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  1. I had similar problems with my 400. I had replaced the 16k ram card with 32k intec card way back when. A couple years ago, when I tried to use it for the first time in like 30 years, all I got was a black screen.... Or brown.... Or green. A few weeks ago I decided to mess with it again finally. I took a 16k board out of my 800 and put into the 400. Bingo, it booted up fine. I then ordered a 16k board from ebay for $20 and my 400 is in business again after all these years. So if you haven't tried it yet - swap the ram card with a known working one.
  2. When I saw this I thought - no, how could that work on a 16k machine? But I just tried it and it did (though it did crash once). Now I'm even more impressed with AtariBlast! Haven't found many games that work on my 16k 400 with an sdrive-max. For cassette there's Apple Panic, Buried Treasure, Frogger, Genetic Drift, Sea Dragon and Stellar Shuttle. For disk images, there's Canyon Climber, Caverns of Mars, Chicken, Galactic Chase, Ghost Encounters, Jawbreaker2, Pinhead and Survivor. Problem is there's a decent amount of games that were 16k on tape long ago, but either there isn't an image of the tape version available (like Pogoman), or the tape is a multi-stage load which the sdrive doesn't do well with because it doesn't pause the loading between stages (like Zaxxon & Crypts of Terror). Oh well, at least it was fun to give my old 400 some use the past couple of weeks.
  3. This 400 was my first computer, bought in July 1982. A year later I upgraded it to 32k. In late 1984 it got packed away in a closet when I got an 800xl. Got back into Atari about 10 years ago and rotate my 3 800xl's and 1 800 every 6 months or so. But when I hooked up my 400 for the first time in over 30 years, sadly it didn't work (just a black screen). I tried re-seating chips to no avail, and put it aside. Last week I decided to fiddle with it some more. I swapped out the 32k ram for a 16k card from my 800, and Bingo! It was up and running. Stupid, crappy 32k Intec card. Ordered another 16k card on ebay and installed it just now. My 400 is back in business. 🙂 ATARI 202 stamped in case (hard to see)
  4. Looking for a list of commercial games that will run on a 16k 400. I normally use one of my 800xl’s or my 48k 800 for my Atari gaming, but my first computer was a lowly 16k 400. It hasn’t been set up or played with since circa-1984. I was thinking of taking it out and letting it get a little use. I know not too much will work on it, but certainly there were games out back in the 1980-1982 time period that would run, mostly cassette, but possibly a small amount of disks as well. I know I bought games for it back in the day that weren’t on cartridge. Pogoman comes to mind. Baja Buggies. Maybe Stellar Shuttle? Looking for more that I can throw at it. Unfortunately my usual go-to for game searches, Atarimania, doesn’t list memory requirements for games…..and neither does anything else that I’ve been able to find. (If only I had a couple of those old mail-order catalogs, because they always put memory requirements in their listings)
  5. Definitely like the idea of having yellow key have slightly different shape to distinguish from green key. To answer your questions, no I have never played through dark mode. I have won games 1, 2, 4, 6 and 7. Have gotten all 3 bat eggs, entered secret room and won games 1, 2, 6 and 7 so far. Only tried playing a vast maze game once so far and got hopelessy lost in one of the mazes and quit after 20 minutes or so. Overall, really love the game.... Pretty much what I was hoping Atari would release back in the mid 80s.
  6. >cassette audio. I had one or two back in the day that did that. But not what I'm looking for here. The reason I was asking about cassette-only games is that I wanted to D/L a few to try with an sdrive-max....just to see if it works as claimed for .cas images. But why download games that I know about and already have as atr/xex? So I figured I'd ask and see if there was any cassette-only releases that I somehow missed...a chance to maybe play something from 1981 that I'd never seen before.
  7. I was just wondering if there are any good games (for NTSC machines) that were only ever released on cassette. Most stuff was released on both tape and cart/disk in the early 80s, but some were cassette only. Any recollections of such games that are still worthy of playing today? I'm wondering if there are any gems that I may have missed simply because they were only on cassette. If I go to Atarimania for example, yeah I can find many that only show a tape dump available....but rather than download and try a ton at random I figured I'd ask for any recommendations.
  8. And having been playing original Adventure for 40 years I feel really REALLY stupid right now. I just got so used to chopping wood and building bridges at the start of each game that I totally forgot about the magnet. Oh well.
  9. Don't know my time for game 1, but I think it was pretty long because I was messing around. But game 2 time was just under 16 minutes. Damn, so close! Also just remembered something I wanted to mention. More than once I had a game where the sword started on an inaccessable area. The screen near the start where you go up into a water area... Fountain to the left, island off in the water to the upper right. 2 or 3 times the sword started on that upper right island. But..... Without the sword you cant chop wood to build the paths to get to it, right? Well unless you are using the crab icon or something. But I was playing with the standard solid square icon. Each time I just restarted when I saw that.
  10. Won both games 1 and 2 today with no deaths/resurrections, all dragons killed, and with finding all 3 bat eggs in each game and entering the secret room. Unfortunately I'm still a chamber pot dumper. Question.... What does the last line of text say in the secret room? Can only see top 2 scanlines on my tv.... Rest is off the screen. Also comment. Last week I hooked up my old 800 (I usually use one of my 3 800xl's). The key colors are somewhat easier to figure out on the 800 than the xl's (all with same composite cable connection).
  11. Phoenix is the game I've most been hoping for on 8bits for...decades at this point.
  12. The version from the more recent post with multiple tunes.
  13. I don't know how I missed this at the time, but I just stumbled upon it yesterday. Flashed to a maxflash cart and tried it out this morning. All I can say is "Holy Crap!". By the 3rd or 4th level, my jaw had dropped open and I was mumbling "am I really playing a game like this on my ancient Atari 800?!". Feels more like a 90s shmup on Genesis. Totally awesome job on this!
  14. Got Adventure when it first came out. At the time, it blew my mind and I played it a lot. One night over summer vacation a friend was over and we were playing multiple Atari games. After he went home, I decided to stay up and play one more game of Adventure game #3 before going to bed. After entering the black castle, the bat stole something from me and left me the bridge. I was annoyed and just started placing the bridge around and walking across it, trying to exit the black castle without going back along the maze passages. Found myself in a little box area and the "pick up object" sound happened but I wasn't holding anything. as I moved around more, I noticed that I was holding a dot. Thought that was really odd, so I started carrying it all over the place. Noticed that below the yellow castle to the side room, the black line was different. Hmmm. Tried to go through it but couldn't. Then the bat flew in from the left carrying something, and magically I went through and saw the message. Totally cool. I didn't want to turn the Atari off because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to duplicate it. Had fun impressing friends the next week. I think I also wrote to Atari about it and got back a form letter of congratulations for finding a secret message left by the game programmer.
  15. Question about bat eggs : I finally found my first one in game 1 yesterday. I was reading through some old posts in the 5200 board about the game when it released for the 5200, and there it said that on easy levels, only 2 bat eggs existed. to find all 3 bat eggs, you could only do it on higher levels (level 9 and up maybe?). how about in this xe version? are there 3 bat eggs on every level, or only certain levels? if only on some levels, which are they? i'd like to spend some time over the weekend searching for them, but what's the point of scouring level 3 if they don't all appear until level 5 or something. thanks.
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