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  1. I like that all six switches are on the front. But I also prefer my 2 heavy sixers to my light sixer (which was the console I got as a kid for my birthday) because the heavy seems to have a slightly clearer picture.
  2. Yes, both CV and Telegames were new and sealed in the box. The steering controller also was in the box, but used... Good condition, but with signs of usage. Carts were all loose, some looking clean, some pretty beat up.
  3. My Colecovision story... I was always an Atari guy throughout the 80s (and still today) . 2600...400...800xl. But 2 of my favorite games in the arcades were Venture and Turbo. Venture was available on 2600, but wasn't very good. And Atari had no Turbo ( although - Thank You Atariage for finally releasing a 2600 cart several years ago... It was the coolest Christmas present, 30+ years late) . Anyway...when Colecovision came out (I was in high school) , I drooled over the Venture and Turbo versions it had. But, having just talked my parents into getting me a 400 setup, there was no way I'd get one. Fast forward to 1988 or 1989. I'm out of college with a job and finally have some spending money. A mail-order videogame catalog lists a clearance on Colecovision stuff - both new & used consoles & carts, and also some Coleco clone called "Telegames Personal Arcade". I think a new CV console was maybe $80 or $90, used maybe $60? The Telegames thing was only like $40 so I ordered it, a used driving controller (with Turbo cart), plus Venture & a dozen other used carts for maybe $5 each. Got it. Played it. But Turbo doesn't work. WTF? Found out Telegames doesn't work with driving controller. So I gave in and ordered a new Colecovision console. Got it. Played it. ....for a few weeks. Then packed both consoles away in their boxes and mostly forgot about them. The 90s drift by, and then.... Got married and bought a house 20 years ago. My old videogames and computers made the move. About a dozen years ago, nostalgia hit and so I set up my Atari stuff in the basement and have continued to play with it occassionally to this day. On one rainy weekend while I was down there maybe 6-8 years ago, I decided to hook up the Colecovision just to see if it still worked. It did, so I played some games that afternoon and then packed it up again. A few weeks ago, while at my parents house, I found a box of my stuff in their laundry room. In there was the Telegames Personal Arcade box, and the separate box for the power pack. Hmmm. I only vaguely remembered it at first. Brought it home and hooked it up. Works fine; nice clear picture. Got me thinking about Colecovision in general again, so I hooked up that system too and have been playing around with them both. The Coleco works fine mostly, but has some occasional graphic glitches. I Googled and read about common issues. Mine seems to be with power plug. Jiggle it a bit or pull it out and re-insert it and screen clears up. Totally playable, but sometimes screen tears briefly or shows squiggly interference lines, so it is a bit annoying. The Colecovision is practically brand new, so I don't really want to mess with it if jiggling the power cable clears up video glitches. But would a new power supply most likely fix it? If so, I might consider getting one. Also plan to try to light sandpaper the contacts and see if that helps. What shocked me was when I was Googling the Telegames console. Like, seriously, this thing is going for hundreds of dollars on ebay these days? What I'm wondering is WHY? It's a cheaper knockoff, the controllers suck (though regardless of which console I now play, I prefer to use an Atari joystick anyway) , and the expansion modules don't even work with it. What makes it so special? Also....what do people consider the must-have carts? Maybe I'll pick up a few more on ebay while I've got both consoles set up. Have Burger Time, Donkey Kong, Cosmic Avenger, Carnival, Lady Bug, Destructor, Smurf and 2 or 3 others. Thanks for any feedback.
  4. Thanks for this. Just tried it and it works great. I was *finally* able to kill main boss at the end of the first level. Unfortunately, that uncovered a problem. After killing the boss, I get a "Level Complete" notice, and then the screen turns black and stays that way. Level 2 does not load. Tried pressing keys, joystick, nothing works. Also rebooted and played through the first level again, with the same result. This is on a stock 800xl, NTSC. Can anyone else confirm same issue? File download is from initial post in this thread.
