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  1. I think it was in the early to mid 80s when my parents took me on a summer vacation. If I'm remembering right we went to a tourism center at a nuclear power plant in South Carolina and they had CRT touch screens there. Weird place to take a kid on vacation, but it happened.
  2. I was six years old at the time of the game crash and had no idea it had happened. I did notice Atari 2600 games got really cheap at the time and my parents got me a bunch then. I likely became aware of it first from an early video game magazine I got in the late 80s/early 90s like Electronic Gaming Monthly or Video Games & Computer Entertainment.
  3. Pit Fighter also made it to Atari Lynx, Sega Genesis and Master System, Nintendo Super NES and Gameboy, and as part of emulated collections for various consoles including Nintendo Gamecube and Sony PS2 and PS3.
  4. Toki, in various states of ports and remakes, is on Atari Lynx, Nintendo NES, Sega Genesis, Nintendo Switch, Sony PS4, and Microsoft Xbox (Steam/PC too).
  5. Working Designs (the company that brought the game overseas) was notorious for putting stuff like this in their translations.
  6. I do not think it aged very well and thought so shortly after it was released. I bought a N64 on day one and loved Super Mario 64, but I wound up with only five games total for the console and haven't looked for more in the intervening years. The library just never impressed me and even back then the foggy, blurry, simple polygons only wowed me for Mario 64 and that was about it. The end of 1996 was about my cutoff point for tolerating the console's graphics. I also enjoyed Zelda Ocarina of Time, but just for the gameplay.
  7. Castlevania Chronicles. Gameye, a price charting app I use, shows R-TYPE Delta (which I also have) as being worth more than it though.
  8. Neo-Geo means classic arcade and home video games with a bit too much fighting game focus to me and WAY too expensive home prices. Would have loved to have seen a Magician Lord 2. I do have a Neo-Geo now, but could only play the games in an arcade back in the day as a kid. With the current owner of SNK I have to just look at the games with nostalgia now rather than looking towards anything related to Neo-Geo in the future.
  9. I've been playing R-TYPE since 1987 when I saw it at a local bowling alley. Just an amazing game. These days I have the ports made for the TG-16, Playstation (R-TYPES), R-TYPE Dimensions for Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Switch, and the DotEmu versions for iOS and Android. I also have the Sega Master System version digitally for the now defunct Wii Virtual Console. I still haven't beaten it. I really should do a real attempt at that.
  10. I think this also happened with SLG's physical Darius Cozmic Collection for the PS4. There was no word on whether or not it was coming digitally to PS4 for a while. I think we can assume these will come digitally to PS4 and Switch.
  11. I picked up the US SNES and Genesis cart releases from this. I'll wait for a good digital-only sale on the Switch or PS4 release.
  12. 70s: Atari 2600. I am biased as it was the only console I had from the era, but I know tons were made at the time. 80s: NES. That machine dominated that decade and has left a rippling effect ever since. 90s: Sega Genesis. While a product of the late 80s, as already noted it was pushed with the most extreme 90s marketing I've ever seen. 00s: PS2. The console that killed Sega's hardware ambitions (sadly). 10s: Uh... I guess PS4. Nothing really stands out anymore to me.
  13. I really like both, but I put black box because its the one I had back then. I do want to eventually get a full set of the pulse famicom carts.
  14. The current best and perhaps only accurate port of the original Contra arcade game is the PS4 stand-alone version by Hamster. Every other version I've seen, including the more recent Contra Anniversary Collection and MAME (last I've checked anyway) has the barrels that roll towards you in the corridor stages veer to the right. Only that PS4 Hamster one has the barrels moving forward as they should.
  15. The original U.S. front loader is very iconic to me. A video game VCR by design. Second best is the Twin Famicom.
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