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  1. I hope there will be a way to get more TG-16 style controllers rather than being stuck with PCE only.
  2. Kevtris was interviewed on the MyLifeInGaming Youtube channel and said N64 was not in the cards. He did say Playstation was possible, but there is the issue of the BIOS on that machine. Not sure if there's a way around that copyright issue.
  3. That would be nice. I just don't know if Analogue would produce a dedicated TG-16/PC Engine device. Maybe Kevtris will get his wish and the next thing will be a multi-purpose Zimba 3000 style device? Here's to hoping something with an FPGA that handles hucards comes out one of these days. Otherwise I'm guessing 4K versions of the NT Mini/Super NT/Mega SG are next.
  4. If you want to go wireless an 8bitdo receiver with the recently released 8bitdo DIY mod kit for the 6 button genesis controller would work.
  5. I second this request. I found the weekly RetroRGB videos very informative. Helped me discover many things I would have not otherwise seen. If there are no other similar YT channels, can anyone recommend a retro gaming news Twitter? I don't mind being kept up to date via alerts on my phone.
  6. I always wondered where Thunderforce 1 was until I got the internet years later. After seeing examples of it I don't think I'm missing that much, but always nice to have a complete library.
  7. Probably would need a second FPGA for a Sega CD, but they could probably get around that if they daisy-chained two consoles together. Would still need an optical drive, but a USB port that supported plug and play disc drives could be a solution. I don't think any of that would happen, btw. Add-ons are not what makes the classic systems the classics they remain today.
  8. I was super into Street Fighter II at the time and got the SNES version on the first day of release. Played the hell out of it too. Mostly with my brother. Even though you couldn't play as the bosses as you could with the arcade Champion Edition, it was great fun. Then I got Turbo the next year to play as the bosses and the faster speed. Again great stuff. I still have both carts and the boxes and manuals in pristine condition (I started collecting stuff and keeping it safe around that time). After that I sort-of got sick of Street Fighter and did not bother much with Super. Played it some in the arcades but the four new characters and the wonky new voices for the old characters and the announcer just put me off. I did get into Street Fighter Alpha a year or two later and Alpha 2, but never SFA3. Never got into Street Fighter 3 until it became playable on MAME. Too different so I didn't care at the time. Only saw it once in an arcade anyway. Got SFIV but none of the expansions. Never got into SFV. Also played the first couple EX games for the PS1, but never seriously. At this point I mostly play SF3 Third Strike if I ever play any SF now because its so different, but not that often.
  9. I'm pretty sure I first heard of Shadow Dancer in that same EGM letter's section and I believe I got the Genesis version Christmas of 1990. I finally played the arcade version in the summer of 1991 when I saw it at the King's Island Ohio amusement park arcade room. The Genesis version was very tough. I could only beat it by turning off shurikens. The levels towards the end that were nearly exclusively ninjas that blocked all your projectiles and sword slashes and jump kicks that hit them weren't reliable unless shurikens were disabled.
  10. I would like to buy one if its still possible. Thank you.
  11. NES for me. While my first console was an Atari 2600 with the fake wood front and I do love the system, I prefer the richer gaming experiences the NES provides. They're really so different that I don't compare them. Just in this thread. Most of what I liked on the 2600 were arcade ports. These days I have classic compilations or MAME to give me near-arcade equivalent experiences. The same goes for much of my NES collection, but there are more unique games that I enjoyed on my NES than the 2600.
  12. The "Rinka" enemies from Metroid. The little fireballs that attack you in Mother Brain's chamber. To me they're the definition of a classic annoying video game enemy. They infinitely respawn, coming at you from all directions. They zap your energy, knock you down into lava, and generally slow you down as you're trying to attack the Zeebetites and Mother Brain herself.
  13. Having played both the arcade and Colecovision versions I prefer the Colecovision one. Seemed more tightly controlled.
  14. Golden Axe - Sega Genesis: Looks and plays very similarly to the arcade with an extra level and a more fitting ending than the fourth wall breaking comedy end of the arcade version. Also has a fun challenge mode where you fight increasingly more difficult waves of enemies. Ghouls n' Ghosts - Sega Genesis: Its not too different from the arcade, but there's one important alteration. You can change the direction you're firing while ducking down. It gives you a significant edge to win in some sections where you're pinned down. Bionic Commando - NES: An incredible game that had little in common with its arcade counterpart other than the bionic arm play mechanic. Its so good I don't even bother with the arcade version. Contra & Super C - NES: Great home ports that are speedier and have tighter controls than the arcade games. I still play both the NES and arcade games.
  15. Seems like most have been listed. Mortal Kombat 4 was a huge step back and a disappointment to me. Probably most people. I also admit when I first played Street Fighter III (the original, not Double Impact or Third Strike), I was really disappointed Ken and Ryu were the only returning characters. Although Third Strike eventually won me back over. Never saw it in an arcade though. The spiritual successor to U.N. Squadron, Carrier Air Wing, was a really big step back. After playing U.N. Squadron for so long and being used to the multiple weapon types and varied stages and bosses Carrier Air Wing lacked in almost every way in comparison. Wasn't bad though. It just reminded me I'd rather be playing the previous game.
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