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  1. I put the most time on any PAC-MAN game, including the original, on my touch screen phone and iPad. I find handheld touchscreens are perfect for the simple gameplay. No button presses, just direction swiping. I also like the movement buffering they allow too without needing to constantly hold a direction. i do have multiple Namco compilations with the game with real controls as well, but PAC-MAN on the go has really helped me get back to playing again.
  2. My guess is since its a licensed product and not an actual Sega cabinet they're not allowed to use Sega's logos on it. Only thing that makes sense to me.
  3. Right now I think prices are higher. Apparently people staying home are spending their money on expensive retro games on ebay. If something like a great depression happens, prices will drop, but not sure if that will happen. I will say that less popular retro games seem to have been dropping in price for a while now (except for perhaps right now), but popular old games have maintained their value.
  4. I think the the only one was Carnival by SEGA. I played it all the time on my 2600 as a kid. Didn't know it was an arcade game until the early days of MAME and saw it in there. Somehow that arcade cabinet always escaped me even though I went to arcades all the time.
  5. I'm sticking with what I desired as a kid. To play games on the biggest screen there is. Which turns out today are digital HDTVs. These days I do go overboard and play in RGB when possible via an OSSC scaler. I do keep a CRT around for the rare moments I want to play a light gun game.
  6. DOOM on SNES always seemed very ill-fitting to me. The Lynx getting the only handheld/console port of Ninja Gaiden arcade was also perplexing to me. Would have been perfect for the Genesis.
  7. Does being 17 years old and getting a little freaked out at playing night terror missions in X-COM count? That's about as close as it ever got for me. In fact the demo disk I had of X-COM, which was just a Snake-men terror mission complete with Chryssalids, was what sold me on the game.
  8. A new NES cartridge slot to address the issues users had with the original one wiggling and causing game crashes. Also a new user interface. I ordered one. Not sure I really need it, but I wanted an original a while ago and missed out. Im sure I can always sell it later.
  9. How did Golden Axe and Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder get away with using sound clips from Conan the Barbarian and First Blood? I presume the movie studios didn't know or didn't care.
  10. Last year Sega published SolSeraph. Which looks like a modern-day version of Actraiser. City sections and side-scrolling action platforming included. I've read negative reviews about it, but I'll probably pick it up someday just to see what could have been if Actraiser continued.
  11. Depends upon the game. I think many racing games from that era still look good. The Wipeout games with their stylized visuals work really well with lower poly counts, IMO. Ridge Racer games are also great. Trouble comes when human characters or anything else that is otherwise organic start getting added. The Resident Evil games, Zelda TOoT, 3D fighting games. None are particularly good looking.
  12. The Golden Axe cab is even the Revenge of Death Adder cab themed. That's even better. That needed to be the focus of it.
  13. Revenge of Death Adder finally given a retail release? That's amazing.
  14. Continuing my complete in box acquisitions of NES, TG-16, Genesis, SNES, Saturn, and PS1 games. Will probably be slowing down a lot this year as 2019 I was really collecting too much.
  15. I was most impressed by the jump to the 16-bit era. I really felt like I was playing arcade quality at home then. I was not so much a fan of the 32/64-bit leap. I never liked how blocky early 3D models looked. Nor the "fog" that was introduced to hide draw distance in many games. I feel this way even about early 3D arcade games like Virtual Fighter 1. Just did not compare to 2D fighters at the time. There are some 32-bit era games I enjoy that are 3D, but its due to gameplay not graphics.
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