  5. Usually use an sdrive-max these days. Also have several maxflash carts with games. But I do like to hook up a 1050 once in a while and play some games off of actual disks. It's partly the nostalgia of hearing the actual disk access noises, and partly wanting to give the drives a little bit of use to see that they're still working properly. Still kinda surprised that after 35+ years all 4 drives still work, as do 99% of the disks.
  6. I know this isn't the answer you are looking for, but I wanted to throw my 2 cents in anyway. one of my heavy 6's had a broken reset switch spring. My simple solution was to use a rubber band... Wrap it around the base of the switch (loop it into itself) and tie the other end to the video cable. It was a simple and free solution and has been working for at least 5-6 years.
  7. What's interesting is that I don't recall any advertising early on. First time I heard about 2600/vcs was when my friend got one for christmas 1978. His dad had a computer related job and so he heard about it and got one.... I guess mostly because HE wanted to play with it. But I thought it was cool and wanted one too. It was a few years before I did though. But I also don't remember regular commercials for it, or it being a thing that everyone wanted until 1979 or 1980.
  8. Just watched the first part of your video and am really confused. First, colors are totally different. Second, I cannot jump off the springs..... It does nothing (I gently bounce up and down) or I fall off. Is there a trick to it?? It's almost like it's a PAL game that doesn't really work on my NTSC 800xl. But I bought it here in the USA, and posts say it was only a US release, so totally confused.
  9. Can't add any details except that I thought I'd toss my 2 cents in... Back in the day I cracked several games for myself and my friends. I was never any kind of expert, but I was succesful many times. I bought AR City; had it backordered for many months. When I finally got it, I was amazed by it (hell, I still play it once or twice a year NOW, 35 years later, still continuing my original character). I gave it my best try to crack it for my friends... With no success. I think it started with a fuzzy sector. Easy. But then it did multiple levlels of encryption.... These sectors EOR'd with those sectors... Run... Then load more sectors EOR with others, then perform operations on those multiple results. Somewhere in the original disks was the text "protection from paradise", and I agree. Insane levels of protection at the time.
  10. 2 more things... - everywhere says it's a 1989 release, yet my disk clearly says (c) 1990. - I just tried enabling cheats via Altirra, but it doesn't work at all (disabling PM collisions) . If anyone can beat the various game levels, I for one would love to see a video (or learn how to cheat). Now that I have stumbled upon this game again, I really would like to see how it was supposed to play out.
  11. I gave everything a scan. Unfortunately my scanner is ancient, and the type of printing on this causes a moire pattern on the scans. Two things. First, I really dont recall this game coming with the box/book shown in previous scans. If it did I imagine I would have kept it. Secondly, has anyone ever been able to get anywhere with this game? I played a bit last night and it matched my vague memories.... Namely that I couldn't beat any of the 3 levels you can start at, and all it did was frustrate me.
  12. Wow, what a flashback. When I saw the topic title I had to pause and think "why does that sound so familiar" for a bit before I recalled. I think this was probably the last game I ever bought for my 800xl, before retiring it and buying a Mac. All I vaguely recall about this game is that I couldn't get far with, played with it for maybe 2 days before being frustrated and giving up. Anyway, I figured I must still have it so I dug it up. Maybe I'll hook up a 1050 later in the week and check it out.
  13. The games that people have been making in recent years are truly impressive. And there have been a good number of older commercial games that have received updates/improvements. Also, additional controller options... I was just playing the patched centipede that supports native trackball mode. Which got me thinking... One game that I miss playing is Crossbow. I think Atari did an excellent job on the XEGS cart. But it only works with a lightgun. How feasible would it be to hack it to work with a trackball?
  14. Very impressive. And a huge thanks to the person who removed the PAL check. Was just playing it on a 64k NTSC 800xl and it mostly worked fine. Occasionally the gems seem to glitch, at least on level 2. Was only able to play through the 3 test levels since I don't have my 256k 800xl hooked up at the moment, but even so it was great. How many levels are there with extended memory?
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