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  1. While getting my new CoCo SDC virtual disk device working (a very nice device, BTW), I noticed that before I figured out how to properly load disk files on my CoCo 3, I'd sometimes get a "?NE ERROR" error message. I did a Google search on that message and found references to it but none that explained what the error itself means. It's not urgent but I'd like to know what the error means.
  2. I just finished cleaning the cart's edge connector with rubbing alcohol solution, but it still isn't working. I've tried positioning it in all sorts of different ways but to no avail. I think half of the bottom of the cartridge shell has a very slight slant to it that might be causing the problem. Eventually, I should test the cart in my Coleco Adam computer just to see what happens.
  3. Hate to re-open such an old thread (my first post, btw), but I just wanted to add that I have "Electric Adventure Classic" by Collectorvision Games that I just recently obtained off ebay. It also doesn't want to run (just absolute blackness on my TV screen). I have noticed some issues with the cartridge slot running other 1980s-era carts but ultimately, they do work most of the time. It's tricky dealing with these old game consoles and computers sometimes!
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