you just won the gold star for the day! I'm convinced we lived better in the 80s without all this techno crap.
  13. Hi Tommy. First... Welcome back! I hope your vacation was a good one, if not we'll deserved. Of all the latest crap I've read on the forum this week, I'd like to say thanks for being so accessible and fun to talk to. I honestly don't get the intensity of some of these videos, as if they couldn't just come here and ask the questions to you directly, in a simple and professional manner. But I guess the ranting and whining creates the drama that creates the clicks, that creates the paychecks for the videos in the first place. At any rate... To what you posted and I'm replying to. I'd say the console is ready, you figured out a way to make it happen and we're actually going to see it all come to fruition. But until YOU post it, I'll just be happy to spend my time doing what I'm doing to pass it. Thanks again for not being your standard CEO and being completely connected to your fanbase as much as you can be. James. PS.. sorry the Yanks got crushed this weekend but hey ... give the Amazings some credit. It's been a long time.
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