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  1. If it were around April 1, and I hadn't played Mappy, I would have definitely thought this was an April Fools joke. As it stands, I'm pretty sure this will be the #1 thing on my Christmas List 6 months from now.
  2. The only game I remember frying was Asteroids. I mostly thought Atari did a decent cart of the game, and I played it a lot, but I always thought the multi-colored asteroids looked silly. Then one day I accidentally tapped the power switch and fried the game... Only to find that all asteroids were white. After that I often played the fried, white-only asteroids.
  3. This topic had me thinking back to what my Atari area looked like back in the day. I pulled out my photo albums from the 80s, but unfortunately this was all I could find. (back before digital photography I guess I wouldn't have "wasted film" on something as mundane as my room). This would most likely have been 1988, and I was in college at the time. Anyway, this was my 800xl with 256k Rambo upgrade, three 1050 drives (2 with US Doublers), SX-212 modem, 410 recorder, half a dozen boxes full of disks, (and in the lower left, some actual packaged software). I had the 800xl hooked up to both a monochrome monitor for BBS/word processing, and a 20 inch tv for gaming. Sound from the tv was fed into the 2 speakers on top of the bookcases. As I'm looking at this, one thing jumps out at me....that blue thing in the lower right. It was a joystick, but made like a trakball - the ball didn't spin, you just laid your hand on top and pushed in whichever direction. I'd forgotten about that strange joystick until now and have no idea why I bought it. I think I tried using it for a day or two and hated it. Anybody remember what that was called?
  4. Looks really good. Anybody happen to know if it will work off an AtariMax cart?
  5. Started with a 400 in 1982. Moved to 800xl in late 1984. I continued to use my 800xl long after all my friends moved on to PCs and had retired their Ataris and Commodores... I was still using my Atari to call BBS's and play games in 1992. But then, after using Macs at work for the previous few years, I finally broke down and replaced my 800xl with a Mac IIsi. All my Atari stuff got packed up in their original boxes and then hibernated in a closet for the next 15 years or so. Until one day while walking along the beach on a sunny summer day I started thinking about all the games I used to play on my 800xl. Thoughts of various Atari things continued to randomly surface over the next month or two until finally I went and dug out all my old stuff, set it up in the basement, and spent the day playing lots of old games. It's been set up there ever since.
  6. I have 4 1050s from back in the day. For some reason, one of them was always MUCH quieter than the other 3. The 3 noisier ones I put a little WD40 on the rail, which definitely made a slight improvement... But yeah, even when they were brand new, 1050s typically were pretty noisy.
  7. Just stumbled upon this.... Add me to the list of people who would love to see an NTSC version.
  8. Definitely THEN. If for no other reason than that on difficult/intense games, my fingers cramp up now....didnt have that problem when I was a kid.
  9. Question - I've heard of SIO2SD but never really looked into it. Can anyone confirm that it works without any problems with both Alternate Reality games (which use multiple disks, plus a character disk). I've been using Atarimax carts for 95% of my Atari gaming these past many years, but my one gripe is playing Alternate Reality... For that I need to dig out and connect my old 1050s and use real disks. If Lothariks SIO2SD works flawlessly with AR, I think maybe it's time to treat myself to a new toy.
  10. while on this topic... I know Sega Game Gear was originally packaged with Columns. It later came with Sonic as the pack-in. Does anyone have any info as to the date Sonic started shipping with the console? I think it must have been early 1992, but am curious if anyone has a more solid date.
  11. I had a Game Gear back in the day. After years of not being used, I got it recapped last year. Also bought another refurbished Game Gear console and a handful of new games (ie games I didnt have before). I only just took notice of the fact that my "refurbished" console displays the "tmss" message at power on, and my original one doesn't. Until now I just was thinking some games displayed the message and some didnt. Then I played Lemmings on the refurbished one, and the next day on my original one and was like What The!?! It made me curious, so I googled it and found a couple sites that say the tmss copyright screen was added in later versions of Game Gear and that it seems early non-tmss Game Gears have "flat" screen covers, while tmss-enabled Game Gears came with curved screen covers. Hmmmm. MY Game Gear from back in the day definitely has the curved screen cover but no tmss (I never have even seen a GG with a flat screen cover! ). I dont know the date I got my GG but it was right when Sonic first started getting packaged with it. Just wondering if anyone else has a curved screen cover without tmss, or any more info about the topic.
  12. The first time I can recall playing a videogame would be Breakout in an arcade. Was maybe 10 at the time. Played pinball and skeeball there.... But then, what's this thing with a dial and tv screen? Decided to try it. Anyway, I kinda recall being a little intimidated by it and not liking it so much. First videogame I owned. Coleco Telstar. Probably a year after my experience with Breakout in the arcade. It was The Must Have Christmas gift that year, that all my friends wanted, so I jumped on the bandwagon as well. And then a year or two after that, Space Invaders hit the arcades and I fell in love with videogames and have spent the last 40 years addicted to them.
  13. Thanks for posting those ads....I always get a kick out of seeing old stuff like this. But it doesn't really surprise me to see Adventure (or any game) advertised, with box shots, a month or two before it was actually available for sale. I definitely remember a couple of times back in the 80s when something was advertised in a weekly flyer from a store, but when I went there to buy it was told that it wasn't yet available. It definitely happened to me with Atari (2600 and 800) videogames a couple of times, but it also happened with handheld electronic games and other toys, videotapes, whatever. Come to think of it.......I kinda recall Mattel Electronics Football II (I think) was being advertised in a Sears flyer or something and I got my mom to take me to get it......only to find they didn't have it in stock yet. We stopped at Toys R Us or somewhere else and were told the same thing. Kids at school had the same stories. I don't think it actually hit the shelves til a few weeks later.
  14. Happy Chinese New Year!
  15. It would be cool if someone figured out how to make the 8bit lightgun work on modern tv's... Would love to play Crossbow again. (alternately it would also be great if someone could hack Crossbow to work with a joystick or trackball)
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