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  1. I had the same issue with my 400 after it had been stored in a closet for 25 years. Turned out to be the RAM card. Bought a replacement off ebay, swapped it, and it booted up just fine.
  2. After having my Atari stuff packed up for 25 years or so, I was shocked to find that not only did all 4 of my 1050 drives work, but that all but one of the many many disks I booted up at the time worked fine also. These old disks seem to be more durable than predicted, so long as they are kept in a reasonable environment... As in, not in a wet basement or broiling hot attic.
  3. Just my own 2 cents worth, but back in the day I was *completely* blown away when Alternate Reality the City came out, and I am still impressed to this day. As for newer entries, I only came across AtariBlast last year, but I find it to be simply amazing.... More like a Genesis game than anything that came before on Atari 8bit.... And even more impressive is that it runs on a 16k Atari 400. How?!
  4. Back in the day, I bought the album just to get the pattern sheet. Still have the album. At the time, I studied and memorized the pattern that worked from like level 3 to whatever key. And yes, it worked great. I could almost always get through the first 2-3 levels on my own, so didn't bother with that separate pattern. I figure being able to regularly get through 10 or 12 or whatever levels, rather than 3 or 4 justified the expense of the album vs extra quarters that would have been spent.
  5. Question - what game is running on the screenshot??
  6. XEGS. I have (and grew up with) 400, 800, 800xl's. 800xl always my favorite. Never liked the look (or keyboard feel) of the XE computers, which my best friend had in the late 80s. But NOW, I do wish I'd picked up an XEGS when they got discontinued and discounted. Just because it's a little different....different look and a game console.
  7. Haven't had the chance to try it yet, but much thanks in advance.
  8. Definitely finished Zork 1 and Leather Goddesses of Phobos back in the day. Thanks for mentioning the scratch and sniff card - I'd forgotten about that. Not sure if I finished Lurking Horror or not.
  9. Meant to post this last week and forgot. So, for the Har'em cheat, attached is the unpacked file version I used, and the cheat code would be : Infinite Lives = [0160C62B:XXXXEAEA] HARem.xex
  10. Just stumbled upon the remake of Lunar Jetman this week. Cool game but I am hopeless at it. Anybody have any cheats for this one?
  11. Missed this last year, but must say it's very impressive! Have you made any other graphics demo type programs for the Atari? Love these kind of things.
  12. Several get played a couple times a year. Spider Fighter, Superman, Haunted House, Missile Command, Enduro etc etc. Also several newer homebrews.... Stay Frosty, Mappy, Venture, Wizard of Wor, Juno First, etc etc But the one game I play most of all is Adventure. After all these years I still must play game 3 at least 10 times a year.
  13. Why not Atarimax? For me, I'm an Atari guy. I have Harmony cart for my 2600s. I have Atarimax flashcarts for my 8bit computers as well as an sdrive max. I'm into it and want everything, including homebrews, hacks, ability to update things. Colecovision? Wanted it when it was released when I was in high school. Couldn't get one. Bought one years later at liquidation prices because I just wanted a couple games like Turbo and Venture and Burger Time that I loved in the arcades but that didn't exist on Atari. I just got into playing with CV again this past winter after it had been boxed up forever. The 192-in-1 gives me a chance to check out the bulk of CV games at a cheap price. Once I get through playing them all (I'm only halfway) , I'll probably pack up the CV and put it aside for several years while I get back to my Atari stuff.
  14. I grabbed the version on atarimania, ran it through a dissassembler, and yes I just replaced the DEC $2B with NOPs.
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